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2nd Apr 2009, 14:36
When instructing modular PPL (JAA), meaning the students have completed all theoretical exams before flying (or at least before solo flight), what briefings are expected?

What do you expect your student to know?

2nd Apr 2009, 17:56
I don't think I have ever heard of PPL training being referred to as "modular" it is usually either concentrated into a few weeks, or conducted over a period of months or even years.

As there is no formal requirement for theoretical training for a JAA PPL it is quite unlikely that the students will complete all the exams before starting to fly.

It is up to the instructor to determine what they know prior to each flight exercise as you brief them on the exercise you are going to teach. If they have studied the ground school prior to flying, they may have some misconceptions that you have to correct as part of their teaching. It can be a problem teaching basics if the student has tried to get too far ahead.

The important thing is never assume anything, brief each exercise concisely before you fly. Their knowledge should become apparent in the check of understanding.

If they have attended a good ground school then it should make you job easier. I have yet to encounter such a situation.

9th Apr 2009, 19:34
Are you referring to students of ATPL exams who have opted for the Modular route? Whichever it is quite distinct - pre-flight briefings are about the fying exercise and if theoretical knowledge is required it wil be either given or checked that it is already attained, otherwise a different exercise or no flight may be necessary.

Pre-flight briefings are completely separate from the exsams and are specific to aircraft and the particular exercise of the flying syllabus at whatever level in my experience.

9th May 2009, 16:50
Thank you for both your inputs.

In my reference to modular PPL training I was referring to completing the PPL outside the part of an integrated education of becoming a commercial pilot.
The briefings I was mentioning are "long briefings". As you mentioned, pre-flight briefings are about the particular lesson. Long briefings are presented when introducing a new exercise. It is suppose to last for about two hours, differing on the subject, and I find it very thorough theoretically.

Referring to the book "Flight Instructors Manual" by R. D. Campbell, there are good explanations of the conduct of long briefings. And the theoretical knowledge suppose to be presented are on the detailed level of the PPL theoretical books and examination which the student already have completed, or is going to complete on the ground course / self study.

So how do you as a flight instructor usually conduct these long briefings? Do you use a standard presentation or do you present it orally and consider the students theoretical knowledge?

I am grateful for any tip that can make me a better instructor. :)