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7th Apr 2009, 20:26
Hi all, may I get some help here with some unusual GA situations on A320. The SOP states that for GA basically after the "GA, FLAPS" callout you put on TOGA, rotate to a pitch commanded by the SRS and retract flaps one step", this is fine to me once you are CONF FULL but what about:

1) On a CONF 3 landing? (Should I set FLAPS 2?) Why in the world on a Conf 3 take-off we go from 3 to 1 and at a GA stops at 2?!?!?!

2) On a rejected landing? (Should I keep the current configuration or retract one step anyway? Rotate at what speed)

3) On an early GA with CONF 1 selected? (Should I set flaps to 0?)

Thanks all!

7th Apr 2009, 20:45
It doesn't specify in FCOM 3 from which config to retract one step. Personally i always thought the 'go-around' section refers to a go-around from minima, in which case you should (in most cases) be at conf 3 or full. The intremediate approach g/a doesn't mention flap. It isn't that clear and leaves it up to you, airbus covering their arse nicely.

Right Way Up
7th Apr 2009, 20:59

On a go-around you should retract one stage if in landing flap i.e. 3 or FULL. With regard to conf 3 to 1 on takeoff, you would wait till speed increasing past F speed. On a go-around you will most probably be below F speed so would not want to go straight to conf 1+F.

7th Apr 2009, 23:24
Thanks for the answers, but what about the rejected landing, keep flaps until airborn and climbing?:confused:

7th Apr 2009, 23:25
lfbb, As you say, for a standard GA, Airbus do of course recommend retracting the flaps one step with application of TOGA for the A320/1.

Also consider though, the overweight landing checklist in the QRH, which leads you to a table to compare Airport elevation and OAT versus Aircraft weight. If you exceed a given weight for the environmental conditions for the day, the QRH instructs you to make a Flap 3 landing and use CONF 1+F for any GA i.e 2 steps up.

8th Apr 2009, 06:02
It shouldn't be possible to acheive Config 1+F because you have to be less than 100 kts if in the air.

At our company, the call is "Go-around, flaps", TOGA and rotate to FD. PNF retracts the flaps one step (either FULL => 3 or 3 => 2). At F-speed (which is the same at config 3 as it is for config 2, select config 1. Then at S-speed, select config 0 and away you go.

Summary, first selection is retract one step, second is config 1, third is config 0.

8th Apr 2009, 08:26
1) Check FCOM 3.05.35 - P2 (In Flight Performance - Go Around, CONF 2) and on the P3 you have the same data for CONF 3.
2) It's still a G/A, you may not get airborne in a CONF FULL config ... should also be retract one step. Concerning rotation, according to airbus you should select idle reverse immediately upon touchdown so if you want to g/a you have the speed, if you don't you didn't selected immediately reverse and that would put you in the position to ask about the rotation speed :=
3) If you are in Conf 1 + F you are probably not yet on the G/S and pretty high above the rwy, why would you use Toga when you can just push to level off and follow the g/a profile ?

Hope that answers your questions :ok:

8th Apr 2009, 08:29
It shouldn't be possible to acheive Config 1+F because you have to be less than 100 kts if in the air.

On the contrary, during flap retraction being discussed, you will invariably get 1+F.

8th Apr 2009, 08:35
True, if you select a higher flap and get back to position 1 you will get 1+F.

Some guys use this "trick" in holding, they select flaps 2 and return to 1 to get 1+F when heavy to have a lower holding speed.

P.S. - I don't like this "trick" but some do it :}

8th Apr 2009, 10:46
Check the FCTM it says to consider config setting on rejected landing GA.


8th Apr 2009, 12:06
For a baulked landing,
-Pitch to landing attitude (7.5 deg on A320)
-Maintain landing config
-Gear up when climbing
-Flap ups 1 step when away from the ground and climbing
-resume normal g/a procedure

8th Apr 2009, 12:15
So what about a g/a from Config 2? Do you retract 1 step to Config 1 immediatly?
I would think not, allow the spped to increase above F speed then go Conf 1.

8th Apr 2009, 17:05
OOps, you are correct. 210 kts it the speed when making a config selection from 2 to 1, you will get 1+F. My bad. Better study, got a sim coming up.

8th Apr 2009, 22:16
GA from config 2, make it standard. call go around flaps and retract one step of flaps. you fly a F speed minimum when conf 2, don't you. thus when you put any additionnal thrust your are above F and no restriction at all to retract flaps 1.

regarding the rejected landing, I mean (touch & go), the call is the same. and if you forget the flaps when landing flaps full you'll have a nasty red warning for wrong flaps take-off (you touched the ground) configuration. once in the air, maintain 10 until the positive climb, then gear up, then pitch 15 and continue for a std go around. don't try to avoid a second touch of the runway by pitching up, stick to 10