View Full Version : 10x I've rejoined since lastnight

16th Apr 2009, 14:42
I'll keep joining again and again...I might actually not call myself normal usernames that look similar...so now you pushed me...I'll be rude...
TightSlot...Doesnt give a crap...she ignored me 1 year ago in a normal pm...she's been banning me...and some other mod today...i know it wasnt tight slot...he/she has no guts...

Reason for 1st ban (This month) because I posted in TKcrash..."Why is the elevator facing the wrong way" I get banned for this?
Since the owner who lives at chestnut barn sold this website.................it has continued to have some cynical mods...

Load Toad
16th Apr 2009, 14:47
Have you got nothing better to do?

16th Apr 2009, 14:51
Why do I get the feeling that this is directly from "Alice's adventures
in Wonderland"??? Who lets these people loose on the general public??

PPRuNe Radar
16th Apr 2009, 14:59
Anyone living in a village, please check you haven't lost your idiot.

Many thanks :ok:

16th Apr 2009, 15:02
This one sounds like a right window licker. And he wonders why he gets banned :ugh:

It's amazing who they'll let have a broadband connection these days.


west lakes
16th Apr 2009, 15:05
Anyone living in a village, please check you haven't lost your idiot.



That is a rather insulting remark to village idiots to compare them to this person/idiot/troll/brain dead/needs to get a life *

(*delete as applicable)

16th Apr 2009, 15:20
awww you are all ignorant arent you...i think you guys need more of a life...especially the mods...you need to put your whisky/pimms down and start listening up :ok:

16th Apr 2009, 15:26
Why was this moved to JB and not simply deleted?

16th Apr 2009, 15:27
So he/she/it can get some friendly abuse, frosty?

Oh, SBM, do learn to read

16th Apr 2009, 15:30
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's the ignorance again...it didnt get moved...I posted it 2x...duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...see i could have posted in every forum....but i have some respect

16th Apr 2009, 15:32
Now, I wonder who is away to face an IP ban

west lakes
16th Apr 2009, 15:32
oooh I'm worried now.

Though I wonder about the inability of some folk (no one in particular) to do some basic research into how forums work, the rules that they operate under and how decisions are reached by mods (the info is all here to be found!)

Why was this moved to JB and not simply deleted

Frostbite, I think it was started here as the original poster started one under a different title in Cabin Crew but with the same content.

I wonder, though, if it is a challenge to see how many times an individual keeps coming back or how short a time a user name lasts?

16th Apr 2009, 16:06
C'mon mods, close this thread now and stop giving this this muppet bandwidth.

Somemodshavenoguts (or whatever you are calling yourself today), do you want us to call Social Services and let them know where you can be collected from?

16th Apr 2009, 16:09
Naah, leave the thread open. That way he/she/it will tend to keep posting here and not in other threads. And the more posts, the more his IP gets logged, the sooner he can be traced and the sooner his ISP can ban him from the internet.....