View Full Version : Cat III C Autoland Lateral Track Requirements

16th Mar 2009, 17:19
Are there FAA or U.S. Code of Federal Regulation references for runway centerline lateral track performance requirements for Cat III C autoland operations for large Boeing and Airbus planes?

Have seen references to 737-800 autoland discrepancy form items such as:

Aircraft fails to maintain runway track within +/- 22 feet of centerline

OneHandbookNew.dot (http://fsims.faa.gov/wdocs/8900.1/v04%20ac%20equip%20&%20auth/chapter%2002/04_002_008.htm)

Any other regulation or performance references for major planes on major runways?

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16th Mar 2009, 19:51
Heve a look at ILS Cat.IIIa and Cat.IIIb standards.
There is no such thing as Cat.IIIc operations in USA.
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