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15th Apr 2009, 14:08
A bit of a random topic, but at work the other day a friend was a gleaming and looking like the cat that had got the cream, to which we questioned his new found confidence .... Anyway it turns out that he had bagged a couple of Micheal Jackson tickets, which in his mind would have had us hold him up in some sort of super star status, but to be honest I wouldn't thank you for the tickets if they were free .... Thanks but - No thanks

So this got me thinking about other things that fall into the same sort of category - for example

A couple of my friends are shortly visiting India on Holiday, now if it had been the Maldives, in my normal jealous mode I would have gone you lucky b*****s, I wish I was going rather than being at work, however India isn't on my wish list so .... Thanks but - No thanks

Now I know as we are all individuals, that we all have our own little preferences and whatever floats your boat but have any of you found yourself thinking .... Thanks but - No thanks ???

15th Apr 2009, 14:11
I felt just the same as Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the Moon.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Where's the effin pub??

15th Apr 2009, 14:30
The whole Jackson residency at the O2 for something stupid like every night for 4 months is very dubious if you ask me... I wouldn't be at all suprised if he collapsed and cancelled a load of gigs... it's all about $$$$$$ .

Mr Grimsdale
15th Apr 2009, 14:48
You're not seriously saying he's not the greatest artiste ever in the history of the whole universe and therefore worth every penny? Surely not.

15th Apr 2009, 14:52
Mr Grimsdale, you really SHOULD know better you know!!

Mr Grimsdale
15th Apr 2009, 14:59
Storminnorm, I hope your surname isn't Pitkin.

15th Apr 2009, 15:10
I'm with tintop, no interest in either Michael Jackson or visiting India. Also no interest in tickets to a cup final, whatever cup it might be. I've never been to a football/rugby match in a stadium and have no desire to do so. Needless to say if I won an all expenses paid trip to the world cup final. I would try and sell it. Ditto for the Olympics. I fully intend to avoid London like the plague in 2012.

15th Apr 2009, 15:14
Funny you should say that corsair.... as I said to the memsahib,
do you fancy a trip to the Olympics, to which she replied, "Flick
right orf, are you mad?"

15th Apr 2009, 15:17
I can think of a few occasions when I should have said "thanks but no thanks!" .. unfortunately alcohol influenced my (in)ability to make sound judgement. . :bored::eek::bored::eek:

15th Apr 2009, 15:22
So, One9iner, do you think you're unique in that experience then?

15th Apr 2009, 15:25
They should have included Gary Glitter as the warm up act, and Michael Barrymore as the compere :yuk:

15th Apr 2009, 15:31
No Storminorm... not at all... but from what I was told the following day, she was at least a 10 pinter... :oh:

Um... lifting...
15th Apr 2009, 15:34
When was the last time Michael Jackson inked a contract (for anything at all) and actually held up his end of the deal?
Putting aside the artistic merit one way or another... I find myself astounded that anyone is buying tickets to concerts that I have a hard time believing he'll ever do. If he gets paid at all before the concerts are actually completed, that money is gone, gone, gone.

Chesty Morgan
15th Apr 2009, 15:34
Is that 10 pints for her or for you?:E

Standard Noise
15th Apr 2009, 15:35
Fork'n'knife left me up to work the other day and we came to a junction behind a 09 reg BMW 7 series, a car that I quite like. Missus says 'oh look, your favourite car, looks nice doesn't it?'
'No' says I, 'it's beige.'
Mother-n-law, in the back seat, says 'I think that colour is Impala, our MD used to have one in that colour.'
'It's beige, metallic beige admittedly, but it's still f**king beige' says I.
'What, and you would say no if somone gave it to you?'
'Yep, don't do beige, wouldn't thank you for it.'

I'd rather have the Jacko tickets, but I'd prolly burn them rather than use them.

15th Apr 2009, 15:38

I'm with you all the way!

I've never been to a football match or a horse race or any other sporting event, and consider the Olympics a waste of time and money that could be far better spent elsewhere.

As for the Jacksons of this world and the others of his ilk - no thanks, either.

15th Apr 2009, 15:45
10 pints each I should imagine!

15th Apr 2009, 15:53
No, i think she was sober. which makes things worse! "Lets go out, stay sober and attack drunken men!" :{:{:yuk::yuk:

16th Apr 2009, 01:25
Concur wholeheartedly with your view on the MJ tickets and trip to India. I wouldn't bend over to pick them up in the street.

Another one would be tickets to any Commonwealth or Olympic Games. Bunch of overhyped crap in my opinion.

16th Apr 2009, 04:38
That's a sound decision C150v2 especially if the man himself was about, could be a trap you know.
Concur on the India thing though many years ago I felt the same way about the USA due to having only met with the tourist and oil rig supervisors from that nation. I eventually went on a training course and was extremely pleasantly surprised at the hospitality and friendly indigenous folks that I met and ever since I go on every opportunity.
I'm still not going to a MJ concert.

Standard Noise
16th Apr 2009, 04:39
I wouldn't bend over to pick them up in the street.
Not with Jacko on the prowl anyways.

Oh hang on, your too old, silly me!:}

16th Apr 2009, 05:58
It was MJ that sang, "Don't let the son go down on me",

wasn't it?

wings folded
16th Apr 2009, 12:32
I think not.

It was Elton John who wrote and sang it, and he did a duet of the song with George Michael.

Not Michael Jackson.

Two out of the three have "Michael" in common and perhaps other phenomena....

Perhaps all three have other phenomena in common.

Doctor Cruces
16th Apr 2009, 12:43
I thought the song was "I'm forever blowing bubbles".

Back on topic, I'd love an all expenses paid trip to the World Cup final.
An opportunity to see South Africa and as I hate footie, flog off the tickets to the game for a small fortune for extra spending dosh.


Doc C

16th Apr 2009, 13:05
Strange, I have exactly the same feelings about holidaying in India and my best ever trip was two weeks in Sri Lanka which ain't that different.

My no thanks would be Zara Philips nekked bar riding boots - a bit left field but comes to mind as I have an otherwise sane mate who spends many an hour with that fantasy in mind.

Mr Grimsdale
16th Apr 2009, 13:48
...at least he's not thinking that about her mother!:eek:

17th Apr 2009, 15:41
Parabellum, you hooked one with your first cast.:ok:

mr fish
17th Apr 2009, 16:33
a long time ago (1992), my brother won a competition on local radio
with a mystery "prize".
one sleepless night and very early trip across town later he was presented
with four (yes, four!!!) front row tickets to see SPANDAU BALLET:{:{

later that day in the pub and he's offering them free to anyone,
not a single taker,
chucked em in the bin!!!