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10th Apr 2009, 00:04
Trying to find a link.

A southeast suburb of Oklahoma City, called Midwest City, has neighborhoods that are on fire. Over dozen homes have totally been destroyed and dozens more on fire. The fires are completely out of control. Winds are out of the south at 40 mph with gust over 55 mph. Fire units from surrounding communities and Tinker AFB are en-route to fire areas.

We are okay were we are, Midwest City is about 30 miles to the southeast of us.

There wide spread fires all over the state.

10th Apr 2009, 00:09
Con, is this a common occurrence? I can't remember the last time I've heard of wild fires in OK? Selective memory perhaps....?

Here's hoping they are contained ASAP and people stay safe.

10th Apr 2009, 00:17
Here is a live news feed from a local TV station.

Live News Video from NewsChannel 4 KFOR-TV-DT - KFOR (http://www.kfor.com/news/livestreaming/)

10th Apr 2009, 00:23
C-P ~

Glad to hear you and yours are fine. Terrible for those involved.

My dad, who grew up in Clinton, OK, told storied of fires whipped up by dry winds. Vivid childhood memories for him.

10th Apr 2009, 00:30
Jeez, Midwest City doesn't catch any breaks.

Same place for the pretty wicked twisters in the late 1990s if I recall correctly, took out many homes as well.

10th Apr 2009, 00:49
Okay, back on-line now, we've been checking on friends in Midwest City, all are okay and not in danger of the fire line, so far. However, we may end up with some extra people and their critters tonight.

Same place for the pretty wicked twisters in the late 1990s if I recall correctly, took out many homes as well.

The Sheriff of Oklahoma County and both the Fire Chief and the Police Chief of Midwest City are saying that the damage will be worse than that of the super tornado of May 3, 1999.

AC, yes, this was caused by a grass/wild fire. If your father was still alive he would understand.

CoF, yes, we have a lot of grass/wild fires every year year, but very seldom do they threaten a city.

The winds are too strong and fire front is way wide for any attempt of aerial fire fighting.

galaxy flyer
10th Apr 2009, 01:39

Wish you and your friends all the best of luck. Are these arson or caused by lightning?

Best wishes, GF

10th Apr 2009, 01:46
Best of luck Oklahoma. Want a Martin Mars? Got one stationed in Calif but there's still one on Vancouver Island.

10th Apr 2009, 01:49
Con...I also wish you and your friends well, and indeed everyone concerned. Terrible thing wild fires, and fair play to you for offering your friends refuge should they need it.

10th Apr 2009, 02:57
Okay, I'm back. We have some friends coming over with their two dogs and the cat. They think their home will be okay, but they decided to evacuate after the third police car came by and told them,


We are perfectly safe where we live. Good news is that except for one fireman who suffered some pretty bad burns, no serious injures or any deaths. Sadly as fast as this fire moved I'm very afraid that when they start going through the 200 plus totally destroyed houses they will find some victims.

Good news is that the cold front is coming through and the wind will turn the fire back on itself, they hope.

Okay, just heard on the TV that they believe that more than 500 houses have been destroyed, plus many more other buildings including businesses.

Not a good day in Oklahoma.

It will be a late night tonight.

Oh, for my English friends, I'm making bangers and mash with peas for dinner tonight for the folks coming here. Good comfort food.

That and a lot of Scotch and Brandy.

10th Apr 2009, 03:09
Glad to hear you're ok connie. Just saw this on the 11 o'clock news. Ugly. :(

10th Apr 2009, 03:30
500+ houses destroyed...sad to say the least, at least there have been no fatalities as yet, let's hope it stays that way... From an Englishman enjoy your Bangers and Mash, don't forget the Mushy Pea's, seriously though, thinking of you all, have they got anywhere to containing the fire?

No news of it at all over here (apart from you), so keep us in touch please.

Roger Sofarover
10th Apr 2009, 03:41
Absolutely nothing so far on the BBC world news, they are useless sometimes. 500 houses is a huge number. It sounds like testimony to the emergency services that they have evacuated everyone before fatalities. Stay safe

Pinky the pilot
10th Apr 2009, 03:55
Heard nothing here in South Australia on either radio or the idiot box so far.

Sounds as bad as the recent bushfires in Victoria.

Need any firefighters from Aussie yet? Suspect that the Victorian CFA will be only too ready to repay the favour.:ok:

10th Apr 2009, 04:03
Good God, Con.... 500+ houses is significant and tragic in every way imaginable.

Having endured through my own house fire, in which 2/3 was ruined and we were not able to move back for almost 6 months, I can say it turns your life completely upside down. While everyone says, "as long as no one was hurt..", your home, for many people, is often your safe sanctuary. To lose that, along with every memorable artifact ....it's hell

God bless these people and let them stay safe.

Roger Sofarover
10th Apr 2009, 05:52

Where did you get 500+ houses from? Do you have a link?

This suggests a much smaller number, still very bad though.
The Associated Press: Dozens of homes destroyed in Texas, Oklahoma fires (http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gwSSrT7-LciDlr1tYmyE9e19oX9QD97FC8900)

10th Apr 2009, 16:01
Where did you get 500+ houses from? Do you have a link?

From a live news report that was done by an idiot. Last count is 100 homes destroyed in Midwest City and the surrounding area. Total state wide is as of yet still not known, still counting. The really great news is except for one fireman that was burned badly no serious injures and no deaths reported.

The winds have died down and the National Guard is now able to conduct aerial fire fighting flights. So most fires are now under control or have put out.

Our friend's home was untouched, so they are back home.

DX Wombat
10th Apr 2009, 16:06
One, one hundred, or five hundred it all still spells misery for those who have lost everything. Keep safe CP.

tony draper
10th Apr 2009, 16:08
Just been a item on Sky News about it,was out of the room so just caught the back end,watch yer arse Mr Con.

10th Apr 2009, 17:04
Relieved to hear you're out of harm's way (but better not deep fry any tukeys while it's so dry).

Nothing is scarier than a wildfire, and we've had some pretty bad ones on the westcoast. I'll never forget seeing a herd of deer standing in a creek surrounded by a wall of fire in Northern California.

Out Of Trim
10th Apr 2009, 17:38
Hi Con-Pilot, Glad you're OK; and respect how you take in folks who could be in peril! I wouldn't mind having to divert to your good home myself!

What with the Scotch/Brandy and of course the fabulous food you seem to provide to all and sundry..

Well done Sir! :ok:

10th Apr 2009, 17:46
Count is now up to 150 plus houses and businesses destroyed state wide. This count will increase as there are still wildfires burning out of control in the southern section of the state. I'm watching the noon news report and since it has been on, for 22 minutes, the station's helicopter was showing two large two story homes burning out of control, at one there is a fire crew at the second home there is only small fire truck. At both locations the fire crews are not attempting to extinguish the house fire, they are only directing water on the propane gas tanks next to the home to keep them from exploding.

In the sparsely populated parts of the state and in the smaller communities there are only small volunteer fire departments. When something of this magnitude happens these small fire departments are quickly overwhelmed. In fact there have been two small volunteer fire departments were burned down last night. The State Fire Marshal (I didn't even know we had a State Fire Marshal) is recommending that the local volunteer fire departments concentrate on protecting the small communities and let the fires in sparsely populated areas burn until the rain arrives Sunday. We have a 100% chance of rain state wide starting late Saturday night.

Maximum wind gust yesterday was 74 mph (this was just updated), early this morning the winds were gusting at 45 mph, currently the wind is gusting to 28 mph. So all of the National Guard Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters are up and helping fight the fire. I don't know if the Governor has asked for the use of aviation assets from Ft. Sill or not. If not he should. I do know we have asked for fixed wing assets, no word if any have arrived in the state as of yet.

It was a strange fire storm, I'm now seeing videos of an area where there is a house standing untouched, but the houses on either side were totally destroyed by fire.

More later.

Roger Sofarover
10th Apr 2009, 20:01
whats the latest Con?

10th Apr 2009, 20:16
whats the latest Con?

Winds are still dying off and more fire fighting assets are arriving from Texas and unaffected areas of the state to the south central part of the state where some fires are still uncontrolled. Most of the fires east of Oklahoma City are either out or are under control.

Still no final count on the total of destroyed homes and businesses. It will be some time next week before the number of all structures that were burned down will be known, such as barns, storage units and other types of outbuildings.

10th Apr 2009, 22:01
BBC NEWS | Americas | Two dead as wildfires burn in US (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7993435.stm)

10th Apr 2009, 22:11
Oklahoma official says blaze intentionally set

By SEAN MURPHY, Associated Press Writer Sean Murphy, Associated Press Writer 16 mins ago

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A wind-whipped blaze that destroyed more than 50 homes in this Oklahoma City suburb was intentionally set, fire officials said Friday.

An area near a wrecker service where the fire started Thursday is frequented by teenagers from a nearby high school and investigators were looking into the possibility that they might have set the blaze, Midwest City Fire Marshal Jerry Lojka said.

Intentionally set?
:( :yuk:

10th Apr 2009, 22:29
This has to be some kind of record, at least for JB. Twenty six posts into a natural disaster thread and not a single mention of GWB and his failed legacy being responsible.:confused:

Glad you and your friends are safe Con.

10th Apr 2009, 22:55
I need to remind everyone here that while the fires here, as terrible as they are, cannot come close to the horrible fires that occurred in Australia as related by Buster Hyman in his thread.

Intentionally set?

Yes they are pretty sure that one fire was intentionally set. However, many on the fires were caused by downed electrical power lines that broke due to the hurricane force winds that we had here yesterday. Peak wind in the state was 74 mph, in Oklahoma City it was 60 mph. Additional the state has a lot of Cedar trees. When a Cedar tree catches on fire it explodes and the burning embers, in the extremely high winds we had yesterday are carried literally miles starting fires in other areas. That was the primary reason all the fire departments were overwhelmed so quickly.

Destroyed homes and businesses are still in the 150 plus area, also it is estimated from satellite photos that over 100,000 acres have be burned.

No estimate on the number of farm animals that died, cattle, horses, etc.

Thanks to all of your for your concerns. :ok:

11th Apr 2009, 00:32

Best of luck to your fellow townspeople - hard to appreciate their predicament from a rainy, safe, UK West Midlands.

Loss of life and property under such circumstances (or any) is no trivial matter.

But rise to the occasion Sir. Get in that kitchen and mix a Wildfire Cocktail like only you could do ... and send us all the recipe.

All the best



11th Apr 2009, 00:38
mix a Wildfire Cocktail

Humm, got to think about that, Scotch and Brandy worked last night.

I'll get back to you after I think about it. :ok:

11th Apr 2009, 02:53
CP--Glad you and yours are OK.

As for the claims of arson--For those not in the know, it is quite common. I would say that of all the wildfires I work on throughout the country, at least 25% are intentionally set. We have an arsonist here in Missouri right now--he set at least 5 wildfires in the last week. All of them are in the same general area.

When I am in Idaho (June thru Oct), there is one who sets fires in the Arbon Valley---hence we have affectionately named it "Arson Valley". Last year, he set an 8,000 acre fire.

Most of the arsonists who set in forest land do it for the airshow that follows.

11th Apr 2009, 02:58
Thank you. :ok:

Most of the arsonists who set in forest land do it for the airshow that follows.

I can believe that. Sick MFs. :*

11th Apr 2009, 03:08
Okay, I think I have the perfect 'fire martini/cocktail'.

Here we go,

Pepper Vodka. (Of course.)


Dash of Tabasco sauce. (Or more :ok:)

Dash of bitters.

Dash of liquid smoke. (Found in gourmet stores.)

Place all ingredients into a martini shaker, shake well, pour into a cocktail glass and top with slice of jalapeño pepper.

That should work, course I have not tasted this concoction. :p

West Coast
11th Apr 2009, 04:38

Living in the foothills of San Diego, fire is a way of life. What I remember most vividly (even beyond having to evacuate my family for 6 days and not knowing if I had a home to come home to) from our recent fires was the outreach from the community. People were tremendous, Unaffected residents taking strangers into their houses who were displaced. The local sports stadium was a primary evacuation center for many of the half million who were displaced. Authorities had to make a public plea to STOP bringing relief supplies as they were overwhelmed by all the donations. But a few of the positive memories I'll keep from an otherwise tragic situation. It made me proud to be part of the human race, at least for awhile.

Knowing the quality of the folks in your region, I know you and yours will be able to find some comfort and pride in similar stories.

Pinky the pilot
13th Apr 2009, 09:22
Okay, I think I have the perfect 'fire martini/cocktail'.

con --pilot; Do you perchance have the suitable licences for using/handling explosives to make up that recipe?:D

I have absolutely no intentions whatsoever of trying that one!!:eek:

Amongst other things, I don't have a cast iron guts!:{

13th Apr 2009, 13:15
Most of the arsonists who set in forest land do it for the airshow that follows

A few years ago when we were having a lot of scrub/forest fires here, the Mossas d'Esquadra (Catalan police) arrested one arsonist here, a middle-aged lady on crutches, she was actually foaming and frothing at the mouth, really raving. Whole arrest shown on TV news. The police were not particularly gentle with her, but I doubt whether anyone watching gave a damn.

Whereas the courts normally work slowly in Spain, they had a judge standing by and she was in front of him and committed to psychiatric detention within hours of her arrest, literally the same day.

But like anyone who has suffered in a forest fire, I reckon any arsonists they catch should be trusted up and tossed back into the blaze they started. I have no sympathy whatsoever.