View Full Version : 737 NG New Normal Procedures and Normal Checklists by Boeing

28th Mar 2009, 23:27

In my Company we have 732-200 and 500. Now buying NG's. We where looking at the original new Boeing Normal Procedures and Normal Checklists.

Does anybody uses this way of flying or do you change them to in house made company procedures and Checklists?

Any good or bad experience with the new Boeing Normal Procedures and Normal Checklists?



29th Mar 2009, 03:02
Very little difference in checklist from the original -100 to the -900. Some companies try to re-invent the wheel by amending the checklist. I am sure your company will either follow the Boeing checklist or incorporate their procedures into the -800 checklist.

29th Mar 2009, 03:24
Having not flown Boeing now for 15 months, I don't know if the procedures have recently changed for the better. They were deficient in that they appeared not to properly cater for bleed-off takeoffs. In our operation we modified the after start checklist to reconfigure the bleeds as necessary, rather than do it approaching the runway. Then we required specific responses from the checklist at or before reaching 10,000ft to make sure that the engine bleeds and packs were properly configured. Otherwise we stuck closely to the Boeing format.

30th Mar 2009, 20:52