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12th Apr 2009, 22:00
What are the average salaries of flight instructors all over the world?
specially in Middle East?

13th Apr 2009, 10:09
Let us make some assumptions:

The string is at least 1cm in length
Any smaller and calling it a piece of string is perhaps a misnomer, fluff would be a better definition.

The string cannot exceed one ton
Manufacturing such a string would be impractical, and would instead of being named string, would be better termed as a tourist attraction.

String is no thinner than 1.5mm
Thinner than this, and we are entering the territory of thread.

Worst case density is 0.7kg/litre
Otherwise the string will be too weak.

So, we know the maximum weight, and the volume:

---- = 1429 litres or 1.429 cubic metres.

Therefore, maximum length is

Volume 1.429m
------ = -------------
Area pix0.5mmx0.5mm

So the string length lies between 1cm and 11,644.39km which can be expressed as above

13th Apr 2009, 10:55
too much time on one's hands........

13th Apr 2009, 18:07
PPL ...next to nothing, better working in McDonalds
CPl ...a bit more, but hardly worth the investment to get there
Multi/IR ...not too bad, but difficult to get the required hours unless you have some commerical experience

14th Apr 2009, 01:58
Lasiorhinus (http://www.pprune.org/members/66041-lasiorhinus) didn't answer the question as it was about 'average'. Giving an estimate bracket does not constitute average and hence is useless piece of information.

Also the difference between 'string' and 'thread' is open to discussion.
Considering 'piece' anything below a ton/tonne, ehm. Dellusions of grandeur in my view. Centrepiece would not fit in the centre. "Piece of cake" would get whole new meaning to glutons.

I know one could use kg/l to measure density, but kg/m3 or g/cm3 is more common in science (note that 1kg/m3 is NOT 1g/cm3).
worst case density? C'mon, worst case is too bad already. Way off the mark.
There are various materials with many properties to give such statement.

To answer Edward's rhetoric question, I'd say 45cm based on the fact that most people would not consider 'piece' any string longer than 1m.

So much for random tosh and utterly pointless thoughts.

Captain Asad
14th Apr 2009, 04:20
Have a read of this thread posted in this forum.


C Asad

14th Apr 2009, 13:14
A piece of string walks into a bar and asks for a lager.

The barman enquires “Are you a piece of string?”

“Of course, I am a piece of string.” The string replies.

“I’m sorry...”, says the barman, “...but we don’t serve string in this establishment. ”

The string walks out of the bar, throws himself into the gutter, rolls around in the dirt, throws himself against the wall and generally roughs himself up.

He walks back into the bar and again asks for a lager.

“Aren’t you a piece of string?” The barman asks.

“Frayed Knot!”

Hat, coat......