View Full Version : What's in Gordon Brown's box?

mona lot
7th Apr 2009, 23:10
As he headed home, President Obama presented Gobshite Brown with a box of 25 Classic American Films. Rumoured to be in the collection were;

1. Psycho (need I say more?)
2. Raging bull (perhaps a reference to the PM's short fuse)

Also there were some Zombie movies I think:confused:

But does anyone have any suggestion which other films might have been included that befit our leader?

7th Apr 2009, 23:14
A glossary of aquarium fish and the faces they pull.

7th Apr 2009, 23:31
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

PPRuNe Radar
8th Apr 2009, 01:09
The Elephant Man
Liar Liar

8th Apr 2009, 01:47
Someone needs to splice Air Force One and Pushing Tin together. That ought scare the Pjeesus out of him! :} :p

8th Apr 2009, 02:19

Kelly Hopper
8th Apr 2009, 05:10
Jackie Brown?


8th Apr 2009, 08:12
Charles Dickens, Bleak House.

8th Apr 2009, 08:27
Walter Mitty

Caine Mutiny

Mad Mad Mad World

Der absolute Hammer
8th Apr 2009, 08:31
For a few dollars more?

8th Apr 2009, 08:38

Bob Viking
8th Apr 2009, 08:42
The Jerk.
Steve Martin 1979.
Succinct and obvious but it says what we all think!

8th Apr 2009, 12:45
Well seeing as how he's jockanese how about Alien (+ sequels)

8th Apr 2009, 12:50
Stephen King's "Misery" with me playing the woman who takes in the motorist after the accident, and him as the motorist. Or perhaps "Brokeback Mountain": he's been shafting the nation for long enough! And big brown steaming Richard III just for good measure, just in case he has any doubt of my opinion of him!

8th Apr 2009, 12:57
The Magnificent Seven. ( Pounds left in the Treasury.)

8th Apr 2009, 15:33
In starting this thread, mona lot used the phrase: "Gobshite Brown"

Would not "Gombeen man" be more appropriate ?

Just trying to get back to me Irish roots.....


mr fish
8th Apr 2009, 20:25
JACQUI SMITH sex tape.:eek:

oh jeez, heres comes my supper:yuk: