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17th Apr 2009, 16:06
I just mentioned this in another post, then thought it might be of general interest.

In 1968 I started work in Germany, south of Frankfurt aM. In the early 1970's one of the places we used to go to on Saturday nights was Heidelberg and some of us frequented the Storyville Club there, on the north side of town.

One night I got talking to some of the US military personal who like us also went there to drink, dance and attempt to pick up local girls, and standing at the bar having a whiskey sour and chatting, a USAF guy told me that earlier that week an underground hanger had been discovered with 18 German WW-II fighters stored in it.

During initial investigations one aircraft had exploded, either killing or severely injuring a member of the military and the OC, fearing that more aircraft were similarly booby-trapped, had ordered the hanger to be sealed. I was told the hanger was near to the centre of Heidelberg (which seems to me highly unlikely, knowing the town quite well, unless aircraft had been brought in for storage from the River Neckar) and a massive explosion was feared.

All of this might or might not be true, but I wonder if anyone else ever heard of this - or maybe similar stories were circulating at the same time about other concealed hangers in other German towns.

17th Apr 2009, 16:08
Try Snopes . . .

17th Apr 2009, 17:06
However, a true story is that of the Messine Mines from the first World War.

A series of mines were laid under the German lines. It was planned to detonate them following the artillery barrage to winkle out any Germans that had managed to evade the barrage. The trouble was that the barrage had cut some of the communications cables and some of the mines didn't blow.

After hostilities ceased the whereabouts of the mines was lost in all the mud and mayhem.

One of them blew up during a thunderstorm in 1955. Fortunately only a cow was killed.

However..........one of them is still there.......and they reckon that it's about 20,000 tons of TNT - which is the equivalent to a tactical nuclear weapon. :eek:

First World War.com - The Western Front Today - Messines Mine 1955 (http://www.firstworldwar.com/today/messinesmine1955.htm)

17th Apr 2009, 17:15
And there is the fully inflated Zeppelin in an underground hangar in Dresden progammed to attack the Empire State Building in 2011.

17th Apr 2009, 17:23
Seemingly there is one near Stuttgart (about 1/4 of the way down the page)

Airport Runways That Go Underground, page 1 (http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread140792/pg1)

17th Apr 2009, 17:29
And there is the fully inflated Zeppelin in an underground hangar in Dresden

Yes, Rollingthunder, but with what is it inflated ? Hard to imagine it's stayed hard all this time. Must have been topped up now and again. And by whom, one wonders.


17th Apr 2009, 19:13
other concealed hangers in other German towns

I guess there's probably tens of thousands of concealed hangers in other German towns.

I'm not so sure about hangars though.

Coat, door.

17th Apr 2009, 19:24
You mean

Mantel und Tür, nicht wahr ?

17th Apr 2009, 19:27
There was a thread (I think it was on PPRuNe) where some guy discovered a 'hangar' in his garden (in Germany?). It wasn't exactly a hangar - more a sort of bunker that had been built into a hillside. The doors had been covered over with earth and left for half a century or so.
When they opened it up it contained a collection of (very rusty) small arms - some of which appeared to be captured British Lee Enfields (or maybe they had been dumped there by the Brits after the cessation of hostilities). Once the seal on the bunker was broken the contents deteriorated very quickly IIRC and literally decomposed into piles of rust.

Edited to add:- Secret Room 2 ....... "Nazi Bunker" (http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=543304)

Of course it's possible that there is an underground chamber somewhere in the vicinity of Heidelberg, but you'd need a bit more information to find it . . .

Lon More
17th Apr 2009, 19:36
Thw story surfaces again from time to time on various mil, sites. Either an underground airfield - be a bit tough breaking through the overcast - or a complete regiment of Panzer tanks ready to head east.

17th Apr 2009, 20:59
Mario Lanza is alive and well and living in a secret cellar in Heidelberger Schloss

West Coast
17th Apr 2009, 21:11
Not a hanger full of planes, but still pretty neat.

forwardOn: WWII tank found after 62 years (http://www.forwardon.com/view.php?e=Id11fc7e32ed18454c)

17th Apr 2009, 22:36
OFSO, quite wahrscheinlich (verosimile).
I for one was informed, at its time, of a secret hiding place of WWII weapons.
One was just near my grandfather's modest farm, which turned into nothing less than the temporary General Command post (both German and, thereafter, Allied forces), due to its strategical position.
I have some stories there, told by GrandPa (just thanks to my memory, he passed away in 1974, I was just 8).

One of the many problems is oxydation.
Nice to dig out a rusty Lüger and even a Sturmgewehr, anyway.

Please, keep us informed.

Best, P.

17th Apr 2009, 23:07
The Luftwaffe fighters in an underground hangar is a delicious rumour that re-surfaces from time to time. Sealed because of boobytraps. It's plausible but sadly had never been proved. It's unlikely though that it was found in 1968. More likely in 1945 and then sealed because of the booby trap issue. Maybe one day they will be found for real. It was hoped that with the re-opening of East Germany other sealed by the Soviets would be found. But it never happened. Most likely the Soviets would simply have rounded up some Luftwaffe prisoners and told 'Clear the booby traps or we shoot you.'

I remember too the case of the buried crated Lancasters in a quarry in England. While they existed they had simply turned to dust in the soil.

But you have to feel that somewhere out there is a gem hidden away for all these years. There has to be.