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6th Apr 2009, 20:17
I've been seeing on the news that a town 70 miles northeast of Rome has be hit by a earthquake. Latest reports have 90 dead and hundreds injured. Some of the building destroyed were built in the 13th century.

LiveLeak.com - Death Toll 90, Italian Earthquake : Race On For Survivors. (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9be_1239031008)

What have you heard/seen over there?

6th Apr 2009, 20:26
I hope all the prooners and their loved ones from that part of the world are safe.

tony draper
6th Apr 2009, 20:30
Indeed,we moan a lot in the UK about the miserable weather but at least the very ground we live on isn't liable to kill us.

6th Apr 2009, 20:36
Here on the "Ring of Fire" for many years, I've only felt two earthquakes, both when I was a work and quite minor.
First one, I was on the second floor of one of our racking systems, lights go out, rotables start dancing on the shelves and so do I.
Second one underneath the tail of a B727 on the hangar floor. Lights stay on but gear on the aircraft starts going woosh, woosh, woose. I dance a bit.

Death toll rising, sad stuff.

6th Apr 2009, 20:45
My heart goes out to these poor people hit during the early hours of the morning. And there is something psychologically terrifying about an earthquake - the one thing you think you can always count on to be solid and fixed starts moving under your feet. We get a few here on the Pyranees and my instinct is always to rush out of the house into the street, which with roof tiles falling isn't a good idea. Just hope the death toll doesn't go any higher and there's no one trapped by now.


6th Apr 2009, 20:57
Pope Benedict XVI has been keeping his head down about this particular 'Act of God'.

Too busy trying to justify from scripture why condoms cause AIDS.:ugh:

6th Apr 2009, 21:11
I'm reading reports that a seismologist predicted the earthquake's location and approximate date (he was off by a week), by observing changed in radon gas emissions: summary at New Scientist (http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2009/04/italian-quake-was-predicted-an.html). The comments there are the usual "well, you can't believe scientists" stuff. :ugh:

6th Apr 2009, 21:39
Thanks for opening this topic.
From the early A.M. I already contacted friends, who were alright.
My place is only about 300 km in line of air North North West from L'Aquila.
But we live on a clay underground, that is known to work as a shock dumper.
I heard on TV and read on newspapers this earthquake had been forecasted, by a researcher, mostly based on the emissions of the radioactive gas Radon.
I heard him explaining it himself actually. I could gather from the tone of his voice that, at that moment, he was afraid, because a week ago (~29 March) he was officially charged with an accusation of spreading false alarm, and thus causing "unnecessary" panic situations.
This notwithstanding,
yesterday evening he and his team of researchers were advised of strongly anomalous readings of their instruments by an online user: they have their station readings online!
Soon after, at about 12 o' clock, nobody being at their work stations, he evacuated his family, nobody would have believed him if he spread a serious alarm because he was formerly accused of provoking false alerts (and even risks to go to preventive jail).

This symbolises the apotheosis of when I am disgusted of my place of birth.
My father has always repeated me he was German, OK (passed away on 13.2.1981, R.I.P.), but I have born Italian.

I heard an appeal of a T.V. spokesman on the RAI (the Nr.1 channel of the Italian television), just 1 hour ago, he was worried about reconstructing a bell tower, and asked an eventual contribution from the Monte dei Paschi di Siena (large bank in Italy), since the church is dedicated to St. Bernardino (from Siena).
These are the moments I am ashamed of being Italian. I feel I am not fairly represented by this bunch of churchly, scum fellows.

Like the others, I extend my thoughts to the victims, and to those who, possibly, are still trapped alive under the ruins. :sad:

tony draper
6th Apr 2009, 22:13
The trouble is who in a position with enough political authority to order a vast area evacuated would have the guts to do so? if it turned out to be a false alarm which lets face it probably would be on most occasions they would shortly thereafter be seeking different employment
One of the first rules of politics,when in doubt do nothing.

6th Apr 2009, 22:18
I was amazed when i looked at the news and it showed that Italy has a major fault line going from top to ottom and another one going cross ways. It looks just like a crucifix.

Thoughts are with the people of the affected areas.

6th Apr 2009, 23:19
After the 1980 eathquake at Avellino some people were moved into ISO containers as temporary homes. Same process occurred after the seismic events in Pozzuoli in 1983 and I saw some people STILL in these containers years afterwards all with nice little gardens around them.
The problems arise from the huge numbers of people involved all at once. From Pozzuoli, 35000 people were evacuated! The thing I dread is that in the aftermath the Mafia/Camorra will move in and put the screws on the recovery operation.

In each case the churches made great efforts to try and get restoration of churches as the first priority.
The Ancient Mariner