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30th Mar 2009, 15:57
Smiliner reports a new 146 operator "EFLY" starting operations next month in Malta. Anyone know any more about them?

13th Apr 2009, 19:05
Anyone have any details on this new Malta based 146 start up, supposedly starting this month. Any website, contacts, routes etc ??

13th Apr 2009, 22:58
Efly website (http://www.efly.it/) (but there's not a lot there, so far)

See also: New Maltese airline to operate BAe 146s (http://www.smiliner.com/news/current.shtml#0903_07)

14th Apr 2009, 02:18
It was noted on another thread that Efly have their aircraft for sale - http://www.pprune.org/terms-endearment/366761-anyone-heard-hiring-pilots-bae146-rj-2.html

14th Apr 2009, 11:57
Mmmmm the website doesn't give too much away does it :confused:

The page mentions Full Company S.r.l. - who are they :uhoh:

15th Apr 2009, 11:37
Wynnwith are advertising via Aviation job search for 146 rated captains for Efly. Although I believe the start date has been delayed, they are still looking for more captains. However it is somewhat worrying that Efly have both their aircraft up for sale.:bored:

15th Apr 2009, 13:30
I also see Ford Motor Company are flying again, this time with G-OFMC. Who's operating it ??

15th Apr 2009, 16:06
G-OFMC is the same RJ100 that they operated on their SEN-CGN shuttle for the past couple of years, until they suspended all operations in December last year.

If your information on a re-start comes from Airliner World, all I can say is that nobody else seems to have any information which confirms this as being the case and they certainly haven't recommenced operations yet.

15th Apr 2009, 16:11
Not Airliner World, I was told by a friend. Last I saw it was in Palma last October.

16th Apr 2009, 03:26
Could be Nex Aviation, rumour has it that they were trying to take it over... not sure what they are using for an AOC though.

16th Apr 2009, 12:40
Efly website has now been updated, and mentions seeking BAe 146 flight crew (to be based in Malta or Catania) and cabin crew.

27th Apr 2009, 03:06
That (efly.it) domain now points to a Sicilian marina! So are Efly stillborn?

27th Apr 2009, 18:10
That (efly.it) domain now points to a Sicilian marina! So are Efly stillborn?

? Site works fine for me.

27th Apr 2009, 18:16
Yep and me. Although if you type 'efly marina' into yahoo search you get and the cached version is a marina site. Looks like it was used by a marina in the past

28th Apr 2009, 04:25
Yep, fine now. Yesterday it was pointing at "Marina Siracusa"...

So does anyone know anything about them?

27th May 2009, 12:13
Website up to it's old tricks. Takes you to the marina site again. Interestingly the logo for the marina is the same as that on the tail of the Efly 146, so perhaps there is a link?

I understand that the first 146 arrived in Malta a couple of weeks ago now and operations were due to start as soon as the AOC was issued. Anyone know what the current situation is?

1st Jun 2009, 23:23
As of 31 May both aircraft were still at Exeter with the first carrying a Malta registration under the UK marks.

2nd Jul 2009, 18:34
Update here: timesofmalta.com - Efly plans to offer low cost business travel (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090702/local/efly-plans-to-offer-low-cost-business-travel)

Says there planning flights to LGW, surely LCY would be a better option? Considering KM has taken over BA's slots and there a business airline?

3rd Jul 2009, 09:32
Probably a little too far to get from LCY to Malta with performance restrictions.

Funnily enough, that was one of the main reasons that the RJX was developed - the extra performance and efficiency would turn a marginal destination into a relatively easy one. Some prime Euro destinations are just out of reach of a 146 from LCY.

3rd Jul 2009, 11:05
Not a hope of working. Firstly LGW - MLA is on the limits for a 146. Secondly, my economics suggest an average yield requirement ex taxes at 70% load factor of €165 per sector. Selling economy at €50, forget it! They do not hold an AOC, so how are they applying for slots? Also heard there has been a lot of key departures in the last week, head of flight ops and head of engineering. Don't get me wrong I hope it works, but you need to get the fundamentals spot on very quickly to stand any chance!

3rd Jul 2009, 12:17
You can apply for slots if your AIC is pending, exactly as Easy (and others) did.

I'd be careful about spreading rumours of key staff leaving, there have been a lot of rumours about the demise of Efly and all have turned out to be false so far. My info from someone there is quite different - but who knows...

7th Jul 2009, 17:04
Turns out the rumours of key people leaving are true! Sounds as though Efly are in considerable disarray. I'm trying to work out if I should be surprised or not!

23rd Jul 2009, 18:58
latest update: timesofmalta.com - Efly fails to get off the ground (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090723/local/efly-fails-to-get-off-the-ground)

28th Aug 2009, 15:08
timesofmalta.com - Efly to launch daily Catania flights next month (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20090827/local/efly-to-launch-daily-catania-flights-next-month)

28th Aug 2009, 15:10
Since the CEO resigned probably that was the problem for not issuing the permit!!He was also the ceo of Air Sicilia.

Mister Geezer
28th Aug 2009, 18:41
From the Times of Malta article - 27 August

Sources said the airline was also planning to launch services to major European airports. Last month, Efly’s former chief executive officer Luigi Crispino said the airline had applied to operate the London Gatwick route following British Airways’s planned departure from the island in October.

I hope he has done his research since I would not like to do MLA-LGW in a BAe 146. You need a healthy tailwind to enable you to make that in one hop!

29th Aug 2009, 09:36
The flight Malta LGW is via Catania initially were the plans!!Cannot understand why they choose the 146!!I would prefferred the EMB145

8th Sep 2009, 15:41
9H-ELE EFLY flew yesterday form Malta to Cologne not sure if a charter flight from there onwards but from here left using registration!!

10th Sep 2009, 10:55
Is it true that BA are going to stop flying from LGW to Catania from October? Can still book flights via the BA website.

10th Sep 2009, 22:37
There is a picture on the web showing it being pushed into a hangar at Cologne, so I suggest that this was a possitioning flight for maintenance.

7th Nov 2009, 07:12
Efly ceased ops 2days ago.Very said to see this after less than 2months!!

7th Nov 2009, 08:36
According to their press release, they've ceased scheduled ops (Malta-Catania) but continue operating charters and ACMI work.

Teddy Robinson
7th Nov 2009, 15:17
timesofmalta.com - Efly blames uneven playing field for ceasing flights (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20091106/local/efly-ceases-scheduled-operations)

7th Nov 2009, 16:39
just watch Air Malta's fares on the same route now rocket in price!