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16th Apr 2009, 13:30
Has anyone ever had any dealings with these arrogant people?

Every time I have the unfortunate occasion to do business with them I come away thinking that they are abusing the compulsion of the licence fee, and becoming less and less, accountable, contactable, or capable of simple common courtesy.

When you see what NPR etc have to do to get funding, they really ought to consider that they could be in that boat.

I was contacted after close of business on Tuesday about some location fiming this afternoon. Some notice eh?

I told them who to contact as there are multiple interests and left them to it, to come back to me to confirm.

What have I heard since? - zip, zero, nada, sweet nothing!! and its an hour to their designated slot.

I have emailed the Beeb to say that I am not going to hang about all afternoon in the hope of a contact - that if they do want to film, that I won't use the "N" word as they don't like it on that show, but if they fail to contact me at all, I may be using some Anglo Saxon about how they will roast others for lack of common courtesy, but exercise none themselves.

We weren't even going to charge fer Gawd's sake!

Airey Belvoir
17th Apr 2009, 03:25
You wouldn't have liked it anyway.

Many years ago I was living in Borehamwood just a few yards away from the Eastenders set. They wanted to film a sequence of some kids programme (Grange Hill ?) in the alley right next to my house. They had to position a few lights and set up some sort of railway for the camera to look over the fence. It took an army of technicians a whole bloody day to set that lot up. There seemed to be quite a lot of tea breaks and standing around talking interspersed with occasional moments of actual work.

Then the lighting director or somesuch turned up and wanted everything repositioned. Then, finally the actors and directors etc turned up complete with a fat bird with a clipboard that seemed to be everywhere at once. Then everything had to be changed again.

Then rehearsals. Lots of standing around and talking and cups of tea followed by seconds - yes, seconds - of action then more talking and cups of tea.

By this time it was dark. I was not "allowed" to switch my lounge lights on in case it interfered with their lighting.

Finally, at about 8.30 pm, some 12 hours after they had first arrived they did their first real shoot. After a couple of "takes" more they wrapped it up at about 9.30. The clearing up took until midnight.

I watched the episode - it consisted of some kid walking down the alley (in daylight!) and being accosted by a small group of other kids with dialogue along the lines of "Whatcha fink yer doin' coming darn ere den?"

End of!

God only knows what it cost :mad:. The lesson I learned? These people do not live in the real world. I got 50 quid for my trouble which I agreed to donate to charity following a suggestion that I couldn't refuse!

Roger Sofarover
17th Apr 2009, 07:07
We weren't even going to charge fer Gawd's sake!Sounds like that was your problem Tbird. Charge them for everything and if they dont come back to you send them the bill for your time.

17th Apr 2009, 11:00
Airey, sounds like a typical day on most film or TV sets. Having been an extra on one or two over the years. Worked for the beeb a couple of times or at least production companies making things for them. On of the oddest was when they took over a whole street in Dublin for three days to make it look like one in wartime London. There was a lot of 'nothing much happening' going on for those three days and we extras spent a lot of time sitting in the holding area bonding. Haven't seen the results yet but will be interested.

On the other hand I was on a BBC production a few years ago, where they worked 16 hour days, 6 days a week for a couple of months. Certainly the licence payers got value for money on that series.

The BBC are different to work for, that's for sure.

17th Apr 2009, 11:06
Well there's lots of arragont people on jetblast...not you but others...it's a sad world we live in...well actually is ok offline with the goodens :)

17th Apr 2009, 11:10
A mate of mine used to live in the flat (border of Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove) above the set of steps that was used as the entrance to the Winchester Club in Minder. The steps are actually down to the basement flat, but if you think about it you never saw the entrance to the club. The actors would go down the steps and the next shot would be in the club.

They used to plonk him in a posh hotel for a couple of weeks and bung him a couple of grand for his trouble. I don't know the production company, but they sound more generous than the Beeb!

The irony of this is that my mate was a yank working over here and the flat rent was being paid by the bank anyway!

Paradise Lost
17th Apr 2009, 11:19
Well there's lots of arragont people on jetblast...not you but others...it's a sad world we live in...well actually is ok offline with the goodens
I don't think Murray will be worrying, if that's the state you're in at 1106 in the morning!

Mr Grimsdale
17th Apr 2009, 12:00
I've done some work as an extra, sorry... background artiste (heheheh) too. And it's amazing how much wasted time there is while some fluffy arty type contemplates if the curtains are right.

As for Airey's comment about the number of people involved that's because person x simply cannot do person y's job! Union rules don't you know!