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22 Degree Halo
15th Apr 2009, 16:35
Amazing Perf by 47YO on Britain's Got Talent (http://digg.com/d1oVwl)



15th Apr 2009, 16:50
I'm surprised that this has not been posted before, it is on all the networks over here. Everybody is going crazy over, let's be honest here, this dumpy looking woman.

What a voice. :D:D:D

(I supect that the next time we see her, she will not look so dumpy. ;))

15th Apr 2009, 16:54
They can do a lot these days to fix girls up.
And it's needed here.
But it was great to see her enjoy the praise so much !

Curious Pax
15th Apr 2009, 16:58
47 and never been kissed or on a date apparently. Sounds like that mean Con-Pilot has no plans to ease the lady's pain either!;)

15th Apr 2009, 17:21
ah c'mon guys... :)

She's a 'good' woman - as I understand it, she put her life and singing career on hold so that she could look after her sick mother who (finally) died last year.

If she gets this, it is MORE than well deserved! She'll be able to have the life that she has always dreamed of. I never watch that programme, but my god but I'll be rooting for her! I like to think that sometimes life does chuck a fairy tale ending to those that derserve it the most. :ok:
and the very fact that she managed to shut Simon Cowell up is nothing but a good thing... :E

15th Apr 2009, 17:22
Sounds like that mean Con-Pilot has no plans to ease the lady's pain either!

Oh I would like to try, but dang the bad luck, married you know. :p

15th Apr 2009, 17:24
If she gets this, it is MORE than well deserved! She'll be able to have the life that she has always dreamed of. I never watch that programme, but my god but I'll be rooting for her! I like to think that sometimes life does chuck a fairy tale ending to those that derserve it the most.

I cannot agree with that post enough. I really hope and pray that she wins and becomes very famous. :ok:


and the very fact that she managed to shut Simon Cowell up is nothing but a good thing.

Agree with that as well. :ok:

15th Apr 2009, 17:28
Why should what she looks like affect what she sounds like?

15th Apr 2009, 17:35
Simples. showbusiness Pops, showbusiness.

Shallow as hell and looks are key. Shouldn't be that way but it is and there is just simply no way of denying that. However, as was mentioned earlier - she'll be in for a makeover, have that eyebrow divided into two and her hair sleeked and glossified, and a stylist will have a word in her shell-like about dark tights really not being a good thing with a pale dress and white courts. :hmm:

There is good material there - she appears to have a pretty neat figure and lovely twinkly eyes. Her scottish background and commonsense will ensure that she remains grounded. She'll be reet. :ok:

15th Apr 2009, 17:37
There is good material there - she appears to have a pretty neat figure and lovely twinkly eyes. Her scottish background and commonsense will ensure that she remains grounded. She'll be reet.

Not to mention a great sense of humor. :)

22 Degree Halo
15th Apr 2009, 17:40
Hey, I recall Paul Potts on BGT didn't get this much attention and he was pretty darn good too. That good he won:ok:

:8 Pol Pot....> YouTube - Paul sings Nessun Dorma high quality video/sound widescreen 16:9 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k08yxu57NA)

15th Apr 2009, 18:27
Why you lot are getting teary eyed and sniffly over some old (she looks 90) dear who happens to have a mediocre voice (compared to the talent available - some of it even dare I say hot?) I really do not know. OK, the sympathy vote because she's an old spinster... that must be it. Get real guys please!

Postscript. I did watch the Youtube Video and have to say the histrionics of the judges (feigned surprise etc) along with the wildly panning cameras and the prompted (prodded?) audience made me really really glad I haven't watched TV since around 1990.

15th Apr 2009, 19:49

(compared to the talent available - some of it even dare I say hot?)

How would you know? Especially if you

haven't watched TV since around 1990


Oh? But of course you listen to the radio, go the theatre etc instead don't you? Where you can hear wonderful voices from the talent that has already been 'found', and are therefore either trained up or digitally manufactured? Right? :hmm:

15th Apr 2009, 20:05
and the very fact that she managed to shut Simon Cowell up is nothing but a good thing...
For that alone she should be on the Queen's New Year's Honours list. :D

15th Apr 2009, 20:10
happens to have a mediocre voice

Oh dear, you really don't know much about music do you?

flash8, oh thou bitter and twisted one, let me explain.

Her pitch is spot on.

Her breathing is of professional standard - I was waiting for the "cheat" on the big crescendo and it didn't happen.

Her vibrato is not overdone. Could maybe do with a bit more variety, for my taste, but that's just my taste (with the discipline she has she can afford to reduce it, I reckon, and still have a great result).

And boy, can she sell a song. Her personality took to an extraordinary level what was already a high standard of raw material. Which was the part that silenced my inner bitch, which thought "great face for radio". She could just do recording work, but that would be a waste, as you wouldn't get the benefit of that gallus charm.

Few enough good things on this earth right now, but Miss Boyle is one of them.

22 Degree Halo
15th Apr 2009, 20:41
Interesting to note {:8} the actual hits on the You Tube vid have increased a further milion to 6.7m (currently) from when this topic was started a few hours ago:ooh:


15th Apr 2009, 20:47
Granted, my Musical tastes are not too developed... but like most common folk I know if I like the sound of something... technical aspects I am afraid are lost on me ;)

And the post was a bit tongue-in-cheek... although I expected the rabid dogs to start biting :ouch:

And Radar66, I might not watch TV but I do watch streaming internet videos.. (and not all of them of the Jackie Smith variety either).

15th Apr 2009, 20:48
I was amazed. I have worked on several productions of Les Mis, and no-one has nailed that song like she did. And I was waiting for her to fudge around the crescendo too. She'll clean up ok for her target market, and her humour and personality will be a bonus.

15th Apr 2009, 20:49
Well I don't care what anyone says....I like her. Refreshing.

15th Apr 2009, 20:58
Hmm, she's mediocre, Rads and I are dogs...any more little gems you'd like to share?

15th Apr 2009, 21:18
Woof Woof!!!

(means 'hear hear' don't you know?) :cool:

15th Apr 2009, 21:25
I was at a friends house and they wanted to watch the programme,my dismay at this vanished as soon as she started to sing.thought Stavros Flattley was brilliant as well!

15th Apr 2009, 21:39
This most most disarming lady gave a perfect example of 'living the lyric.

Flash8, do you have any singing talent?

15th Apr 2009, 21:45
I've heard many good singers in my time, and she's up there with most of them. I don't watch much television and had never seen this show - so thanks for the link!

I was amazed when she started - and it continued like that! As Stockpicker says: spot on key, and plenty of dynamic range, with no fudges. There's one unemployed lady who won't be unemployed much longer.

15th Apr 2009, 22:27
I'm sorry to be ignorant - but what have I missed out on?

Ah - I Tubed it, which probably did not do it justice. Despite the tawdry background, and I don't just mean Piers (Morgan) Moron, when you Alt-Tab, it sounds like a professional performance once she starts - and it stays that way. I sincerely hope that she has found her <ahem> vocation.

She's no Maria Callas - but then, there's only been one Maria Callas.


15th Apr 2009, 22:33
This talented, lovely, cheeky woman deserves all the good that will come her way. :D:D

16th Apr 2009, 00:00
Brightened my day:ok:

henry crun
16th Apr 2009, 00:13
What a wonderful voice; such a pity she has had to wait until age 47 to be discovered.

16th Apr 2009, 02:41
Honey Henry...it's NEVER too late ;) If her mother lived to be 91, this may be her Time of Life... :E

She's awesome! I wish her the very best!

Rather be Gardening
16th Apr 2009, 10:49
What a gorgeous voice - rich, bright and true. :ok:

16th Apr 2009, 10:54
22 Degree Halo

I don't watch tv so thanks for the link.

Fantastic, absolutely bloody fantastic.:D

16th Apr 2009, 11:00
Very good voice. Doesn't need much in the way of training.
Appearance needs a little work though. But marvellous sound.
Best of luck to her in the future.

Noah Zark.
16th Apr 2009, 11:39
I don't watch the show, but I've had a look at this. Absolutely wonderful! Good on the lady! :D

16th Apr 2009, 11:40
Obviously given the newspaper inches and the devotion of this thread to Ms Boyle she had to be something very understated and special, but I was still blown away by the sheer perfection of her performance.

Her appearance? Funny how such things mean so much less when real talent is apparent.

Paradise Lost
16th Apr 2009, 11:54
Simon Cowell may be a t*sser, but he enables people like Susan Boyle to get discovered.........an awesome hidden talent!

Um... lifting...
16th Apr 2009, 12:57
Saw an interview with her... she said something to the effect of: "I'd heard television makes you look fat... I looked like a garage..."
She was quite self-effacing and in good humor... they asked her how her cat took her success... "oh, you know... in a cat soort o' wey..."

16th Apr 2009, 13:04
Susan is (was) the youngest of nine children. Her mother would have been almost as old as Susan is now when Susan was born . . .

16th Apr 2009, 13:44
Who said Simon Cowell, AAAaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!!
Whoops, that's another thread. Sorrreeeee!!!!!

16th Apr 2009, 14:28
Watched the vid with an extraordinary sense of deja vu. Sure enough, it was the little Welsh cellphone salesman all over again, with a gender change.

The real 'star' of the piece is the individual who is obviously a master of heavy-handed, blatant, manipulative, and emotional editing. Her voice and appearance are almost an irrelevance, compared to the editor's cleverness.


17th Apr 2009, 17:29
Listen to this:- BBC NEWS | Scotland | Secret Susan Boyle song found (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/8004656.stm)

More here:- YouTube - Susan Boyle - Cry Me A River Charity CD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXwc-i5eYdU)

Now what do ya's think? Eh?

Roger Sofarover
17th Apr 2009, 19:27
Amazing to watch. The youtube count is on over 20 million now. I can't think when I have ever seen another video on youtube with so many views. Regardless of whether she wins, her life has just changed dramatically, she has gone from being unemployed to worth millions in the space of 5 mins. Best of all she is going to realise her dream, how good is that.

17th Apr 2009, 20:20
I suspect she'll have a higher appreciation of her success than the age group typically achieved on Idol.

17th Apr 2009, 20:27
She admits to singing in Church (and Karaoke) and apparently has sung in some musical presentation.
I wonder if she has been purely self-taught or whether she has had lessons?
IIRC Paul Potts turned out to be slightly more experienced than was at first thought?

Edited to add:- Early on she received some professional voice training in Livingston, Scotland. She stopped her pursuit of singing to look after her sick mother,
(from:- Susan Boyle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Boyle) )

17th Apr 2009, 20:40
Whatever her future. She is an inspiration in so many ways.

She transcends the insincerity of the media and defines what is good in the people who have talent in Britain.

I have listened to the YouTube video and was just as transfixed by her performance as the rest.

Not kissed, not beautiful (in the accepted sense of the definition), but worth so much more in the values that matter but which have been forgotten or ignored.

Best of luck to this unconventional (in TV terms) but talented lady!


SITW :ok:

22 Degree Halo
17th Apr 2009, 20:42
Been singing from the age of 12 - just skim read the Wiki link, don't think it's on there - guess she mastered the art of singing then, eh?:ok:

17th Apr 2009, 20:58
this may be her Time of Life...

I bet she's never felt like this before
And I swear, it's the truth
she owes it all to you(tube)

sorry! :p

The best bit of the whole video was when Simon starts to say "I knew from the moment you stepped on the stage..." and she goes "OH! SIMON!" in mock consternation. That is the most adorable instinctive response. I know she is only 47, but I'd like her as a grandmum. :)

17th Apr 2009, 21:03
Also, I happened upon Patti LuPone's version of the same song. The monologue is brilliant, but the singing is not as good (IMO) as Susan Boyle's.


17th Apr 2009, 21:08
There are those who claim that her performance is superior to the current 'Les Mis' incumbent.

18th Apr 2009, 13:33
I have just listened to Miss Boyle's 1999 CD recording of "Cry Me a River", kind courtesy of the link provided by G-CPTN. I can only say WOW!!

This number has been a particular favourite of mine since I saw and heard the original version by Julie London, featured in the Jayne Mansfield/Tom Ewell/Little Richard film "The Girl Can't Help It", in 1960 or thereabouts - which I dodged a Fluid Dynamics lecture at UCL to see (no contest!).

Miss Boyle's rendition far surpasses the impact made by Julie London's performance, which I have considered to be the definitive version of this classic smoky, sensuous song over all these years.

The lady has the quality of Ella Fitzgerald in her confident, pitch-perfect delivery, and I would encourage everyone to listen to G-CPTN's link and judge for yourselves. The CD gives the opportunity to listen properly to the song and the singer, undistracted by the meretricious hysteria of the "I Dreamed a Dream" audience reactions - pure sonic bliss!

P.S. the link is in post 40, bottom of page 2

Whiskey Oscar Golf
18th Apr 2009, 13:49
Saw the news grab on the idiot box the other day and thought, "nice, it sounds like she could do with a decent break". Then as I was parking the motor heard the full version on the radio and sat there dumbfounded for a minute after it had finished.

Saw the "mis" in Capetown once and had the CD, but was blown away by the emotion of her performance. Good for the soul to have one of those moments every now and then, thanks to Miss Boyle and the show for making my day.


18th Apr 2009, 14:15
I'm not much of a musicals man myself, but as many of the posters have said, something special happened when she sang her dream on the BGT programme. These moments are rare in the entertainment industry, that is to say those moments that have a purity about them. I must confess to sneaking a look a couple of times a day this last week to hear it again, something that i'm not prone to do normally. The piece on youtube was edited to maximise the emotional impact of the moment, kudos to the editor, but there's no getting away from the simple fact that a true talent was released into the open last saturday evening.

What did the prooners think of Stavros Flately and son and also that dance group Flawless ? I didn't think that people could move that fast and be coordinated :eek:



Romeo Oscar Golf
18th Apr 2009, 15:36
I never watch (perceived) crap like Britain's got talent, but my wife said why not. So I put my foot down... and we watched it.
Susan Boyle was worth putting up with the rest of the juvenile banality, great performance. Stavros and son also.

18th Apr 2009, 15:45
Thank you for the Lupone link. I always compare voices, I can't help it.
Lupone's version is Earthy, meant for the Stage, I think. I hear a little Mouskouri in her voice, even a Piaf vibrato.

18th Apr 2009, 18:24

I don't know how the show runs in the UK, but in Germany the candidates have to run through many tryouts before hitting the big stage, i.e., wouldn't she have been tested BEFORE appearing on the big stage during that show, so her "talent" was already known by some, like those doing the "selecting"?

I am very glad she has been discovered... she was marvelous! :ok:

22 Degree Halo
18th Apr 2009, 20:10
Generally relating to SB @ BGT.

Currently 26m hits on You Tube - anyone know the most viewed YT vid of all time (so far)?


henry crun
18th Apr 2009, 20:42
Kathleen Ferrier also came from Blackburn, maybe there is something in the water up there. :)

22 Degree Halo
18th Apr 2009, 20:45
Wrong Blackburn:p Try Blackburn, Scotland.

However, I understand she'll be British for the moment until her new record label drop her and then she'll be Scottish again:rolleyes:

18th Apr 2009, 20:46
Agreed that the Patti LuPone version is less impressive than Miss Boyle's, though airfoilmod is right that hers is a voice meant for the stage. I saw the first version of Sunset Boulevard in London, starring Patti LuPone, before Andrew Lloyd-Webber decided to close the show and replace her with Glenn Close. A very bad move I felt, but then what do I know - I was just an expensive ticket-buying seat filler.

As a singer, Miss Close made an excellent actress - as she later proved by sell-out dramatic appearances at the National Theatre.

Miss Boyle has the makings of a phenomenon, I have a feeling that this is just the start of something very, very good!

Lon More
18th Apr 2009, 23:06
From the sublime to the ridiculous, Stavros Flately. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gHvATmUsSg):O[

kiwi chick
20th Apr 2009, 10:09
Flash8, I just don't get you.

I watched this last night after it was mentioned in the Chatroom.

OH MY GOD!! She is amazing and I was covered in goosebumps from head to toe.

I had to watch it again, straight away. :ok: :D :D

FYI I just added the You Tube hits of the several different postings of her... guess how many?


20th Apr 2009, 10:42
Good voice but she's used as a one-trick-pony by BGT.

What's the trick?

Usually ugly,plain,unworldly contestants are tone deaf/sound dreadful/think they are good/are mentaly deficient.

This time ugly,plain and unworldly contestant sings with a beautiful voice.

Shock! Wonder! Delight!

That , ladies and gentlemen is the trick, and you can only perform a trick once.


20th Apr 2009, 10:49
youtube hits reportedly over 100 million - the highest ever was 118 million...

20th Apr 2009, 10:51
denis555: What an unpleasant post.

Listen to her CD of "Cry Me a River", and think again.

20th Apr 2009, 10:54
Paradise Lost

Simon Cowell may be a t*sser, but he enables people like Susan Boyle to get discovered.........an awesome hidden talent!
He may well be, but he does seem to know his stuff. I watched BGT this weekend after all the furore from last week. There was a young lad started to sing 'Valerie' but SC waved his hand to stop him (never buzzed him like he does with other acts). He then asked the lad if he had another song he could sing, which he did, very well.

SC may well be an arrogant t**ser, but it seems he might actually recognise talent when he sees/hears it!!!

20th Apr 2009, 11:20
denis555: What an unpleasant post.

Not meant to be unpleasant I assure you.

Just the facts, the lady is plain that is unarguable. You may consider her beautiful ( in the eye of the beholder I suppose) but I would wager 90% of the population would tick tthe 'Ugly' rather than 'Beautiful' box.

She is also way too old to be a success through tripe shows like BGT.

Anyway that's beside the point.

The point is that she may have a few months of fame and earn a few bob but this time next year she will be forgotten.

Or do you think that the object of BGT is to discover people who are talented in a certain field and make them successful?

20th Apr 2009, 11:47
I couldn't care a tinker's cuss what the lady looks like, though it seems rather rude and ungentlemanly of you to make the above comments.

She simply has an outstanding singing voice. If that does bring her fame and financial success, I suspect it will last longer than you think. Let it be.

20th Apr 2009, 12:32
With a voice like that, I think she'll be around for a little longer than a year.

She may or may not become a household name in years to come, but I'm sure she'll make out fine as a professional singer. I've met a fair few of those, and she's well above average.

20th Apr 2009, 13:36
Who is the barbie doll judge by the name of Amanda?

20th Apr 2009, 13:44
Do you fancy her then Binos?

With your well-established views on the total irrelevance of physical appearances, I must confess I was hoping for rather more from you than that, in this thread. :=

20th Apr 2009, 13:53
Thank you, MS DX, it's nice to think something of what I have said over the years has been digested.

She is pretty of course, and I have no doubt the producers made the most of the dichotomy between her and the delightful Ms Boyle, but really I was just wondering what her qualifications were to be a judge. Her surname wasn't mentioned anywhere in the clip. Piers Morgan I could look up, but even Google finds it a bit difficult to direct me straight to the person I want to know about with the clue "Amanda".

20th Apr 2009, 14:03
Google Amanda Holden

20th Apr 2009, 14:16
As the father of three, and grandfather of seven, I am amused to be dubbed "MS" by Pprune's resident misogynist.

It seems that my previous clumsy attempts to take you to task for being such a male chauvinist towards several lady posters have caused you to assume that I am one of the gentler (and generally kinder) sex. WRONG!!!

20th Apr 2009, 14:17
Thanks. It seems that at least she can sing. Not sure about her fellow judges, but it doesn't seem important enough to follow up.

I think denis555 may have been judged a trifle harshly for speaking the truth. There is no way that Ms Boyle's performance would have attracted squillions of views had she looked like, well, Amanda Holden. And that is surely the point of this whole human interest piece? Shock horror, ugly people can have talent too! And while I have no information on how these shows work, she would clearly have been auditioned at some stage, and if Messrs Cowell and Co were as deeply shocked as they portrayed I would be very surprised.

Another PR coup for reality TV. I just hope Ms Boyle keeps her feet on the ground long enough to just do what she loves. Sock away the millions that are probably coming her way, and when the time comes, go back to her village looking somewhat made-over and enjoy her life for the natural person she is and forget the huge PR stunt that a multi millionaire like Simon Cowell engineered.

Susan Boyle seems so genuinely natural that a win-win situation is a possibility here.

20th Apr 2009, 14:23
I would hazard that the contestants are interviewed by production staff and the judges see them for the first time during the taping.

20th Apr 2009, 14:24
My apologies, Mister DX. Not sure where that came from. Perhaps I'm so unaccustomed to receiving support from males on this forum I made an erroneous assumption.

But I would truly like to be reminded of one post, any post, anywhere in my posting history where I could be accused of male chauvinism. Nowhere will my worst enemy find a post of mine which belittles women vis-a-vis men. I may disagree with women at times, as I do with lots of men on this forum, but that is hardly the same thing, is it?

Perhaps a woman who feels she has been chauvinistically belittled by me as opposed to having me disagree with her argument would like to step forward here? Is there anyone who claims to have been treated as inferior by me for her gender?

PPrune's resident misogynist???????????????????

20th Apr 2009, 14:27
Ahh Finally a thread worthy of a fistfight.

It reminds me of the battles about hero pilots who manage to save their own ass at the same time.

We like to see people who overcome perversity, while at the same time to read about death and destruction in others lives while we have survived another day.

After all it is we who create heros and flood the internet with adulation about just another singer.

So denis555 you express an opinion that many have but are afraid to express openly because it disrupts our feel good for the day.

Yes I admit that I was entertained by Susan and indeed may go out of my way to watch her again. But in the end will she become the darling of the public a year from now when other equally talented singers and stage looks are also offered for our entertainment?

We become rapidly bored with uniqueness unless it remains unique, so for her to survive she must be managed otherwise she is just like the rest of us looking for our own chance to be recognized and appreciated.

that all to stir things up a bit

20th Apr 2009, 14:29
Okay here is my prediction for Susan Boyle...

June 2009 - Will perform 'Cry me a River' in the Hyde Park Open Air Concert
July 2009 - She will release her first Album 'Back of a Bus'
Aug 2009 - Appears on Oprah Winfrey show
Sep 2009 - Her album 'Back of a Bus' sells 2 million copies
Sep 2009, Nokia began using a TV and cinema advertisement centred on Susan's Britain's Got Talent performance.
Oct 2009 - Susan Boyle sang in Japanese TV advertisements for Ryukakusan Direct throat medicine manufactured by Ryukakusan.

Susan has also been nominated for two awards at the Echo Awards 2010 in Germany: Best International Female Artist and Album of the Year. she won the 2010 Echo Award for Best Female International Artist on 21 February 2010.

Apr 2010 Susan will guest co-host Australian television programme The Morning Show with Kylie Gilles, while the programme's regular male co-host Larry Emdur is on holidays.

July 2010 - Fogotten about.

Not bad though - 18 months of fame and about 2 million in the bank! :ok:

20th Apr 2009, 15:39
I watched BGT this weekend after all the furore from last week. There was a young lad started to sing 'Valerie' but SC waved his hand to stop him (never buzzed him like he does with other acts). He then asked the lad if he had another song he could sing, which he did, very well.

That was a piece of 'entertainment' pure. All the contestants are presorted to separate the wheat from the chaff by production staff, although they do let through really crappy hopefuls to make a fool of themselves and thus, entertainment. An example was those 3 gobshite girls who sounded like 'cats being dragged up the motorway' to quote SC. Their incredibly arrogant attitude which was indirectly proportional to their talent was the entertainment, for example.

The young lad was pretested, singing his 2 songs and they knew that he would deliver, so they added in some drama, whereby he was stopped by SC and asked to sing another song, that by pure chance he did amazingly well :rolleyes: to rapturous applause. In reality he would never have held his composure in front of the crowd to sing so well after being interupted etc . It's all about manipulating the audience by tweaking the emotions and getting you behind or against the hopefuls.

I believe that Ms Boyle won't be lanced anytime soon, but she will have a sucessful twilight career and that in itself is a miraculous thing. She has a god-given talent and now it has been released to the world. I wonder how many goose bumps she's given around the world this last week or so ?



20th Apr 2009, 16:23
although they do let through really crappy hopefuls to make a fool of themselves and thus, entertainment.

Very true - and as a bonus they like to pick those crappy hopefuls who are also 'challenged in appearance stakes'.

20th Apr 2009, 19:37
How Amanda Holden got to be a judge is way beyond me .. She lacks talent and personality .. Saturday night was proof! .. She and Piers Morgan who is a good guy and I like him, but those two are no judges .. Its the same as the Xfactor, how the hell did Cheryl Tweety Pie Crowe, I mean Cole become a judge in music .. She sings like a Craw thats lost its beak! .. A beautiful looking girl should stick to modelling! .. Simon Cowell has the background and the experience to judge, he been there done that and got the jockey pants .. He has great teeth too .. If I had it my way .. Simon and I would be judges! .. Instead of the programme lasting one whole boring bloody hour I would make it last all of 5 mins .. Cos at the end of the day everyone has five mins of fame in a lifetime! .. off to teach my horse new tricks .. I may be on the telly yet! .. Susan Boyle was brilliant but preferred the Saxafonist best! .. He was brill! ..:D

20th Apr 2009, 20:24
I bet the next time we see Ms. Boyle, she'll look a wee bit different: maybe two eyebrows and one chin, rather than vice versa.

If you spend any amount of time caring for someone else, you soon find your appearance a secondary consideration. Not so much a case of "letting herself go", more "getting herself pushed to one side" - but she can get herself back if she's allowed to, I think. :}

PS: I'll let the title speak for itself: Britain Got Talent's Susan Boyle's indecent proposal | The Sun |Showbiz|TV (http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/article2385706.ece)