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11th Apr 2009, 11:47
It nows appears that to really qualify as a 'terrorist', you need to hold a UK airport secuity pass!
Mindboggling! (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1169120/Terror-suspects-worked-airport-Two-arrested-Al-Qaeda-raids-access-secure-areas-cargo.html)

These people were in the country as 'students'! It took me weeks to get a security pass, despite holding once since the early 70s! I assume you can fast track yourself by having a large black bushy beard and come from a known terrorist region. We really are losing it, aren't we?

11th Apr 2009, 12:02
Dunno about losing it, Rainboe, I think we lost it some years ago...

11th Apr 2009, 12:19
I Agree with Director, Think we lost it years ago...
Perfect example of the lunatics running the asylum...
More and more i dream of leaving this country for somewhere sane..

11th Apr 2009, 12:23
Agree - you really couldn't dream this stuff up! Reminds me of the "Carry On" films.

Time is long overdue for a (peaceful) revolution.

11th Apr 2009, 12:24
The british have no idea about protecting itself. Outspoken hate and violent threats are allowed, terrorists are allowed in and out. And I'm not trusted enough to bring a bottle of water to work!


The uk is a laughing stock

11th Apr 2009, 12:31
And i've got to have a national ID card - whereas these guys wouldn't as they don't hold UK passports!

Anyhoo, WTF is someone with a STUDENT VISA doing working in the UK? This beggars belief on so many grounds.
What planet are these idiots on? (Gordon brown and his merry crew - not the pakistani idiots that is!)

11th Apr 2009, 12:32
Hmmm, just consider what YOU go through to get to the aircraft - dealing with belligerent security staff. The same clowns that presumably just wave card-carrying terrorists to drive through.

On reflection, I am now quite happy to have 'retired' recently.

The trouble is, in our 'civilised' society we must bend over backwards (careful!) to give 'visitors' more rights than people that live and work here as a birthright. God forbid if you ask for equal treatment - you're then guilty of racial prejudice!

That said, I've just filled in a security check that asks 'Have you at any time been involved in terrorism, espionage etc etc.

You can imagine it can't you, a bit like Donkey in Shrek, bouncing up and down shouting 'ME, ME!'

You couldn't write this as a script could you? If you offered it up as an idea for a TV show - you'd be told 'Don't be ridiculous'.

Ah well . . .

11th Apr 2009, 12:40
Those setting the 'rules' don't appear to do logic.

I think this is part of a larger issue. We in UK don't appear to think about ther bigger picture, or look at the logic of the whole situation.

Hence we get the absuird anomalies several have mnentioned - like Rainboe's difficulties despite years within 'the system'.

(Rainboe - this is in a way part of that other side of the coin mentioned, elsewhere. We are losing the plot here because we don't look at the overall major objectives and ask "What do we really want to achieve?" . Lots of silly little rules which build up to nonsense )

11th Apr 2009, 12:40
They take my little tubs of lip salve off me (no quantity printed), tubes of toothpaste, after shave, ladies lipsticks (not mine!), spray deodorant in cans (over 100ml), everything must be in a 'sealable bag' 8'' square, and plotting terrorists with airport IDs are driving up to the planes! Nail clippers? Verbotten!

Why isn't this enough for the Home Secretary to resign?

11th Apr 2009, 12:42
Are you guys reading the same story I am? It's the Daily Mail, so it's written with maximum 'country going to the dogs' spin and innuendo, but it doesn't say anywhere that these people had airside passes. One or perhaps two had driven vans for a delivery firm that had an office at Manchester Airport. Two others were night security guards for Homebase - although the article tries to make you think these two had some connection with the airport.

This isn't so much cause for despair at the state of the country as at the state of the press - and maybe the people who read it.

11th Apr 2009, 12:45
At least one drove vans for a cargo company which has access to sensitive locations.

Two more had passed security industry checks which enabled them to guard premises overnight, further raising fears that members of the gang - all but one of them Pakistani students - were possibly planning to infiltrate high-profile targets before an attack.

Well spotted. The question is then did they have passes? The first sentence implies they had something.

11th Apr 2009, 12:52
I found out the other day that the UK passport office (which issues the document certifying UK citizenship) has no contact or ability to read the records of the UK Home Office (the department which issues citizenship.). :rolleyes:

11th Apr 2009, 13:47
To be fair, this is in the Daily Mail, so be careful what you extract from it, but it does indeed seem rediculous!

11th Apr 2009, 13:47
Quick, quick lets panic.

Working as a "Security Guard" for B&Q is not exactly a high profile security job, nor is driving a van for a cargo company. As usual the Daily Mail goes into full overdrive and reports a story that really isn't there.

I do have little confidence in CRC's and the like but in this case it seems they weren't airside or even close to being airside. There are much bigger targets in this country with less security than Airports :(

11th Apr 2009, 13:57
And let us all not forget that the man in charge of rooting out these terrs was not possessed of the wit to avoid having his top secret stuff photographed by the paparrazzi :ugh:

11th Apr 2009, 14:22
What I find totally indefensible is the fact that these people were
SUPPOSED to be students??? That is what they are supposed to be
doing, Studenting, innit??
If they're supposed to BE students WTF are they doing driving vans
and being Employed over here?
And are they paying Tax and National Insurance as well? Or NOT?
Place is being run by cretins at the moment IMO.

11th Apr 2009, 14:33
Surely, Homebase or B&Q are good enough targets on Easter Sunday? Terrorists don't target airports or airlines any more. Waste of effort. Undergrounds, buses, hotels, trains, police or military schools, open markets, busy streets are better targets now.
Why try to get through our friendly Gestapo manned 'security' when there are soft targets all over the place away from the airports?

Still, fast track security lanes do make money, if nothing else!

11th Apr 2009, 14:38
To play the devils advocate, these would be the same type of cretins who have been running the country for many years now.

Who was it who originally allowed the Irish, Ugandan Asians, Pakistan Nationals, Indians, Jamaicans, East Europeans, Russians and many more into the UK?
Every single one of these communities has a significant terrorist and criminal fraterinty and the majority of those communities still refuse to assist the UK Authorities by harbouring people they know are a threat but we still allow all of them in.
There's no doubt that we need the specialist skills that some of them can offer, but the majority offer no advantage to the UK at all and cost us in either terms of claiming benefits, or indeed being a threat to national security.
Whoever they may be, unless they can prove their worth and be tracked wherever they go, they should be deported immediately and never allowed to return.

11th Apr 2009, 15:09
How crazy is this?

I worked for an Airline that is no longer in business, and I have recently returned to MAN and to acquire an Airside Security Pass I had to have references for every year that I worked at the airport for the said airline. Even though I had held an Airside Security pass for 15 years previous to this !! I wonder what the foreign nationals security check list is !!! :ugh::ugh:

Ten West
11th Apr 2009, 15:15
Easy. You just need the password.

All you do is apply for one, then when it's turned down you just shout "Racial prejudice!!" and watch them bend over backwards to give you security clearance.

And probably a few quid in compo too. :rolleyes:

11th Apr 2009, 15:21
Goodness gracious me!

11th Apr 2009, 15:23
For all the hype, it'll be interesting to see if any solid criminal convictions (ie, those not overturned on appeal) arise out of these arrests!

11th Apr 2009, 15:30
Oh c'mon helical, what do you expect? Miracles?

We're still TRYING to get shot of Abu Hamsa.
(Praise be to the mighty hook!)

Ivan Taclue
11th Apr 2009, 17:32
No wonder the BNP is doing well. Good luck to them.
Perhaps things will change...........

I live in hope.

11th Apr 2009, 19:32
I tend to agree that "security stupidity" is rampant in the UK, but there are lunacies elsewhere as well. I live just south of a major (motorway and main road) border crossing between Spain and France.

This crossing is a natural one for terrorists, drug dealers, and illegal immigrants, the fomer drifting back and forth, the latter heading north into France. It is RIGOROUSLY controlled by the French - from 08:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00. Outside of these times, well, virtually nobody around.

I often think: do the authorities assume the miscreants work the same hours as they do ?

Ten West
11th Apr 2009, 19:55
As usual, The Daily Mash has caught on:

"...A source added: "We like to leave things to the last possible moment. Makes it a bit more like Spooks. If only we could discover a nuclear bomb that had a digital timer on it with just 10 seconds left. I'd love that."

Meanwhile a loophole which allows thousands of angry, bearded Pakistanis to enter Britain without background checks was doing its job very nicely indeed, the immigration minister told sources last night.

A source close to Phil Woolas said: "We let in just enough of them to keep you nice and scared, wait until they take a photograph of something and then arrest them at gunpoint."

Prime minister Gordon Brown last night claimed personal responsibility for both the surveillance operation and the arrests while a source stood behind him shaking his head and waving his hands."

From here:

TERROR RAIDS UNEARTH HUGE AMOUNT OF BULLSHIT - The Daily Mash (http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/war/terror-raids-unearth-huge-amount-of-bullshit-200904101694/)


12th Apr 2009, 03:22
I am a retired pilot after 30 years service.

I was amazed this week to find out from an extremely well qualified anti terrorist top notch agent, that the banning of liquids by the authorities /airport security staff is a complete waste of time,and was deemed by these hands on experts as such within several weeks of its intro by the pen pushers in Govt & Aviation throught out Europe.

So why does it contine?

1) If the Pen pushers admitted it was an ill thought out knee jerk reaction which is a complete waste of time they would loose face and how.

2) Huge amounts of money have been spent at airports on hi def screens etc to inform the pax & airport workers of the rules.

3) The individual airside shops make a fortune by replenishing liquids ceased wrongly from pax & workers.

4) To dismantle the Hi Def info screens and replace them would cost an arm and a leg.

Oh dear knee jerk turns into a waste of money, a cover up and a cash cow for airside shops.

The security god help them who check your bags have been deliberately not informed it is deemed that they do not have to know.

More to come, it is impossible to make any liquid refreshment into an explosive device airside,without a very complicated chemical factory airside.

Oh dear another cock up by the people who feel they need to do something to justify their huge salaries and expense accounts stinks doesnt it,another blunder another mess another unnecassary hassel,by the fat cats.

The above does not come from the UK,and can be backed up with facts and evidence from the top .

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Apr 2009, 07:33
Security theatre playing to the general populace to reassure them all is well and their govt is protecting them.

12th Apr 2009, 11:30
I found it amazing that there were people saying that Bob Quick shouldn't have had to go. In the days that I was security cleared, it was made very plain that you just did NOT show classified documents in public, let alone walk around with them open. And if you did, disciplinary and even criminal action could follow.

Having said that, some 15 years ago at Heathrow, waiting for a flight to Germany, there was a chap quite openly reading a folder marked 'Secret - UK eyes only'. I told him he shouldn't and got the reply 'I'm not in the forces or civil service so the OSA doesn't apply to me'.

I noted his seat number and told the company security officer when I got back: he later informed me that 'very strong action' had been taken.

These days, I suppose, it would just have been left on the aeroplane!

12th Apr 2009, 11:54
What the hell was he doing reading a secret folder if
the OSA didn't apply to him anyhow?
What is going on in this Country now? Hopeless tossers!!!

12th Apr 2009, 12:41
Exactly! What the devil was he doing taking a sceret folder out of his office? If he needed it abroad, there were procedures laid down for sending it in advance, using, if I remeber correctly, the Diplomatic Bag for everything above a certain classification. I believe that he was a sub contractor for an aerospace company

12th Apr 2009, 13:32
Ivan Taclue:

No wonder the BNP is doing well. Good luck to them.
Perhaps things will change...........

I live in hope.

[from the Daily Mirror 12/04/09]



By Kevin Widdop, 12/04/2009
THIS chilling picture shows BNP deputy leader Simon Darby being given a NAZI SALUTE at a fascist rally.

Three extremists flashed the banned Hitler-style sign to the British far-right boss outside the event in Italy.

Our exclusive snap fuels fears of danger ahead as the British National Party gains popularity in the recession.

Darby, leading a drive for seats at the European Parliament elections in June, was following Stratos Karanikolau, from the Greek nationalist Proti Grammi (Front Line) party.

They were joined by MEPs Roberto Fiore, a convicted terrorist, and Holocaust denier Bruno Gollnisch at the 400-strong meeting in Milan.

Last night Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: "This shows the BNP are a gang of thugs parading as politicians."

Your post brings shame on the name of the hundreds of thousands of service men that bravely fought to defeat fascism during World War Two.

12th Apr 2009, 16:50
Time to look for a one way ticket preferably to a remote desert island that has a bar thats open all the time and if it doesnt have one then i will just have to open it. Pilots very welcome with first drink free only if it contains alcohol. BTW fatigue is worse than alcohol - i know cos i tried them both. but thats not the reason i "retired", it just takes time to find the right island. CC also welcome same freebie applies.:ok: