View Full Version : Metroliner: New EASA permit for quiet five blade prop

Kerosene Kraut
6th Apr 2009, 16:02
German regional airline Regional Air Express from Münster got their Metroliners certified for new five-blade Mühlbauer composite-props that cut cabin noise by 50 percent. Outside noise is said to be reduced too. All RAE-Metros are earmarked for conversion. RAE did the EASA certification and flight testing themselves.

German source with pic of new prop config:
RAE: Erster Metroliner mit leisem Fünfblatt-Propeller EASA-zugelassen - FLUG REVUE (http://www.flugrevue.de/de/zivilluftfahrt/airlines-flugbetrieb/eae-erster-metroliner-mit-leisem-fuenfblatt-propeller-easa-zugelassen.9571.htm)

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