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15th Apr 2009, 14:04
I have searched previous posts regarding the availability of MCCI courses, but all replies have been by pm. Does anyone know anything about the availability of these courses? Locations, cost, even availability of work when qualified?

Many thanks in advance


16th Apr 2009, 15:00
If you want to be an MCCI then you should complete the MCCI course on the device that you will be giving the training on. If you don't, you will finish up having to do Part 2 of the course all over again.

In the main, MCCI courses are only run by organisations who need to train new staff. Most only run Part 2 of the course on the assumption that most applicants will be exempt from Part 1.

The problem stems from the fact that initially there were no MCCI Courses, and the first tranche of instructors operated under grandfather rights. When FTOs needed to replace staff, they then found they had to establish an MCCI Course in order to train their own MCCIs. Very few FTOs train staff for other organisations because the course actually involves teaching students under supervision.

17th Apr 2009, 08:13
Thanks, thats kind of what I have found out. The next question is do you know of anyone in the South of the country that may have any need for a MCCI? I have started to enquire around, but any help would be well received.

many thanks for your time


17th Apr 2009, 12:25
Try London Met or Stapleford. I know Colin at SFC uses a couple of contractors. They are getting busy in that department I hear.

17th Apr 2009, 15:26
It rather depend on what heavy metal you have been flying. You could talk to CTC or BCFT.

17th Apr 2009, 15:54
Again thanks.

Have tried London met but nothing at the moment, waiting to hear from Colin.

To answer the second question. 2200 hours on 737 300/500/800 with Thomson Airways (formerly Thomsonfly) (formerly Britannia). PPL/IMC instructor, CAA Flight Examiner for PPL and IMC.

7th Jan 2018, 17:29
For various reasons I would like to become a MCC instructor (part-time/freelance). I was wondering if anyone has speculatively self sponsored themselves on a MCCI course and cares to share their thoughts? Also what is the market like out there for MCC instructors, particularly those who have gone down this route? Any info about the whole MCCI role would be appreciated...

I know a lot of ATOs only train their own instructors, but there are places out that offer the MCCI course.

For info i have no training background; i'm just a run-of-the-mill line pilot.

Many thanks!!

8th Jan 2018, 22:35
With no previous training experience, the training required to qualify is likely to be far greater than those with training experience such a FI, line trainer etc. Consider teaching the TKI element first ~ the 4 days of groundschool.

Also your present type will also determine the length of training. Trying to teach on even a generic jet without some jet experience might prove to be a challenge. Not impossible but probably time consuming.

As you say, most training of new pilots is in house.....
You could think about about a core course, and a TRI/SFI route?

9th Jan 2018, 11:06
Cheers Parkfell!

Thatís interesting. I had actually wanted to do the MCCI route as a lead in to maybe doing a TRI course at some point in the future. See how iím cut out for training. Having no training background I had just presumed this to be the easier way, but it seems maybe not.
Iíve got a mix of TP experience & current on a Boeing so that part at least will be familiar to me.

Many thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

9th Jan 2018, 13:36
You might even consider doing a FIC course at a competent training organisation. You will learn how to instruct. As much an art form as science.
You need to be able to instruct the basics unless you have previous airline training experience.

9th Jan 2018, 15:39
I had thought about the FIC route but i’ve not been in a SEP aeroplane in many years i’m sorry to say. I’d need to get myself up to speed again for that.
Having come across very good and some not so good instructors over the years, I couldn’t agree more that there is an art to training.

27th Jul 2020, 21:48
dear pilots,
reaching the requirements soon, for mcci course, and being FI, I wish to be MCCI...
we all know that getting thousands of hours does not make us an excellent instructors as far as I know, and vice versa...but what about MCCI ? Have some of you become MCCI with just the requirements ?
how was it during your first lessons ? how credible is it ?

Thank you very much

27th Jul 2020, 22:47
I suspect that given the tsunami which has hit aviation, the professional training machine is likely to be severely curtailed as the prospective customers will wait and see what the future employment prospects occur.
MCCI usually train at the ATO who will offer them work. The work is likely to be somewhat thin for some time.

28th Jul 2020, 11:29
yes, I do agree with you, but in the meantime, I bet a lot of wanabes, naive, will spend money on pilot training, simply because, they have been told (or they think), that it is better to train during the bad days and be ready when the good ones come :E:p
IMO, flight centers will struggle less than airlines...