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12th Apr 2009, 21:11

looking for some info.

My UK ATPL expires in the next few months. I would like to replace it with a JAR ATPL.

I have not flown a UK registered aircraft/sim for over 6 years. Currently flying overseas commercially.

I like the idea of doing some light aircraft flying again.

Can i show up at a school, preferably in Scotland, get the required amount of tuition, do a flight test which will then enable me to get the JAR licence issued.

Will have a look on the CAA website over the next few days to see if it sheds some light on the situation, in the meantime all advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards.

13th Apr 2009, 16:44
They will only issue a JAA ATPL if you have a valid Multi Pilot type rating; having a valid SEP is not going to help you one bit.
LASORS Section G1

13th Apr 2009, 17:57
If I were you I would seek to have your UK ATPL re-issued. Because, if you intend to fly light SEP aircraft, it still includes IMCR privileges whereas a JAR-FCL ATPL does not.

See LASORS G5 for re-issue requirements:

If the holder of a UK National or JAR-FCL pilotís licence
or Flight Engineer licence has not held a valid Certificate
of Test, Certificate of Experience or Certificate of
Revalidation for any type/class rating that has expired
by more than 5 years** they may not have their licence
re-issued until such time as an appropriate valid medical
certificate and Certificate of Revalidation are obtained.
Applicants may either renew an existing rating within
their UK or JAR-FCL licence or may wish to transfer a
type/class rating that he/she is currently flying under
the privileges of their non-UK ICAO licence. Renewal of
appropriate ratings or the transfer of type/class ratings is
specified in Section F.

** Where an applicant can show that he/she is currently
flying under the privileges of a non-UK ICAO licence and
are flying an aircraft endorsed within their UK or JAR-FCL
licence, they may have their licence re-issued by holding
a valid UK or JAR-FCL medical certificate as appropriate
to the licence being re-issued.

So, basically you just need the right medical and a valid Class Rating to have your UK/ATPL re-issued. An SEP Class Rating will suffice.

13th Apr 2009, 23:43

thanks for the info. I always keep my UK class 1 medical current, so all i will have to achieve is a SEP class rating. I assume that's like doing the old PPL GFT, is that correct ?.


14th Apr 2009, 22:33
Yes, that's pretty much it!

15th Apr 2009, 12:55
Now that one passed me by! I was under the impression that all UK licences (bar NPPL) were now reissued as JAR-FCL ones. So if my UK CPL (which included IMC privileges) expired in February, although I have been flying on my JAR-FCL ATPL, it's still worth renewing the UK CPL as a cheaper alternative to 25-monthly IMC tests?

Mickey Kaye
15th Apr 2009, 14:21
Cant really help you CPL wise but I got my BCPL reissued in September of last year.

17th Apr 2009, 03:34
Thanks BEagle.