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6th Apr 2009, 05:32
As a proud septic I would like a little detailed education on ramp checks on this side of the pond.

I fly N and VP-B reg aircraft all Part 91 (non-AOC).

In the US we have a form that the FAA follows. Link is here:

Is there anything similar for ICAO? I was recently surprised by a German CAA guy who wanted to see my weight and balance (not required under Part 91 in the US) and wanted to know why we hadn't made notations on our "journey log" (the flight plan that Universal, Jepp, etc. give you). I explained that we did not need W&B under Part 91 and that there were no significant changes (i.e. we landed with more than 10,000 lbs of gas) to be noted on the journey log.


6th Apr 2009, 09:03
In Europe Inspections of aircraft (SAFA) are carried out in accordance EC/EASA Directives/Regulations. Link below:

Item 14 on the check list covers weight and balance

6th Apr 2009, 09:11
From my experience they want to see the usual aircraft and crew documentation, like registration, radio station licence, sometimes the AFM, insurance coverage, crew licences (radio operators licence too if its not integrated in the licence), logbooks (journeylog/aircraft hours, technical log, crew logbooks) and all documentation for that flight, like weatherbriefing package, NOTAM package, operational flightplan including the usual notations (one fuel check per hour of flight) and of course a load sheet (weight and balance).

I might have missed some since its been a while. For the flight log/operational flight plan i got once quite a speech about crew responsibility from a french CAA guy because we had only done one fuel check on an one hour twenty minute flight instead of two.

I'm sure someone will probably dig out the relevant CAA/EU-OPS rules about ramp checks :)

6th Apr 2009, 13:38
With regards to NOTAMs, What ones need to be legally carried? Apart from the obvious Departure and Arrival airports, do we really need to have a copy of all the cranes that have been erected for every airfield en-route? How about the FIR NOTAM's? I know in france this is a legal req. but not sure about the UK/EASA?

Dont mean to steal the thread, just seems relevent to your original post

6th Apr 2009, 14:21
France nearly always seems to march to a different drummer.
Some years ago, the French DGCA started to inspect every SVA TriStar that arrived at CDG...and there were six every week (excluding VIP charters, and there were several of those every week as well).
They wanted to see all paperwork (which included NOTAMS of course) and this included a complete external and internal inspection of the aircraft.
So, in classic form the FAA (which provided assistance to the Saudi PCA at the time) and the PCA started inspecting every French registered aircraft that arrived at in-country airports.
Three were found to have expired fire extinguishers, four were found to have outdated slides, several were found with incomplete documents, and then.....not one SVA flight was bothered in France.
No DGCA inspectors were seen for many years after.

Can't imagine why.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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