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18th Apr 2009, 12:56
My flying club just rang me to say I'm doing one half of my skills test today and not the whole thing all at once, I'll be doing the general handling today and the nav exercise later next week. During general handling will my examiner work the radios? I'm not terribly sure what I would say to the relevant frequency that's all.

I've looked at all the other posts regarding the skills test and taken all the advice everyone has given. I'm quickly going through all the PFL check-list in my head which is apparently a major hurdle people seem to fall at. I would also like to know how should I go about the passenger brief.

Any other advice would be kindly appreciated.


18th Apr 2009, 14:41
Sam , firstly why on earth are the doing in it two seperate parts ???? This gives you the student two sleepless nights instead of one , I would push for one test only .
During the GH it is normal for the examiner to be responsible for nav and radios whilst you go about your business , this is the same for the CPL and the IR . You will normally do it following the diversion phase of the nav . You weil be fully briefed by the examiner prior to the test on exactly what you are going to be doing and when and what he/she expects from you , do not worry you will not be left confused , if in doubt ask.
Pax brief
For ppl just tell the examiner the location of the fire extingusher and first aid kit and show him how to fasten unfasten seatbelt and open and close the door in in case of emergency , your not in a twin so it doesnt matter what side you alight really , your flying club flying order book should have the pax brief in it ask to see it , although techinically you should already have signed it .
Dont worry about your pfl just do as trained you will be fine .
Good luck

18th Apr 2009, 16:17
Examiners Handbook:
When an attempt is taken as two flights both the enroute and general handling are to be completed by the same examiner.

Sections 1 and 4a,b and h are to be tested on both flights

Standards Doc 19The PPL SKILL TEST is intended to be flown as a complete flight including navigation and general handling manoeuvres. However, as agreed between the applicant and the Examiner, the En Route Procedures Section 3 may be conducted as a separate flight.
So unless you have agreed to it, they can't do it!!!! Its your test and your call.