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17th Mar 2009, 13:10
Hi there

I have applied to NATS this year for the second time (applied last year and got through to stage 3) and have my initial tests on 30 April.

I feel it would definitely be of some benefit to make a visit to a control centre. As I live in Bournemouth I was thinking of going to Bournemouth and maybe Swanwick as well - has anyone got any pointers for me on how to go about doing this??

Thanks :ok:

17th Mar 2009, 13:14
Someone is bound to send you a PM with info.... in the meantime, how about belling Bournemouth Tower, telling them the story and asking if you can visit? Security causes all sorts of problems nowadays but you may just be lucky.

Good luck; hope all goes well for you.

17th Mar 2009, 13:45
Thanks for the info - sounds like a nightmare!

17th Mar 2009, 14:09
I don't suppose anyone else is doing their initial tests on 30 April (pm) in Whiteley who doesn't live too far from Bournemouth??

17th Mar 2009, 14:18
<<sounds like a nightmare>>

No, that comes after you are fully trained and working as an ATCO!!!

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