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14th Apr 2009, 15:23

I was planning on flying myself down to Perranporth or St Mawgan next month, to try my hand at some surfing for a couple of days.

Was wondering if there are any surfers lurking around these forums who could give me some advice on best beaches, best places to get some lessons, places to stay etc etc

Thanks very much.

14th Apr 2009, 16:32
Only from beach experience and observing beach bums like you.

Trevone Bay, round the corner from "Padstein" great and family safe but if the surfs up little safety aids.

Newquay - Full of Bondai wannabees

Watergate Bay - Smashing, predicable rollers.

Lands End - too many rocks.

Squawk 2650
14th Apr 2009, 18:25
Watergate is great when the tide is out, its also fairly close to St Mawgan. It can be a bit of a pain when the tide is right in as there is only a little beach.

Be careful as there are a few rocks in the middle..ish, I only used to go in when I could see them!!

Have fun,


14th Apr 2009, 19:13
Hi Gav,

I have only surfed in Devon a couple of times so can't really tell you much other than woollacombe and croyde seem to be the main places, crackington haven is also reckoned to be good.

It is not quite as simple as 'the best beaches' because at different tides and different winds some breaks work and some don't, There are literally dozens of 'breaks' but many are hard to get to and impossible unless you have a vehicle down here. For a good surf forecast look at magicseaweed.com which also has live surfcams.

You will find it easier if you need to rent equipment and get lessons to stick to the bigger resorts, Perranporth, Gwithian, Watergate Bay, Fistral etc where these are more readily available. Alternatively try some smaller surf shops who might sell you a board and then buy it back later for a little less. You will find a lot more locals in Perranporth and if you visit the right places they are usually very friendly and helpful.

If you have any specific questions or want to know more pm me and I will try and help!


14th Apr 2009, 21:41
Great thanks for the tips.

The magicseaweed website is also very useful, thanks for that.