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10th Apr 2009, 07:59
I am allergic to choclate but that does not mean there is no easter....

In software development the term "Easter Egg" is used for a hidden item from the normal functionality usually there for amusement (almost all commercial applications have them).

Have you encountered any worth highlighting?

Here is a link about those in ms excel Excel Easter Eggs - Eeggs.com (http://www.eeggs.com/tree/279.html) - The site is dedicated to easter eggs in all applications so perhaps you may want to look to see if something there in what you use.

10th Apr 2009, 08:02
Another example of an easter egg is in excel 97 - if you did a full installation from the cd you had access to the flight simulator which allowed you to fly around an egg of the graphics of the developers - Software :: Flight Simulator in Excel (http://vsbabu.org/software/fsxls.html)