View Full Version : You Germanz are zo amusink, ja?

6th Apr 2009, 15:17
Just been checking airfares for 4 pax this Summer from Canada to UK. Ranged from $3600 (charters) to $4500 (AC / KLM / BMI etc).

As AC and BMI are part of the Star Alliance I tried Lufthansa's website. Almost booked as I thought it said $2,946.12.

Quick double-take revealed it was $29,946.12 :confused: :} :yuk:

Zo I vill stick to ein long und amusink thread about ze breaking ov ze vind, ja....

6th Apr 2009, 15:40

6th Apr 2009, 16:18
At least it was CAD, not EUR:ugh: