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14th Apr 2009, 20:41
Reading another thread it seems to me that several other pprune people out there have motorhomes / RV's.

What have you got and where do you go....what is so good about them .... and bad.

We have an Autocruise Starfire EL, Peugeot 2.8TDI base (2006), small enough to park in the supermarket and take to the beach for the day and big enough for two of us to comfortably tour the UK and Europe for a couple of weeks!

I shall now sit back and wait for the comments about b++++y caravans clogging up the roads. Before you post though remember a modern motorhome is only white van man in posh clothes and we can outrun many a small car!

14th Apr 2009, 20:52
a modern motorhome is only white van man in posh clothes


My Beloved's midlle-aged crisis involves racing motorcycles. I have been involved with my father's car racing since I was a teen so didn't freak but told him that I wouldn't kip in a transit - he was welcome to do whatever it took. We shopped for a motorhome.

My middle-aged crisis involved an HGV class 2 (followed by a class 1, I couldn't resist) and we take our Triple E to race tracks towing a 10 foot box trailer/mobile garage.

It's great - every modern inconvenience and we've entertained up to 3 dozen to a boozy BBQ at Brands :ok:

14th Apr 2009, 20:54
SIL has a Renault Camperéve wot I can use. A joy to drive

West Coast
14th Apr 2009, 22:56
29 ft Class C with wave runners in tow. Motor home purchased for fun and possible necessity, fires and earthquakes here in SOCAL. Locust soon.

14th Apr 2009, 23:08
WC, When the locusts come, swing by and pick us up on the way out of town. 5 North, 91 West, off at Carmenita.

We'll be standing by the offramp wearing beekeepers outfits.

14th Apr 2009, 23:32
My Westfalia Classic


14th Apr 2009, 23:46
:D:D Brilliant!!

14th Apr 2009, 23:47
Been shootin at some crude?

The Beverly Hillbillies - Theme Song (http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=7387)

15th Apr 2009, 00:14
Well, my "luxury" Merc isn't even posh enough to disguise itself; it still looks like an ambulance. However, the important stuff; the stereo is worth more than the rest of the van. All mod cons; porta-potti, two-ring gas hob and grill, running hot and cold water, fridge, double bed plus space for the hamster cage (when I had a hamster and he would come with me), push-bikes, tables and chairs.


It's great for festivals or touring. Not the fastest vehicle but people still oddly move over and let me pass :ok:



15th Apr 2009, 00:18
Capt K & 11Fan ~

I'm still laughing.

Thank you, both.

15th Apr 2009, 04:30
Not comparing age or anything like that Whirls but thats a nice looking Triumph alongside.

15th Apr 2009, 08:47
..A Fiat Adriatic...gets used for weekend skiing trips in the Winter and Beach or chasing Le Tour in Summer.

Must admit the build quality hasn't turned out to be the best but it's happy at 120-130 km/h on the Autoroutes and climbs the Cols without any bother .

However...hate to bring this up,I hope no ones eating.......... but the main drawback now the kids are bigger is the size of the toilet cassette :uhoh:

15th Apr 2009, 08:55
Elddis Autoquest 270, Fiat Ducato base. Same advantages as Groundhog said - can park anywhere etc. Two good points - rear door means you can fetch long lengths of wood, pipe etc. for DIY projects but best thing is it is plated for 3/4 tonne more than it weighs, you can get a helluva lotta stuff in it on a day trip to Calais. Doesn't half struggle on that long hill out of Dover, though, with a full load of plonk!


15th Apr 2009, 10:22
VW California with Turbo Diesel Engine. A joy to drive, and can go on the cross channel ferries for the same price as a people carrier. Can highly recommend!

15th Apr 2009, 10:49
Have a 5th wheel here in the USA.
Enjoy it quite a bit, being retired military can park it with full hookups on most military base camp grounds for 12 bucks a night.
Only issue is taking the Harley with me since the bed of my Chevy is mostly covered in hitch.
But working on that problem soon.

15th Apr 2009, 11:01
I used to have a Hymermobile, diesel, on a FWD Hanomag (Mercedes) chassis. 30mpg and front wheel drive - great. But after five years I'd reached every place in Europe that I could in my four week's summer leave, and couldn't find anywhere else to go, so sold it and took to the skies to travel.

Highlights were camping in -25ºc at Nurembourg by the Christmas Fair, or camping on a French mountain peak, or on a Greek beach, or by the city walls of Pamplona, or in the middle of Rome. or high in the Dolomites, or.....

Motorhomes are really THE BEST.

16th Apr 2009, 04:55


Now that you've shown me yours Whirls, I can show you mine!!

Primary use is to keep son and overdraft on the MX competition trail, 10,000kms already since going into service last October. Built to cater for the hols as well, the interior has all the gizmos - oven, grill, 4-ring hob, fridge, sink, toilet/shower cubicle, night heater, water heater, TV and the storage area will also hold the BMW GS1100. :)

17th Apr 2009, 20:49
Post surf, Newquay.:)Last week.


17th Apr 2009, 21:38

17th Apr 2009, 23:10
I can't show you mine because I dont have a digital camera.....

But it is a 1990 Bilbo Hi-top VW T25 with a 1.9 DG Wasserboxer. The body was totally refurbished over 6 months by Syncronuts in Shotts last year and it is totally mint.

It is off for another run early tomorrow, over to Arran for some mountain biking, spend the night, then over to the Mull of Kintyre and home.

It has never broken down in my ownership. My strategy: regular service, double declutch gearbox using 2nd until warm and never exceed 3000 RPM.

People look at me like I am some sort of scrap metal stealer when I drive by, but I don't care, it is my choice, I could buy something ten times the value if I wanted, but it puts me into a place I have held onto since I first met the missus. It is my escape from the rat race. We're very fortunate to have a wild camping mecca within a days drive.

See you Monday! :ok: