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11th Apr 2009, 15:40
Season starts this weekend in Qatar, time for its own thread without compeating with F1`s court cases.
For a more exciting, closer, exhilerating and dare it say it more skilled motor sport. Stoner and others were clocked at over 204 mph so far this weekend!!
Eurosports coverage excels again, including the 125 and 250 classes also, the beeb are as usual second rate with it on BBC3.

So will it be Rossi again or Stoner to set the season rolling?? How will Toseland do for his second season in?? Will Lorenzo stay in one piece this year??
Ready and set for the fast paced action and dare it say it many crashes too!!!


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11th Apr 2009, 19:18
Bring it on!

200mph+ and none of your girly head restraints and safety cells that the F1 softies demand. Best of all no dick:mad: short:mad: BE to spoil the show.

My money is on Rossi. Will be interesting to see if he and Sete have any clashes again.

MotoGP :D

11th Apr 2009, 23:00
Hey Guys, cant wait for the seasons start, however will be airborne on a mission and miss the first race. Worries me to only have 17 starters on the grid, I hope the show is as good as before. Rossi for the win. Am keen on all bike racing and find SBK brilliant this year, Haga for the win, shame he's not on the finely tuned musical instrument!
Serenity, we lucky in Africa, have Multi choice DSTV, very good coverage, all races in their entirety, SBK we get the lot, tis a great day of couch potatoe race watching.
My opinion, Sete great, just not good enough, maybe I eat my words!!!!
Enjoy it!

12th Apr 2009, 07:07
Great timing from Doha as well.........pizza, plonk and Moto GP on a saturday night, easter dinner closely followed by Moto GP on sunday and a whole afternoon of BSB on monday. That's what I call a holiday weekend!

12th Apr 2009, 09:47
I’m so relieved that Eurosport has it back on. I can’t stand the commentators on the BBC…especially that stupid bint that knows sweet FA about bikes.

I’m afraid that I and the missus are Rossi fans. I loved it when the Doc handed Honda their butts on a plate when he switched to Yamaha.

It’s going to be a great year. Nicky H is riding for a team that wants winners, not testers. Seti is back in the saddle, Danny P is still in the hunt and Casey is still trying to prove that he can ride around a bend without letting the Dr through….bring it on. :ok::D:D

Chesty Morgan
12th Apr 2009, 10:57
Nice work chaps. Good to see fans of a proper sport still exist.:E

I have to admit to being a big fan of the Doctor but can't forget my countryman Toseland who has just qualified 13th:ugh:.

Stoner is too much of a whinger for me and doesn't like to be raced even though he has the fastest ride, as does Hayden who's just binned it in good style.

Gonna be good

12th Apr 2009, 11:35
Yeah that was a strange one with Nicky…did I see bits of fairing etc flying off the bike just before he decided to part company? :uhoh: It’s hard to tell from the camera angle.

Stoner? IMO he’s not so good at the bendy bits. That Ducati is so fast on the straight…it’s a “get out of jail free” card. He out drags Rossi so many times, only to lose out on the twisty bits where rider ability is king.

James T “dun good” and as a fellow Brit I would never be upset if he got a victory or seven, but for pure talent, it has to be Rossi. My god, that boy can win from waaaay back on the grid, awesome. :ok:

mr fish
12th Apr 2009, 14:11
simoncelli out due to broken wrist.
bugger, i bet watching him go wheel to wheel with gabor talmacsi would have been the highlight of the weekend.
that guy is one hard nut!!!

12th Apr 2009, 18:53
Lovely weather for it

12th Apr 2009, 21:04
Just saw the breaking news that the Qatar race has been postponed until possibly Monday.

Drat. Still, rider safety is paramount.

12th Apr 2009, 21:38
Qatar has an average of eight days' rain per year, and if the race had taken place during the day, it would just have been a factor for the riders to deal with rather than stopping the race.
But because it was being staged under lights, the glare off the wet track would have made racing impossible.
From:- BBC SPORT | Motorsport | MotoGP | Qatar MotoGP washed out by storm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/motorbikes/7996183.stm)
(nothing on the official MotoGP website . . . )

12th Apr 2009, 21:44
I can’t stand the commentators on the BBC

Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish? I like both of them, which is unusual for me as I am usually hypercritical of commentators.

Not sure what stupid bint you are on about?

12th Apr 2009, 21:56
I watch the Ryder and Moody show on British Eurosport, mainly for their informative and amusing commentary. I guess the 'stupid bint' referred to is Suzie Perry, who is extremely ....able IMHO, is a keen biker, and, I believe, has an engineering qualification, so, perhaps not so stupid. She will not be commentating until the Spanish GP, as she is recovering from a hospital op.

12th Apr 2009, 21:59
Incidentally, Steve Parrish is the proud possessor of one of the number plates that 'escaped' from DVLA, yes, it is PEN15.:)

12th Apr 2009, 22:11
From Wikipedia:-
In February 2009, Suzi suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy two and a half months into her pregnancy. She was taken to hospital from a London film studio where she underwent surgery.

12th Apr 2009, 23:28
Each to their own but FWIW and IMHO
Suzi P is a presenter first and last. She presents anything and everything. Her interviews with the riders and team members are excruciating to watch.
I have no problems with a professional doing the job to the best of their ability. I’d listen to her about gadgets, boats, houses…even fashion with UK Style magazine. :suspect:

She may have degrees coming out of every orifice…that doesn’t seem to stop her asking dumb questions.

For Eurosport Moto GP we have Randy Mamola, Toby Moody and Julian Ryder. Randy M might know a thing or twenty and has the respect of the entire paddock. Toby and Julian’s commentary is entertaining and the fact that they love racing comes across loud and clear. The BBC has Steve Parrish and Charlie Cox, they have you reaching for the remote or razor (whichever comes to hand) 30 seconds after turning the mike on.

I’m not alone. The BBC was deluged with e-mails from bikers p*ssed off at the prospect of a season suffering the BBC’s dull as dishwater commentary team. Mind you, racing would get bumped if something better was on…like Mongolian paint drying. :mad:

The producer had to go on the defence with “We've been getting a lot of feedback both here and on other bike forums about a couple of key points. One has been our commentary line-up…”

Dorna and the BBC had to make some changes to the contract. They hadn’t counted on so many irate fans. Now Eurosport gets Moto GP and all’s right with the World. :ok:

13th Apr 2009, 00:20
BBC now confirm:-

"The opening round of the 2009 MotoGP championship in Qatar will take place at 1900 BST on Monday after Sunday's race was cancelled because of rain."

No mention yet of which TV channels will cover the re-scheduled race.

13th Apr 2009, 03:56
Was planning to go over to Lusail yesterday evening but one thing you do not do here is share the roads with the local maniacs when they are wet.

Looking forward to the race tonight.

13th Apr 2009, 11:28
Darn! Did you see the size of those raindrops, like tennis balls they were! just as well the boys had their Helmets on otherwise they might've been taken out by a direct hit from one!
Monsoon rain in the desert? next we'll be getting sandstorms in Chiswick!

Anyone who has experienced heavy rain on the apron/ramp under similar floodlights can appreciate how the glare from the track would affect the riders:eek:

13th Apr 2009, 11:49
No mention yet of which TV channels will cover the re-scheduled race.

Useless Ceefax is still advertising the highlights of the race which didn't happen, showing in 10 minutes!

Is the BBC running on autopilot?

Edit to say I think you're right G-CPTN. They've just started a garden programme and Ceefax is still showing Qatar. The re-schedule race is to be shown "on the red button". Oh deep joy - I don't have that!

13th Apr 2009, 11:57
I frequently get the impression that some of the programming/news backroom staff only work Monday to Friday (Bank Holidays excepted) and 9 to 5 (if that).
Contrast that with Wikipedia which seems to be staffed 24-7-365¼ . . .

13th Apr 2009, 18:44
Stoner wins!!!! :ok:

sled dog
13th Apr 2009, 19:20
Eurosport UK showed it live.
Thanks to Sky i could watch it outside of the UK :cool:

13th Apr 2009, 19:27
Rossi interview after the race... classic! Pretending to snooze then revealing he eased off the gas because it was safer to take the 20 points, did you see Stoners face? what a picture. The mind games have begun and I think we all know who'll win:ok:

And how on earth did little Dani stay on that bike? boy o boy!

13th Apr 2009, 20:07
Went to a fair bit of trouble over that bloody red button. The freeview signal here is not the best, but I managed to get that channel, only to get "this service is temporarily unavailable.....etc".

Come to think of it, that's all I've ever seen on that channel.

13th Apr 2009, 21:15
BBC kept their crew on for an extra day and showed the race live, immediately followed by two full looped repeats, on freeview channel 301 (red button). Stoner was uncatchable, and the race was rather monotonous.

Edit to add that it now looks as if the the looped repeats will continue through to 04:00

13th Apr 2009, 22:12
revealing he eased off the gas because it was safer to take the 20 points,
Maybe Bernie was right?

13th Apr 2009, 22:20
Stoner has been arguably the fastest man on the planet for a while now. However, he (and the rest of the paddock) still has a way to go before they can match the undeniable "racecraft" skills of Rossi. His tactics, mindgames, an absolute self belief, last gasp risk taking for a chequered flag, and for the most part staying upright....

Its gonna be a great season, and its off to a fantastic start!

14th Apr 2009, 08:40
Not a great race by MotoGP standards. But Stoner (the Moaner) is quick on that Ducati. He can only be judged by his team mate, and no-one has come near to Stoners speed. But he must still be worried it was Rossi chasing him, once the paint swapping starts will Stoner have the resolve or will he cave in again. Come on Yamaha find that extra few tenths and will will have another good season.

Chesty Morgan
14th Apr 2009, 11:27
I think it'll be similar to last season. If Rossi gets a good start and gets in front of The Moaner (I like that) it'll be a great race and the Doctor will triumph. And it was good to see Lorenzo on the podium too, Yamaha should win the constructors.

There's no doubt that the Ducati is fast with Stoner on board but he didn't actually race anyone, he just rode around in circles quickly. He does have an advantage with the tyres as they were developed specifically for the Ducati so that could make things interesting in the more rubbery races.

BTW why did James T go off I missed that bit, too fast?!

3rd May 2009, 15:40
Rossi Rossi Rossi:ok:

Great entertainment for the biker fans a race within a race with great battles going on for other positions further back. Danni must have been pig sick when Rossi passed him after leading for most of the race. It was amazing to watch Rossi hunt down his prey.

Man and Machine in perfect harmony:ok:

3rd May 2009, 19:52
The interview afterwards made me smile when Rossi said live on the BBC 'today I was fukcing fast'. Which of course he was.

compressor stall
14th Jun 2009, 13:12
A brilliant last lap. Just like the old days...

14th Jun 2009, 13:24
Stunning just stunning from The Doctor.

Roll on Assen!

14th Jun 2009, 14:30
Didn't believe even Rossi could retrieve that one.

Sheer brilliance!

14th Jun 2009, 20:30
Have just watched the last 3 laps for the umpteenth time!! Stunning riding from two supreme exponents of their sport. Absoloutley loved the clip of the Rossi pit crew watching the last corners on their monitor!!! Topped off a great period of bike racing for me! Hope Assen will be as much fun, along with the last Donington race.
BTW, I bet Julian Simon feels a bit of a divot after his premataure victory celebration in the 125's! :ugh:

16th Jun 2009, 09:17
For those that missed it
MotoGP VIDEO: Catalunya - the final three laps - Visordown Motorcycle news: Racing Videos (http://www.visordown.com/articles/view/motogp_video_catalunya__the_final_three_laps/7259.html)


Edgar Jessop
16th Jun 2009, 19:02
Certainly an outstanding performance from Rossi and Lorenzo, though some unfairly harsh judgements of Stoner, a former world champ and currently tied in the lead for this year's championship.

Why do people have to make so much of personalities and hero worship? Some people say Stoner or Pedrosa are "miserable" beacause they don't play up to the press, well maybe they don't remember the likes of Eddie Lawson or all the times Rossi has spat the dummy when things didn't go right for him. Does a smiley post-race interview and some puerile clowning on track really matter so much? If you want to watch clowning go to the circus, if you want to watch the best racing in the world watch MotoGP and give the best riders in the world the respect they are due.

Now here's one for you Rossi fans. Does Gorgeous Jorge have it in him to beat Rossi's record? He's already achieved more in less time than it took Rossi. Watch this space methinks ;)

Lon More
27th Jun 2009, 20:15
The 125 and 250cc races were "interesting" to put it mildly. A few shoves being given and some very impressive kami-kazi overtaking.

5th Jul 2009, 17:12
Looks to be an interesting one today! (22:00 BBC2)

Less than 1 second between first and tenth man in qualifying. Will both the walking wounded make it to the grid?

6th Jul 2009, 02:15
Gutsy riding from Lorenzo and Stoner but it's good to see the Honda get up.

What happened on the last lap?

6th Jul 2009, 12:19
His engine map probably decided to switch to a lower setting to conserve fuel and he had to override the setting. That would upset anyones last lap where your concentrating 100% on not doing anything daft.

Rossi took his chance but decided that it would not do to punt him off / squeeze through at the last corner like with Gibbers.

Good to see Hayden back where he belongs. But I think that JT will be back in WSB next year, hope he can secure a good enough ride to fight at the front of it though.

6th Jul 2009, 14:35
I think Laguna Seca has to be the best/scariest track on the MOTOGP calendar.

I could frighten myself on a pushbike round there!

6th Jul 2009, 15:59
"Youth and enthusiasm are still no match for age and duplicity!"

Rossi still holds the aces by mileage and experience alone, hard to beat it. Laguna Seca didn't have quite the drama of last year (that Rossi/Stoner duel on the Corkscrew will go down in history, surely?) but still a commendable run for The Doctor.

Mind you, I knew Pedrosa was a tiddler, but 47 kilos? WTF?

mr fish
6th Jul 2009, 16:54
went to WSB at donnington last weekend, watching SPIES destroy the opposition on a track he had not seen 4 days earlier was really something.

IF spies finds a good seat in motogp next year we should see a titanic battle for the title, the guy is the real deal!!!!

one cannot help the feeling that a LOT of motogp riders are on borrowed time:ok:

6th Jul 2009, 17:13
I was chatting about Spies with a mate just prior to the Donny round. At that time it looked like Haga was going to walk away with the championship whilst Spies was starting to have a bit of bad luck. Well that has all changed now and Spies is in with a very strong shout.

However I still think that it would be a bad for Yamaha (if the keep him) move to put a future star into MotoGP next year whether he wins WSB or not. If he does not win WSB this year then he should be kept there until he definately does win it next year.

He would then be stronger for MotoGP and Rossi would be on the way out. I think it is good for Spies to do his Rookie year with Rossi on the track (on Toselands ride) but not his second year when he would be expected to do something special. Rossi's shadow is too big and why put one of your future star riders at a disadvantage.

Jorge and Ben in the same team would be a stunning combination, and as long as the bike was good I think that Yamaha would garuantee the constructors championship for the next few years.

As a side note, I think Stoner needs to move. The performance that is being turned in by other riders is starting to show that the Ducati is a bit of a poor bike and that it is Stoners talent that is keeping it near the front. Hope he can beat this tireing illness.

Lon More
6th Jul 2009, 19:53
Toseland is rapidly becoming the Henman of the Moto world

6th Jul 2009, 21:58
So what's the story with the Toseland penalty and subsequent black flag?

Is it possible not to see the pit board whilst under pressure at that kind of speed or is there more to this?

Lon More
6th Jul 2009, 22:16
what's the story with the Toseland penalty

He was deemed to have jumped the start and got a drive through penalty. he didn't react to his pit crew calling him in nor to the stewards instructions. Didn't see them or Red Mist??? Your guess is as good as mine. Had he finished he was guaranteed some points, now he's got none.

7th Jul 2009, 16:29
Incredible how Lorenzo saved the day when he tried to overtake the Doctor :eek:. Pretty tough guy with his collarbone in tatters!

I don't think we will be seeing Toseland on a Yam next season, perhaps not even in MotoGP. And time is running out for Nicky Hayden as well I'm afraid. He did OK in Laguna Seca but I'm not sure it will save him. Did you notice his newly designed leathers :yuk:?

7th Jul 2009, 18:53
If Jorge had taken out Vale, it would have been an interesting discussion whilst walking back to the pits.

26th Jul 2009, 18:53
Ok, British GP, last time at Donnington for a while.......British GP.....mmmkay?

WTF is happening with the 'Visit Spain' adverts on every hoarding and interview background? Even the travel minister for spain was handing out winners trophies for crying out load.

Good effort on the spanish chap for getting a major scoop by blagging the advertising.

Trip to the tower for the advertising space selling creep that sold it to him though.

I bet our european cousins were giggling their heads off after seeing that.

9th Sep 2009, 13:26
Are there any PPruners intending to go to Silverstone for next years MotoGP?

If so PM me with your views on organising a possible get-together.

13th Oct 2009, 12:28
Predictions for Phillip Island?

I'll go with Stoner - Lorenzo - Rossi ;)

18th Oct 2009, 08:26
Fairly close to the mark there Dodo56 except for Lorenzo....

Brilliant result for Stoner.:ok:

Buster Hyman
18th Oct 2009, 09:46
Very enjoyable race IMHO. :ok: Not a huge fan of the Moto GP, but enjoyed the race today.

12th Nov 2009, 12:21
Rossi to Ducati?

With Rossi's "it's him or me in 2011" comments to Suzy at Valencia was this more gamesmanship from The (spin) Doctor to try and unsettle the increasingly confident Lorenzo, or was it really a wake-up call to Yamaha that the top dog won't tolerate other dogs to bark up his tree?

Rossi's current contract expires at the end of next season so the silly season could be starting extra early. Realistically you have to ask if Rossi has the patience and inclination to beat Ago's massive tally of wins and championships, or if he could stay at the top of his game long enough. Would he quit the sport while still at the top (assuming he does pick up the 2010 crown) and move to cars for better money and fewer bruises, or would he be audacious enough to line up against Stoner on the same bike and potentially write a new record as the only man ever to win the premier class world championship on 3 different marques?

16th Mar 2010, 08:50
Well, the first race of the new season is creeping closer.

World Superbikes have opened the show with a bang. Let's hope Leon can maintain that sort of form.

Having had my motorsport appetite whetted by Philip Island, I sat down on Sunday to watch the latest reincarnation of F1.

The only thing I can say is that I'm glad I recorded it for my son because I can now use the tape to cure my insomnia. Last year there were glimmers of excitement and even some overtaking appearing in F1. True to form the FIA has acted quickly to stamp out that sort of thing and we are back to a boring processional farce. I don't think I will bother watching any more of that rubbish thank you.

Roll on Moto GP, BSB and the next WSB.

A A Gruntpuddock
16th Mar 2010, 17:44
Last year the F1 rule changes seemed to have enlivened the sport and it was more enjoyable than it had been for a few years.

However, this seasons opener was really dull.

Thank whatever deities may exist for MotoGP.

More racing in one lap than an entire F1 race.

The riders have only bits of dead cow and a thin shell to protect them but they are more prepared to take chances than the car drivers.

No wonder Rossi turned down a change of scenery!

16th Mar 2010, 17:58
Very glad I didn't bother going to bahrein last weekend. Looking forward to Lusail.

5th Jun 2010, 20:02
Why so quiet in here?

Regrettably have to bring it back to life because Valentino will be out of action "for at least 3 months" having broken his leg in practice.

My bet is he won't come back this season. Shame.

5th Jun 2010, 20:12
While I am not a Rossi fan per se, that is a huge shame.

5th Jun 2010, 20:41
What, not even the axeman (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Francis-rossi-2007-07-18.jpg)?

6th Jun 2010, 05:31
Could this mean the end of Rossi's career on bikes and the start of a F1 career with Ferrari?

6th Jun 2010, 20:00
I would think there's a fair chance of that.

He's 'getting on a bit' in MotoGP terms and the thought must have crossed his mind by now.

Today's race was a good'un despite his absence, there almost seemed to be a hint of playfulness amongst some of the riders.

6th Jun 2010, 20:33
Whether Rossi can resist the temptation to return to bike racing (even if he transfers to four wheels) will have to be seen.
I had an acquaintance who had started in car racing after a very successful career racing bikes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Ivy), but he was tempted back for 'one more season' - which turned out to be his last . . .

6th Jun 2010, 23:10
It would be ironic if it was an accident in practice for the Italian Moto GP that was the reason that Rossi decided to leave the bikes and move to F1....

Could you imagine the tifosi reacting to Rossi driving a Ferrari especially at an Italian GP....?

6th Jun 2010, 23:15
It would also be a shame for Lorenzo because if he wins a championship without Rossi competing then he will never be able to say he beat Rossi fair and square....

mr fish
17th Jun 2010, 22:05
3 sleeps to silverstone, got the beer, sunscreen, deckchairs and a "tastefull" GO BRADLEY banner.

look out for me on TV, white as a polar bear amid a sea of "slightly let down" ROSSI fans!!!:ok:

20th Jun 2010, 12:00
Nice comment from Lorenzo - 'It would be great to win the World Championship, but not as great as winning it against Rossi'.

Windy Militant
20th Jun 2010, 21:15
The Moto GP was OK but the 125s were an absolute cracker reminded me of the old LC pro/am series. well done Bradley Smith for his podium place it may have only been third but he fought hard to get it, lets hope he does better next week at Assen. :ok:
loved the "not a vuvuzela to be heard they're all proper compressed air horns" quip.

mr fish
3rd Nov 2011, 21:44
heads up stroker fans.....

the last two stroke BIKE GP race takes place in velencia on sunday.

a sad day for more than one reason!!!

R.I.P 125s :{

p.s, i hope MARCO SIMONCELLI'S father gets his wish and the whole paddock remember him with all the classes reving their bikes together,

that should sound wonderful :ok:

5th Nov 2011, 22:32
Lap Of Honor And Two Minutes Of Noise As Simoncelli Tribute At Valencia | MotoMatters.com | Kropotkin Thinks (http://www.motomatters.com/news/2011/11/05/lap_of_honor_and_two_minutes_of_noise_as.html#new)

Stoney X
6th Nov 2011, 17:04
Valencia pay tribute to Marco Simoncelli (http://www.motogp.com/en/videos/2011/Valencia+pay+tribute+to+Marco+Simoncelli)

Thanks to motogp.com for making this clip free to view.

Ciao Marco

6th Nov 2011, 19:45
Aside from the unfortunate incident on the first lap, that was a damn good race today.

10th Aug 2012, 14:36
Coming up for a year since this thread was active !

Anyway, good reason to bring it back

BBC Sport - Valentino Rossi to leave Ducati and rejoin Yamaha (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/motogp/19205254)

Bet Lorenzo's delighted :rolleyes:

10th Aug 2012, 15:45
Bet Lorenzo's delighted

He is, he gets to open up ANOTHER can of whupass over Rossi.....

11th Aug 2012, 16:45
" He is, he gets to open up ANOTHER can of whupass over Rossi..... "