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17th Apr 2009, 11:23
Maybe time to question whether my own approach is misguided...
(actually don't think so, but be interested in any reaction.)

Life is a sine curve, by that definition it will oscillate; so why do people ask " .. if you're happy??'
In the same vein "... I understand your unhappiness...".

As a blanket question surely the best we can hope for in life is a general ' satisfation and contentment with life ' with periods of happy and sad as peaks and troughs.

Yet the simplistic media question - "...are you happy...?"

Don't know why, just irritates me because it's, well, ...crap! :ok:

cheers all!

Ten West
17th Apr 2009, 11:36
The one that irritates me is when I say "How are you" and someone replies "I'm good". Good at what? Scrabble? Dominoes?? Aaargh!

Nearly as annoying as being in a cafe or restaurant and hearing "Can I get...?"
No, You can't "Get". Ask the waitress and she'll get one for you instead. That's why she's just said "What can I get you?". :ugh:

17th Apr 2009, 11:38
The Media are annoying...they only care about making something look interesting...just all fabricated crap :)

17th Apr 2009, 11:40
In hospital bed - questionaire:

Q: Are you depressed?

A: No, but I don't get enthused about much these days.

17th Apr 2009, 11:59
Please ask for assistance if you are having trouble reading this.

17th Apr 2009, 12:19
The one that irritates me is when I say "How are you"Folk really don't want a truthful answer to this question . . .

17th Apr 2009, 13:20
How are you feeling? As usual, with my effin fingers!!!!

17th Apr 2009, 13:31
When I go to the Doctors and he says "whats wrong with you?"
Thats his job, If I knew I wouldn't be there.

17th Apr 2009, 13:45
Depending on who asks, "How are you?", I have two answers:
"Compared to what?" or "Damned near perfect!"

17th Apr 2009, 14:53
Best one I saw was on Chicago metro...

"Do you suffer from Adult ADHD?"

How would you know, and how would you read the rest of the ad?

kiwi chick
18th Apr 2009, 03:16
Um, with your eyes? :confused:

I'm Adult ADHD - do you think it's some kind of learning disability?

18th Apr 2009, 03:37
Same here. My favorite, when his teacher tells me my son (ADHD), simply needs to be more organized. Brilliant!!


kiwi chick
18th Apr 2009, 03:46
Hahaha, yeah!! My daughter is too.

My ex never liked the "diagnosis". She got a new specialist a year ago, who met her once and decided she did not, in fact, have ADHD. So the hubby and his new Mrs agreed with her, and took her off her Meds.

Now all I hear is "she's such hard work, she never listens and is so different to the other girls. Nothing seems to get through to her".

No shit, Sherlock. :ugh:

18th Apr 2009, 03:47
When visiting a relation of mine in hospital, I recognised someone I knew in the same ward. I said to him " What are you doing here" He replied...." I,m ill"....Nuff said. :uhoh:

18th Apr 2009, 08:57
The most irritating for me is the subsequent part, after
"hello, how do you do", "how are you" ecc., which often includes:

"What do you do for a living"

I'd be tempted to answer: "I keep on breathing !". :*

I never ask this question to anyone, during any type of conversation.
I find this very annoying, an intrusion in my personal life that I, or potentially anyone else, may not be wanting to share, for many different reasons.
The context and content of the discussion are more than sufficient for me to figure out the interlocutor's eventual occupation, his source of "living".

So, "uomo avvisato, mezzo salvato"
(a warned man is half saved) ;-)

18th Apr 2009, 10:15
Here in Ireland, "how are you?" is a greeting, not an actual question. I've lived here for nearly ten years, and am slowly getting better at ignoring the question. You're supposed to say "fine" or the like, regardless of how you are, and I prefer to not answer rather than respond with dumb words that might not actually be true. If you really want to know how I am, I can tell you in great detail, but few people actually want to know how you are.

As for being "happy"... I'm with Denis Leary on this one: :E

18th Apr 2009, 14:46
Happiness is all in the mind, sez Buddy Wasisname and the other fellers. :p


Is you 'appy, you got to be 'appy
You got to be 100%
Is you 'appy, you got to be 'appy
You got to be 100%
I suppose!

Wat's you lookin' peevish for
Pick yer jaw up off the floor
Was you smacked with a 2 x 4
Sure you're not broke out in sores
You ain't got no disease
Don't go lookin' for sympathy
'cause I knows if you was me
you'd be 'appy.

I now how hard it's got,
And your guts is gone to rot,
And yer life is all upsot,
And yer flashin' cold and hot,
But suck back yer nasal drip
Stiffen up yer lower lip
Yer not goin' to be missed
So 'tis just as well to be 'appy.


I knowd a feller once,
Who was here several months,
He got round with our bunch,
We knowd he was out to lunch,
No one liked him real good,
Well his mother never could
But while he was stunned for good
He was 'appy.

And then there's ugly Gord,
Last year he broke out in warts,
Looks like the livin' corpse
Girls rather kiss his horse,
Sticks like the rotten fish,
Face like the maggoty flesh
We tolerates him I guess
Cause 'til just as well to be 'appy.


One certain feller here,
With nothin' between his ears,
One night he got on the beer,
Stripped off 'til he was bare,
Went paradin' around the town till the cops tracked 'im down,
'e's in the mental now, but he's 'appy.

Listen here take my advice,
Make sure you got no lice,
Get yerself all smellin' nice,
Try to straighten out yer eyes
Haul yer boots up over yer pants,
Take yer partner out to dance
'cause now you got the chance
and 'tis just as well to be 'appy.

18th Apr 2009, 16:22
"Happiness" is a tired and twisted notion - an increasing embarrassment in a confused society of malcontents.

"Are you happy?" is a popular question for
- counsellors
- teachers
- divorce lawyers (and others who sincerely hope you are not.)

Politicians and spouses avoid the question like the plague because those who are unhapppy may start pointing fingers. "Why can't you make me happy?"

At one time economic prosperity was the barometer of happiness, but that has since imploded. The efforts by those to resurrect our prosperity (and happiness) seems to be making an awful lot of us terribly unhappy.

Perhaps it would be a good time to retire "happiness" from our vocabulary until it finds itself again?

18th Apr 2009, 17:15
Perhaps it would be a good time to retire "happiness" from our vocabulary until it finds itself again?

Definitely not.

When you get a call from a very close friend (ok, SIL) who is upset and stressed, and you soon have her laughing out loud at things, then she follows it up with an SMS telling you how grateful she is and how happy you can make her feel, then it tends to make you, well, happy.

Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference

18th Apr 2009, 17:28
hellsbrink, that was the gist of my post. Perhaps we should stop trying to define "happiness" because those "small things" need no definition.

18th Apr 2009, 17:29
Ahhh, thorry I mithunderthtood

18th Apr 2009, 17:31
You're not alone, Hellsbrink.

18th Apr 2009, 17:34
Yes I am, there's nobody else here!!

18th Apr 2009, 17:36
Are you 100%, absolutely sure of this....? :ooh: :E

18th Apr 2009, 17:39
Positive. All alone........

(sob sob, boo hoo, etc)

18th Apr 2009, 17:44
aawww, there, there...you're not alone. You have your Ppruners to keep you company. :)

(now THAT could be considered truly sad!) :uhoh: :{

18th Apr 2009, 18:13
hellsbrink, know probelim. :)

18th Apr 2009, 18:17
You have your Ppruners to keep you company.

I would say that was beyond truly sad, if it weren't for the fact it can be so bloody funny at times....

18th Apr 2009, 20:48
The one I love is

"didn't you use to be from Rochester?"

answer: yup ... still am

18th Apr 2009, 21:13
Used to live in london,get fluvirus in eyes (no i still dont know how)
get flatmate to take me to moorfields eye hospital A&E.
Receptionist says "fill in this form"
I said "What form?"

18th Apr 2009, 22:24
Used to live in london,get fluvirus in eyes (no i still dont know how)

The "how" is easy, you touched something and then touched your eye

Had a good one with a hospital in London, I kinda stretched every ligament and tendon in my left hand (I'm right handed, before you ask how bad my eyesight is) as well as having "carpal tunnel syndrome" in the right paw...

"Can you sign this"

18th Apr 2009, 23:41
There's an advert in the national papers every weekend in Canada that reads, "Can't pay your bills? Phone cut off? Call this number for help."

Pigboat -- It's good to see that a guy from YZV is as fond of some guys from YQX as I am (from YYJ). And did you know one of them was a controller?

19th Apr 2009, 01:57
Grizzled I flew in and out of Gander once a week for 25 years, and I've met all three of those nuts. They're on tour right now I believe. I hope Kevin Blackmore wasn't the controller. :D:D