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16th Apr 2009, 20:17
Just half watching a prog about weight loss on BBC 2 and a nurse just showed a woman a kilo of fat which was about a foot long and 3 or 4 inches wide. The woman had just lost 4 kilos of weight which is a fair pile of fat.
I know where fat comes from cos your put it in your mouth when you eat, but when you lose it where does it go? Do you spend more time on the bog or does it just mysteriously vanish?

16th Apr 2009, 20:21
Body through it's metabolic rate burns fat. It's fuel.

16th Apr 2009, 20:31
Ah!, of course burn more calories than you eat and you are ok. Good to see i am just a simple sailor, at heart.....

16th Apr 2009, 20:34
My bill's in the post. Call me Doc. :)

16th Apr 2009, 20:47
Now this is going back 20 years but I think it comes out as CO2 in your breath and water in your pee.

But I stand to be corrected

16th Apr 2009, 20:54
Where does body fat go when you lose weight?

from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. - Mayo Clinic.

When you consume fewer calories than your body needs, your body turns to fat for energy. Your fat cells (triglycerides) provide the fuel for this energy.

Through a series of complex metabolic processes, triglycerides are broken down into two different components glycerol and fatty acids which are absorbed into your liver, kidney and muscle. Here, these components are further broken down by chemical processes that ultimately produce energy for your body.

The heat generated through these activities is used to help maintain your body temperature. The waste products that result are water and carbon dioxide. You excrete water primarily in urine and sweat and carbon dioxide in air exhaled from your lungs.

mona lot
16th Apr 2009, 20:58
So it get exhaled or p****d down the drain, what a waste:ugh: surely it could be used as some sort of alternative fuel?

16th Apr 2009, 21:36
Well, the water and CO2 are just waste products with no useful energy value, like car exhaust. The heat, on the other hand... exercise bike or treadmill hooked up to a dynamo, lose weight while charging some 12V batteries and heating the room. :}

16th Apr 2009, 21:43
Just read in the latest Private Eye ( so must be true ) that a plastic quack in the US is running his car on all the fat he takes out!:eek: He's being sued by people who think this is wrong, not sure about that, its better than putting it down the drain! And in the states it a renewable energy source surely!:}

tony draper
16th Apr 2009, 21:52
Yer he could fry chips in it,bloody waste if yer ask me.:)

16th Apr 2009, 21:56
Or should that be spelt "waist"? :)

16th Apr 2009, 21:59
Also Sweaty arms it comes through that i think :)

Two's in
16th Apr 2009, 21:59
In a brand new technique, nutritionists have been able to collect about 80 Kilos of unsightly and totally useless body fat and store it here;


mona lot
16th Apr 2009, 22:01
Mr D, chips should only ever be fried in beef dripping :=