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17th Apr 2009, 10:17
Ever been bored on a long flight and tried to discover amusing sounding waypoints in your fms?

I'll start the list off with MINGE (USA).

Anyone got any more?

Lon More
17th Apr 2009, 10:28
When we were simulating the resectorisation of the N. Sea airspace several years ago a series of waypoints on one route read BETTY BITES BIGGA BOLOX. Didn't make it out of the sim though.

not rude; CMB (Cambrai) replaced SLY (Silly) S. of EBBR many years ago. Until then EBBR had Silly SARs and SIDs.

BTW, some spotter (near Manch?) has a list of these on his website IIRC

17th Apr 2009, 10:37
Not in anywahy dirry, but is it around Deigo Garcia that they have a series of waypoints named ITORT ISORE APUDD ETATT or something close to that?

Back 40 years ago, getting to be the one making the call with an estimate for overhead PHUKET in Thailand was much looked forward to.

17th Apr 2009, 10:44
Not dirty, but one which always makes me smile is "UPDUK".

Seeing as it's undoubtedly based on the local greeting of "Ayup, me duk!"

17th Apr 2009, 11:02
also in flightsim i do this

Chesty Morgan
17th Apr 2009, 11:06
The Devil makes work for idle hands.

Not so long a go, on a longish sector, somewhere over mid France my F/O was very bored. He started to write a sentence in his FMS. Using the FMS position to create the necessary waypoints. It went something like this.

***** (Name of the Fleet Manager)
(Yes, standards are slipping)

Unfortunately we then got a frequency change and instead of hitting the radio page key he pressed save flight plan. The look on his face had me in stitches for the next hour because:

- We can't delete saved flight plans,
- The fleet manager was taking over from us when we landed.

Peter Fanelli
17th Apr 2009, 12:00
I wonder how the F/O would be aware of these facts, unless..........

Desert Dingo
17th Apr 2009, 13:17
#3 Wiley:
Perhaps this is the one you heard about.

17th Apr 2009, 14:42
In Copenhagen FIR:


always entertaining to hear the controller pronounce these points.

Cleared direct NORTI!

17th Apr 2009, 15:23
belen in n france always sounds like bell end when they saw it!!!!!!!!

mona lot
17th Apr 2009, 15:24
I still not been to LESBO :ugh::ugh:

I wonder how the F/O would be aware of these facts, unless..........

All FOs are K*K suckers these days don't you know, its the only way they can get the job:bored:

17th Apr 2009, 15:30
Slightly off thread.
Don't they have Goofy SID's at Orlando?

17th Apr 2009, 15:56
There`s always DIKAS, which American pilots never read back the way I said it.

17th Apr 2009, 16:08
Instead of the gold watch, which I didn't get anyway, I was hoping on my retirement to have a small, unimportant waypoint anywhere in Australia to be named BINOS. Alas, I wasn't important enough even for that. :{

17th Apr 2009, 16:55
I haven't flown in a number of years, but I imagine it's still there. There is (was) a VOR 43NM SE of ERI.....TDT [TIDIOUTE]. We always called it Broken Strap!:E

17th Apr 2009, 18:36
There used to be a wpt in western Australia (as opposed to Western Australia) called GAFFA. Is it still there? One too many "f"s, but still it brought up a smile from most Ozmates who understood the joke.

17th Apr 2009, 19:22
My wife has been asked to route the Biggin Hill (VOR), Koksi (VOR) before!

17th Apr 2009, 20:30
Across the Bite are found: CLAM, LESON, TUNAA.

Named by a carpet-muncher, one presumes.

blue up
17th Apr 2009, 20:33
Wasn't FARKA just off the coast of Libya some years ago?

ARSOL is still in existence in Morocco.

17th Apr 2009, 21:10
DD -- That Portsmouth approach plate is superb. Thanks for that one!

What is surely the "dirtiest" ICAO ident (in English at least) is the NDB serving the IFR approach for Penticton BC, Canada. The identifier is UNT.
So . . . If you're filing an international flight plan, or you simply want to use the full 4-letter ICAO ident, instead of the 3 used within Canada, what do you file? Yup . . the four letter ICAO identifier is so "dirty" I can't even type it in pprune.
(For those who want to check out the approach plate for themselves, Penticton airport is CYYF.)


rhythm method
17th Apr 2009, 23:17
For Loki,

"You want me to go to Dikas and I love man??? Oh, IOM!" :ok:

Foxy Loxy
17th Apr 2009, 23:38
One not far from here....... NAKID.

18th Apr 2009, 00:34
There`s always DIKAS, which American pilots never read back the way I said it.

Although I have been tempted to pronounce it differently, I always read that back as;


Tis tempting though. :p

(I actually have a low altitude intersection named after me just outside KOKC. No, after my real name. You lot got dirty minds. ;))

18th Apr 2009, 08:04
There's one called BOLOX used as a fix for holds somewhere in NZ.

"Holding BOLOX" I believe is the phrase!

B Fraser
18th Apr 2009, 09:35
Not smutty but funny are NEDUL and THRED off the Isle of Wight

Somewhere close to Oz is the sequence WONCA, JOLLY, SWAGS, MAANN, CAMPS,BUYYA,BILLA, BONGS

well done everyone :D

18th Apr 2009, 10:04
Once heard a Qantas pilot try to pronounce Rambouelliet ( VOR near Paris ) to French ATC once - long story, but he eventually gave up and announced that QF 9 was by Rambollocks at 20, Flt. level 310 etc. The follow up was even funnier, particularly the final comment by a Pommie pilot.

Kerosine - don't know about an NZ waypoint, but there is a pub in Auckland called the Dogs' Bollox.

18th Apr 2009, 13:14
Often hear reference to BRASSO (sp?), which I find mildly amusing. No idea where it is.

18th Apr 2009, 14:06
What about DIKME? It's somewhere on the STAR to either DUS, FRA or STR. Probably popular with the ladies ... :p :cool: :rolleyes:

Lon More
18th Apr 2009, 15:42
Not a WP, but Zurich Airport is also known as Kloten which mean bollox in Dutch

18th Apr 2009, 20:11


(Braintree South could be a clue)

18th Apr 2009, 21:02
Thanks for that, Loki!

Not a place for polishing technique then?

18th Apr 2009, 21:54

Just to get boring for a bit, a lot of the 5 letter reporting points/fixes names were simply adaptations of what had gone before. Braso is a case in point.

Back to light heartedness, an acquaintance of mine always felt there should have been a point near Woodley (renowned for the complexity/density of traffic thereabouts) called KASLO....Keep A Sharp Look Out.

Right Way Up
18th Apr 2009, 23:02
Southwest UK two adjacent waypoints.... RUBMI COQUE

Capt Chambo
19th Apr 2009, 00:55
ATOTI..... said in a Leslie Phillips voice.

Ding Dong! :)

Arm out the window
19th Apr 2009, 01:31
YANKO, SWELL, NONIX and DONGA all sound a bit dodgy. (Aussie ones)

19th Apr 2009, 08:24
Somewhere close to Oz is the sequence WONCA, JOLLY, SWAGS, MAANN, CAMPS,BUYYA,BILLA, BONGS

That one is off the coast of Perth, the full sequence is "WONSA JOLLY SWAGY CAMBS BUIYA BYLLA BONGS UNDER ACOOL EBARR TREES."

Another is east of Alice Springs, on the YMMM/YBBB FIR Boundary. "PUDYA SWEED LIPPS ALIDL CLOZA TOUDA PHONE."

Another good one are the Brisbane RWY19 STARs. Arrivals from the South and East track often track via "LEAKY BOATS SINNK," whilst arrivals from the NW often track via 'DRAIN PLUGG SINNK".

Not really dirty of course, but a bit of humor never hurt anyone :)

Der absolute Hammer
19th Apr 2009, 08:28
Some of you chaps should possibly get sent to German Corner for your lusty imaginations?

B Fraser
19th Apr 2009, 12:53
Thanks NZScion :ok:

I think there are a couple of waypoints close to Sydney named SOSIJ and SIZZL

19th Apr 2009, 13:08
Hey everyone thanks for all the input so far - most amusing!

I just landed and would like to report to you all that today I discovered the rude sounding waypoint CRACK (in Alaska).

Yes I know - to the pure of mind, all is indeed pure but I think it's funny :)

Cheers again.

19th Apr 2009, 18:48
RINGA - just West of Portaferry (NI)

BEL - VOR located end of RW17 EGAA \ BFS....BEL END :)

C**T - For those who don't know where to find one, it's just near 45 degrees north... :)

26th Apr 2009, 15:14
Have just flown into Bangkok and there is a waypoint there called SHITA...

Had a chuckle to myself when I reported " going direct to the SHITA............(long pause)..... waypoint".

There are also 2 in the UK which are close together "routing NAKID & HOSTE"... I had hours of fun with this one aswell.

11th Aug 2009, 03:59
LOTIT is a fun one near Bahrain.... pronounced low-t!t.

Dan Winterland
11th Aug 2009, 04:43
LIKME and TOGER. The two entry points for the VOR approach on 05 at Phnom Penh.

The three waypoints north of Diego Garcia are WATTA, BUMMR and MOMMA. The year long detachement there isn't too popular with the US Foreces!

11th Aug 2009, 13:59
There is (was?) a waypoint near Trondheim labelled KOTEX.
Not really funny, just an unfortunate choice.

11th Aug 2009, 15:41
The Telegraph has just done a feature on 'silly' airport names.
The world's silliest airport names - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/6005372/The-worlds-silliest-airport-names.html)

There are some rude airport codes out there, when I worked in a shipping agency FUK and PUS always used to cause the girls a blush.

Then there was the codeshare between Cubana (CU) Binter Canarias (NT) between Las Palmas and Havana which never got off the ground.

11th Aug 2009, 16:55
PEKKA or PEKAA (can't remember which) west of CYVR


Another type of dirty: GUANO & WORMS in Florida

11th Aug 2009, 21:11
A regular routing into the EHAA FIR either involves an airways join at BODSO or through the FIR via MOLIX, it was only a matter of time before someone transposed the M and B, they didn't say MODSO.

Going up to Scandinavia always used to involve an airways route LARGE - TITTS - BUSOM, it kept my mind amused anyway...:D

12th Aug 2009, 02:48
I was doing some work out of Italy for NATO, going in and out of Bosnia in an MD80. We would marshall offshore with an 'escort' or two while feet dry.

The Theatre Commander asked me to designate a Lat/Long and an Ident for the rendevous.

I think it's still there. My last name.


12th Aug 2009, 02:54
What about the one close to EGGB, ASNIP ?

Did someone get pinched on the bottom for that one ?? :}

12th Aug 2009, 10:44
A couple of years ago I attended (yet another) consultation with RHADS as they continued their plans for world domination or, at least, control of most of Humberside and South Yorkshire.
They were showing us the plans for their new approach plates, which included a couple of new reporting points which were yet to be named. During 'any other business', having studied the map carefully in an attempt to prolong my consciousness, I proposed that, due to one of the nameless RP's proximity to Scunthorpe, it should be called SCUNT or, failing that, after the little lake over which it appeared. I forget the alternative now as it was not nearly as funny.

15th Aug 2009, 20:26
one in the on the east coast of america is SPUNK, always laugh when the controller clears you to SPUNK!

15th Aug 2009, 21:02
Not forgetting the famous 'RAGED' in Saudi Arabia....

PS Dan W - loved the LIKME-TOGER:D