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30th Mar 2009, 09:23
One of the other threads got me thinking.

Would CC want to know if there were any PPRUNERS flying with them? Presuming of course that they were not just angling for an upgrade

On one hand it might be nice to know (and you can be sure at least that passenger will listen attentively to safety briefing or get flamed here), but on the other hand you might feel an unfair expectation to provide a more personal service.

For example on long-haul I walk around a lot, and on eastbound that means I often end up near the galley when most pax are asleep. I wouldn't want CC to feel they had to talk to me in such circumstances, but they might if they knew I was a PPRuner.

30th Mar 2009, 10:47
I think it is nice when someone comes to the galley for a chat or a cup of tea during these long quiet night flights. That said, however, only if they can see that we are not busy at that time... Whether you are a PPruner or not, you are most certainly welcome to my galley!

30th Mar 2009, 14:09
I admit it - I would be impressed to fly with PPRuNer crew - a fair few of the flight deck seem to know of the site but usually if I mention it in back galley I get a blank look.. probably depends on the airline you're in - I've noticed there's a very uneven representation of the world's airlines here! :O

30th Mar 2009, 16:24
To be honest I don't think it would make much, if any difference to CC if you were a PPRune member or not. In my opinion, the vast majority of CC are going to treat you in the same way regardless, provided you're not being a pain! As a commercial passenger and as an ID90 standby, I have found that most CC are happy to chat at the galleys provided you're not getting in the way at busy times or otherwise stopping them from doing their jobs. It's probably a welcome break for them too on long night sectors...:)

Most flight crew are well aware of PPRune so I guess that's the difference between the FC and CC regarding this site. As was said to me when doing my PPL, "most pilots like to talk about being pilots" and almost all are interested if you have an interest in flying and will chat away quite happily!

Just my 0.02.

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