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8th Apr 2009, 23:35
Funny, mad and just plain wrong boat names!:)

Link: High Jinks on the High Seas (http://www.purpleslinky.com/Offbeat/High-Jinks-on-the-High-Seas.359491)

What would you call yours, or have you seen any of these?

9th Apr 2009, 10:40
Grandad's first attempt at boat building was called "Gladyola" his second more successful attempt was built around a ship's lifeboat rescued from the breaker's yard and named "Dandylion" The strange thing is, he was fluent in Latin but couldn't speel for tofu.

Cornish Jack
9th Apr 2009, 10:59
Possibly apocryphal, but a Lymington boat was being launched with the traditional champagne when the bottle slipped out of her(?) hand. Said boat was duly named ... "Oh Bugger"!!:D

9th Apr 2009, 11:13
Famous Oz yacht was "The Office" - I've always liked that one.

9th Apr 2009, 12:00
Recall a dinghy with its name 'Bugger' painted on the keel, so only visible when capsized.

Once followed a speedboat on a trailer, 'Passing Wind'.

9th Apr 2009, 13:00
My son has a boat called FAR Q

9th Apr 2009, 14:34
Saw a small boat in the Isle of Man a few years ago, with "Don't Panic" -written upside down- as the name.


9th Apr 2009, 14:37
Not particularly original but have had a series of boats called 'Y Knot' 'I' 'II" etc.

Currently on a Connie 32 'Y Knot IV".

9th Apr 2009, 14:40
Mate had a small yacht called Titan2C.
Couldn't use the original. Already allocated.

9th Apr 2009, 14:56
larssnowpharter: There's a boat on Lake Garda called "perque no?" which fits in nicely with yours.

9th Apr 2009, 14:59
A fibreglass boat (aka 'plastic whale) on the Shropshire Union canal at Market Drayton was called 'Shy Talk'.

9th Apr 2009, 15:43
larssnowpharter: There's a boat on Lake Garda called "perque no?" which fits in nicely with yours.

Se si tratta di Lago di Grado e probabile che il propretaio e un tedesco. Quindi lo spelling!:}

9th Apr 2009, 23:11
'Hilarious!' The name of the boat used as a base camp whilst carrying out a total rebuild of another at the Dixon & Kearly boatyard in Maldon, Essex.

9th Apr 2009, 23:25
I actually had a boat called, "Nucking Futs". A 36 foot aft-cabin Uniflite. Not for long though.

Sunk. :(

And I wasn't even there. :{


10th Apr 2009, 00:29
Then there was HRH Prince Jefri of Brunei's notorious little ship "Tits" with the two tenders "Nipple 1" and "Nipple2"


Too Short
10th Apr 2009, 12:04
I've sailed a yacht called Strike Sure which looks fine written down, but say the name to someone and it doesn't instil them with confidence in one's sailing abilities, what with sure and shore sounding the same! :hmm:

10th Apr 2009, 13:07
I knew a bookmaker, when I was a teenager, who used to let me use his boat called "BAR JONA"


10th Apr 2009, 15:19
Massive pleasure-craft moored on Lake Superior....


14th Apr 2009, 11:11
I'm still trying to figure who and why someone would name their boat "Small flying patio furniture" !!

Pinky the pilot
14th Apr 2009, 11:17
Once met a bloke who used to regularly sail a yacht called
''Secret Men's Business'':hmm:

15th Apr 2009, 04:29
Used to sail with an ex Red Arrows gentleman and he named his boat "Mach Fluff" :)

15th Apr 2009, 04:50
Had a small 15 Foot runabout for a while. After our first trip out on the bay with our then 3 and 5 year old boys it was christened "Bumpa T Bump".

Note to self, DON'T take young kids out for their first boat ride on a rough day!!! stupid stupid stupid.

15th Apr 2009, 05:04
Gobonastick: That one was priceless! Still chuckling . . . :)

A large tow-boat ("tug" for some of you) based in Vancouver: CAT SASS

15th Apr 2009, 07:08
Had a planing hull fishing boat with a hefty fifty five horse outboard rightly called..."Sennopod One".:)

Ancient Mariner
15th Apr 2009, 07:20
I'm still trying to figure who and why someone would name their boat "Small flying patio furniture" !!
My teak patio furniture remain on our patio during strong winds, our neighbor's plastic ditto doesn't. Boat is made from plastic, hence..................or so I like to think.