View Full Version : Fun with marshmallow Peep Show

12th Apr 2009, 21:16
Every year Washington Post readers make imaginative dioramas involving marshmallow Peeps. (Those brightly colored marshmallow bunnies and chicks.)

See #4 for:
FINALIST: Double Peep Strike
by Brady Gordon, LeElaine Comer and Justin Donnelly, Washington.

Memorializing the "Miracle on the Hudson " water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in January, the diorama stood out for its craftsmanship and topicality. "We thought it was the most memorable image from the past year," says Gordon, 28, a researcher.
Peeps Show III - washingtonpost.com (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/gallery/2009/04/10/GA2009041001969.html)

12th Apr 2009, 22:50
I had diorama a few weeks ago.

13th Apr 2009, 03:34
I had diorama a few weeks ago.

did you find it breathtaking?

13th Apr 2009, 05:09
Nope it was cold so he took it back to Domino's :E

13th Apr 2009, 05:09
They were fascinating. Thanks, three miles.