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2nd Oct 2001, 22:02
Euroceltic are soon to launch a service from Liverpool to Luton. It is to be a twice daily rotation.

A map on the Euroceltic site (www.euroceltic.com) also shows a link to Waterford from Liverpool, so completing a triangular network linking Liverpool/Luton/Waterford.

Luke Mc
3rd Oct 2001, 00:14
This is good news as there is a market for a LPL-LTN service as EZY proved, I heard that it was in the winter timetable but not exactly sure about that, can anyone tell me more?

3rd Oct 2001, 01:36
I recall the first EZY LPL-LTN flight back in I think Aug '99, I was on that very first flight at around 6.30am. It was half empty. I used it as a connector via a traul across London to LHR to fly a Balkan TU-154M to Sofia.

I was hoping the fat greek would be aboard giving out champagne (as I was told he would be)and I could slip him my CV... EZY 737 here I come, even Stel can appreciate that sort of initiative!!!!

However EZY were launching another service the same day, and the fat greek decided to be on that instead. How inconsiderate! :D

Ended up on the 737-200... 4000km away :D

3rd Oct 2001, 01:48
Sorry but LTN-LPL [and a] WFD (via LTN???)
does NOT make a triangular service. The web site gives LTN-WFD....and "watch this space for a LPL-LTN service"
Have I missed something? :confused:
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

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3rd Oct 2001, 02:09
Map shows three different routes:
i. LPL to LTN
ii. LTN to WAT
iii. WAT to LPL

Could be interesting because easyJet are strongly rumoured to re-enter the LPL/LTN (or even to Gatwick) route!!!!!

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3rd Oct 2001, 03:20
Well, I took the initiative and called both these operators before 1900 this evening.

Spoke to, I believe, Mary @ EuroCeltic. "There are no plans currently to operate LPL-LTN, although it is still considered one of many possibilities for the future."

The big orange offerred a very succint reply...."Don't believe all the crap you read on PPRUNE" :D


One Sixty

3rd Oct 2001, 13:10

The Euroceltic web site is still displaying the headline re:LPL/LTN and there is also a map showing LPL/LTN, LPL/WAT and LTN/WAT.

Although there are no times, I have a "rumour" of what to expect for LPL/LTN:

LPL-LTN 0645-0745 (days 1-2-3-4-5)
LTN-LPL 0845-0945 (days 1-2-3-4-5)
LPL-LTN 0730-0830 (day 6)
LTN-LPL 1025-1125 (day 6)
LPL-LTN 1600-1700 (days 1-2-3-4-5-7)
LTN-LPL 1745-1845 (days 1-2-3-4-5)
LTN-LPL 1700-1800 (day 7)

7th Oct 2001, 22:02

Your timetable seems spot on, although i've seen one with a midday service. All flights
have ECY32X flight numbers.

The Luton to Waterford timetable will be slightly adjusted from the 15th to accommodate
the Luton to Liverpool service.

The plan is to operate as follows - aircraft A - LPL/LTN/WAT and back, aircraft B - WAT/LTN/LPL and back.

Someone said on another thread that Euroceltic has 50% loads to LTN-WAT. They are actually over 70+%.
In 2000 BRAL operated STN - WAT and carried 13,000 pax. In Euroceltic's 6 1/2 months ops they have
carried 18,500+ pax.

From what i have heard LTN-LPL will be announced shortly (before the end of the month ?). LPL-WAT is
due to start march/april 2002.

I also heard that Euroceltic have a new MD (ex Brymon) anyone heard this ?



Luke Mc
7th Oct 2001, 23:46
What is an MD?

8th Oct 2001, 00:10
Seems these "rumours" are all true and the route is being sold from the 15th Oct if all goes well.
According to an "insider" the new MD is Mike Johnston... ex Brymon and the company are considering other aircraft types in line with expansion.
Good luck to them.

8th Oct 2001, 00:36
Luke, it's like a CD, only smaller.
May the force be with you! ;)

8th Oct 2001, 01:05

Can you confirm that LTN-WAT is operated a 50 seat aircraft and the STN-WAT service was operated by a 29 seat aircraft?


8th Oct 2001, 02:03
Euroceltic's online booking service gives the option for the Liverpool/Luton and Liverpool/Waterford routes but will not give any times for them.

As I said before that EZY is rumoured to return to the Liverpool/Luton route and is looking into the possibilities for Liverpool to Gatwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh routes.

The more slot constrained UK airports are more likely to get connections into mainland Europe than domestic flights.

8th Oct 2001, 19:36
Any more news on this..? Especially the EZY GAT-LPL stuff.

Lets hope someone starts up soon, quite a handy little route that.(LPL-LTN)

Luke Mc
8th Oct 2001, 21:26
I think LPL-LGW would be a good operation if the slots become avadible. It would give a link to London and the SE for LPL, and give the possibility of international connections but the only prob with that would be you have to book EZY flight separate and recliam baggage and check it in again at LGW, but despite that do you think such a route would at least give access to LGWs international route network? Also I think a 3 or 4 times a day operation would be suitable to start with. Anyone agree?

8th Oct 2001, 23:14
One multi-national insurance company would love a Liverpool/Gatwick link.

Currently it sends hundreds of people per week via another air link or down on the disgraceful west-coast train line and across London.

9th Oct 2001, 01:57
There will be an official announcement from Euroceltic in the next few days - www.euroceltic.com (http://www.euroceltic.com)

LPL-LTN will start on Wednesday 17th October.
WAT-LPL will start on Monday 9th November.


9th Oct 2001, 21:35
160to4DME (""There are no plans currently to operate LPL-LTN...") don't always believe what you are told by call centre operators over the phone, trust others! Stay tuned for other UK routes with easyJet from Liverpool.

Euroceltic will build up frequency from two daily to four daily, Monday to Friday, flights plus two on Saturdays and Sundays between Liverpool and Luton.

This will give approx 60000 seats per annum. Considering easyJet flew 230000 pax in the last full twelve months of operation the route should certainly be a success.

9th Oct 2001, 22:25
Euroceltic.com informs us that all seats for the first two weeks of the new service from Liverpool to Luton will be sold on line for 30 + 5 tax single.

9th Oct 2001, 22:43
5 tax...5 TAX!!
Who is going to pay the rest then???? :confused:
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

17th Oct 2001, 22:49
All the latest on LTN-LPL / WAT-LPL (http://www.euroceltic.com)