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5th Apr 2009, 15:25
Hey i'm new to the forum, pretty much don't know where to get started.

How are you guys?

5th Apr 2009, 15:37
Just choose yourself a topic, read the contributions so far, and if you feel that you have something of interest to add, then just add your comments.
Of course, if you don't have anything relevant in mind then it's probably better to lurk and keep schtum until such time as you cannot resist contributing.
Just avoid the technical aviation threads unless you have a few thousand hours on type . . .

DX Wombat
5th Apr 2009, 16:26
Welcome. :) :ok:

5th Apr 2009, 16:32
You like guns?*

*note: not a serious question. Welcome, but be afraid. Be very afraid...

5th Apr 2009, 16:37
Welcome to the mad-house. Behave or get banned. OK?
(Pity about the Sydney bit, Ah well, never mind.)

5th Apr 2009, 16:37
This is JB. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.......

.....but you're still welcome. Very welcome! Nya ha ha!! :E

5th Apr 2009, 16:52
:O thanks for the welcome guys. This is going to be fun :).

Nice to meet you all.

any pilots or cabin crew here or just non aviation workers.

5th Apr 2009, 16:58
A lamb to the slaughter comes to mind.

5th Apr 2009, 16:59

Yeh don't corrupt my innocence :eek:

5th Apr 2009, 17:10
118...Do you ever feel the need to hang around the showers in the guys locker rooms?
Have you seen the movie 'Spartacus'?
Enjoy dogs hugging your leg?

5th Apr 2009, 17:12
A lamb to the slaughter comes to mind.

Not to worry.

I am sure that RT will have a recipe!

5th Apr 2009, 17:17
As you can no doubt tell, there are all sorts of oddities here,
From Aircrew to Zapateodo dancers. Enjoy!

PS, Don't stamp your feet on the way out, Thanks.

5th Apr 2009, 18:19
From Aircrew to Zapateodo dancers.

Zapateado. Olé! :p
(sorry, couldn't resist - beware of the spelling police!)

Noah Zark.
5th Apr 2009, 18:20
Yo, 118!
Welcome to J.B. Throw yourself into it.! Don't be afraid. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge on J.B. Likewise humour and wit. Respect, where due would be nice, and I'm sure would be returned. Likewise a bit of irreverance occasionally!
Hold on to your hat and enjoy!

5th Apr 2009, 18:37
I'm perhaps a bit slow....but..on your profile what does 'planes OBV' mean ?

5th Apr 2009, 19:10
Oh good! I like fresh meat! You lot are like mutton now.

5th Apr 2009, 19:21
Tell me Joey, ever been up front in a cockpit before?

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/FmHOteBVqKI&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/FmHOteBVqKI&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Enjoy, don't take anything too serious:)

5th Apr 2009, 19:50
Bl**dy spelling police! Always getting nacked!

5th Apr 2009, 19:56
NRU74: what does 'planes OBV' mean ?

Unless I'm much mistaken: "planes, obviously".

118: Just wondering, but if you don't know where to start and haven't found anything of particular interest, why join?

5th Apr 2009, 20:11
OBV - What does OBV stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the Free Online Dictionary. (http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/OBV)

5th Apr 2009, 20:32
'How are you guys?'

That's very kind of you to ask sergei118.

I am well thank you and doing some decorating at the moment. On Tuesday I'm ripping up the kitchen floor with a Kango hammer. Never used one before but I am told they are easy to control.

By now you are probably thinking you've joined a mad house. Well, let me let you into a secret. I am the only sensible person on here (there are some others who pretend to be: like Shytorque and Wirlysomethingorother but don't be taken in by them).

I am a very experienced aviator having 68 hours on an R22 - and that's all you really need on helicopters.

Incidentally, it is considered bad form round here to use correct spelling, we mostly use txt spk, so please note for your next post.

As for getting started it is traditional for new people to select a regular poster and insult them in some way. Don't worry there won't be any comeback - like I say it's just tradition.

OK, get started!


5th Apr 2009, 20:37
Cron, you are an evil genius. :D

5th Apr 2009, 20:40
A lamb to the slaughter comes to mind.

Not to worry.

I am sure that RT will have a recipe!

Or a pig roast.

Not to worry. Con-pilot will have a recipe.

Welcome, but take it from someone who has endured some growing pains here, the quality-control is generally high - especially in the bona fide tech forums, and it is not the place for a "Dr. Phil" moment as the angst of the love lost is not encouraged.

Oh....and one more thing....and this is from personal experience. They are also sensitive about things that go up (and sometimes come down). It's not what you think. I'm not talking about the benefits of that little blue pill.


5th Apr 2009, 20:42
Bl**dy spelling police! Always getting nacked!

Nee Naw .. and .. screech ... as the Spelling police arrive mob handed. We happily "nick" people but we never "nacker them".

Err, unless the CCTV is guaranteed to be turned off that is :}

galaxy flyer
5th Apr 2009, 20:45
Welcome, but a WARNING


I'm not talking about the benefits of that little blue pill.

Oh yes, she is. :ugh:


tony draper
5th Apr 2009, 20:54
Watch out for people trying to groom you on chat,offering you rides in airyplanes and such or asking if you would like to see some puppies.
One shall not name names.:rolleyes:

5th Apr 2009, 21:09
How are you guys?

Terrible thank you. I ate way too much and drank way too much last night.

I'm getting too old for this shi......err, nonsense. :\

(I think it was the third sniffer of Brandy that did me in.)

5th Apr 2009, 21:21
Before engaging you are obliged to watch the PPRuNe training DVD, Gladiator starring Russell Crowe!:ok:

Good Luck!

5th Apr 2009, 21:55
the PPRuNe training DVD, Gladiator starring Russell Crowe

Pshaw! they had that on Watch with Mother. Try the first half-hour of 'Saving Private Ryan'.

5th Apr 2009, 22:31
Try the first half-hour of 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Hey, keymusic, it's just taken me about 5 minutes to figure out what you were talking about.

I made the mistake of thinking you meant "Private Benjamin".

The penny has just dropped!

5th Apr 2009, 22:37
So he is from the Österr Bridgesport Verband.

Ancient Observer
5th Apr 2009, 22:41
I think you'd better read some of the other parts of this site to get a more representative set of replies.
Your first target is obviously to say something really sensible that "Rainboe" will take exception to. Them, make a technical error, and be shot down by some of the amateur Investigators. AAIB stands for, obviously, the Amateur Aviator Investigation Board. (Sorry to that nice man who obviously had lots of BA hours and knows his/her technology, in a gentlemanly sort of way).

However, to truly belong, a one page monologue against the press (excuse me while I vomit) is the standard starting point.

5th Apr 2009, 22:50
I Love Jesus Christ. Do you?

Taken from another thread....well newbie do you ?? BTW Welcome to JB ....

5th Apr 2009, 22:54
Talk about trial by fire, FLCH, give the chap a chance.

He's already doing a damned sight better than HALO.

Welcome, Serge.

5th Apr 2009, 22:58

You don't like Brussels sprouts do you? :suspect:

5th Apr 2009, 23:09
OK OK ....Welcome Serge, welcome to JB you'll find all manner of folk, some a little rougher than others, but please be aware those that are thin skinned will be easily offended, but nonetheless have fun and don't take it all too seriously. Hugs and kisses FLCH. :)

5th Apr 2009, 23:26
Serge, BigGreenGilbert has just graciously provided an example of the type traditional first post insult needed for full membership.

To wit: 'fairly typical JB thread, full of [email protected] talking sh!te !'

Big' uses the 'scattergun' form of the post (usually, but not exclusively, employed by seasoned posters) and note he or she is careful to include him/herself in the degradation. This is illustrative of the common bond between posters.

If we are fortunate Big' will further contribute an exemplar of a more focused form any moment now.



5th Apr 2009, 23:31
You've lasted longer than the guy selling religion . . .

Chesty Morgan
6th Apr 2009, 00:12
'planes OBV'

Oh good, a carpenter. We need one of thoose.:E

6th Apr 2009, 00:17
Oh good, a carpenter. We need one of thoose.
Are you referring back to the religious thread and building of the Ark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0KHt8xrQkk)?

Chesty Morgan
6th Apr 2009, 00:22
I don't know much about religion but I do know Noah would have done better to use carbon fibre.

6th Apr 2009, 00:39
And Noah didn't outsource.

6th Apr 2009, 00:46

THREE HAPENCE A FOOT (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/barnicle/stanley/words/three%20ha%27pence%20a%20foot.htm)

6th Apr 2009, 01:06

Welcome to the deep end of PPRuNe. I'm an old fart who used to be a pilot and now just flies models and f'n' big kites with me attached to the bottom end of the strings - just here for the banter these days.
I hope you like cats; if you don't, leave mine alone or you will be exterminated.


6th Apr 2009, 03:07
Exactly, Rod, liking cats is mandatory.

Or tank cat will sit on you


galaxy flyer
6th Apr 2009, 03:21
Planned ahead, too; it wasn't raining when he started out with the cubits.


kiwi chick
6th Apr 2009, 11:00
Hi Sergei118

How are you guys?

Rumour has it there's a few girls floating round in here as well... just nod, smile and don't piss them off, and you'll be fine :E

Sigh... I love Jet Blast :ok:

6th Apr 2009, 13:08
Has he gone yet?

Sergei - there's more to Pprune than Jet Blast.

Just that we choose not to tell you.

6th Apr 2009, 13:17
Mornin' KC

How's life goin' on the squadron then? You must be there by now.
The Ancient Mariner

6th Apr 2009, 13:33
Yeah Galaxy Flyer, Noah indeed "Planned ahead, too; it wasn't raining when he started out with the cubits."

Maybe he should have been in charge of Sunday's F-1 race.

Cubits....sounds like a good name for an East European F-1 driver, doesn't it ?


6th Apr 2009, 13:36
I'm surprised that no one has warned you that FSL (First Sea Lord) Admiral Tony Draper has a proprietary interest in JB and should not be offended. One should never mention the French to avoid his wrath.

6th Apr 2009, 13:42
I wasn't going to mention that, seacue.
Walls have ears (as well as sausages) . . .

6th Apr 2009, 13:49
I think you've all gone and scared poor Sergei away. Poor lad, he'll probably never fly again :{

Chesty Morgan
6th Apr 2009, 13:56
drapˇer (drā'pər) Pronunciation Key
n. Chiefly British
A dealer in cloth or clothing and dry goods.

[Middle English, weaver or seller of cloth, from Old French drapier, from drap, cloth; see drape.]

Uh oh! Don't tell 'im Pike.


6th Apr 2009, 14:00
Bienvenue Sergei,

Don't ever tell anyone here if you are also interested in aviation related stamps and postal history. It's a boo-boo here; you're gonna need an asbestos coat and/or a flak jacket, to begin with.
Then, feel free to fire away your contributions. If I don't agree -- unless it's a comment ad personam -- I normally do not engage (I try to skip messages/threads I am not interested about).

If you go to your "User control panel", you will notice that you can put any eventual antipathetic user in your ignore list: by this means, you will not see his/her contributions. I am pondering whether to put two selected Users in there. But this would have its obvious contraindications and drawbacks (e.g. : one might not be able to understand a conversation or the meaning of some posts).

Have fun!

6th Apr 2009, 14:00
Bloody hell. Sergei hardly got a word in.

Try to be Nice, like the biscuits.

6th Apr 2009, 14:07
Perhaps he has already used the "ignore lists"! ;-)

6th Apr 2009, 14:12
Hey 118,

As another colonial, welcome, it's an interesting place JetBlast. The Friday Joke by far the best.

Cron, thanks for your posts here, hilarious

Straight Home and Don't Spare the Horses.

6th Apr 2009, 14:55

[/URL][URL="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/barnicle/stanley/words/three%20ha%27pence%20a%20foot.htm"]THREE HAPENCE A FOOT (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/barnicle/stanley/words/three%20ha%27pence%20a%20foot.htm)

I performed this monologue many years ago for a Christmas turn at the office party, having been inspired by a recording of Mike Harding. But there's another verse, at least according to my memory of the recording.

"Nay, lad" said Noah
"It'll rain a lot more I'll be bound,
Come lad, sell us your Maple"
"Bugger Off!" said Sam
and then drowned!


Thread drift, again, sorry :uhoh:.....welcome to JB!:ok:

Paradise Lost
6th Apr 2009, 15:31
Sergei 118....you're not perchance a Muscovite masquerading as an Aussie are you?
And where or who are the other 117 Sergei's.....please invite them in to the parlour too.
PS It doesn't matter if you are a Russki, but it's just good to see you being devious so early in your Pprune career. Welcome.

6th Apr 2009, 15:41
Chavin' awa' Sergei, thanks for asking. How about you? Do tell us a little about yourself! ;)

6th Apr 2009, 15:45
G-CPTN. I always thought that Walls have ears, and put them
in their sausages??