View Full Version : flying at night

5th Apr 2009, 23:57
Hey im new here but i only registered because this seems to be a whole forum based website on helicopters so you guys might know whats going on. I live in manchester and i keep seeing and hearing helicopters flying at night. its not like its somtimes but its everynight! for a few days its just been going in a circle infront of my house but now its gone more over to the right i dont think i can see it but i sure can hear it still.

so im basically wondering why has this has started? i have looked on the internet and read that other people have been subjected to the same kind of stuff and when i saw the dates they posted it, its all been recent too. so if anyone know why or have any leads whats happening it would be great coz its kinda freakin me out.......


6th Apr 2009, 00:54
:uhoh: Probably a local crime wave just down the street, and they're police helis...

PS. You are definitely posting on the wrong forum