View Full Version : C525 flap setting on ground

15th Mar 2009, 18:45

Any CJ driver (or anybody else) knows why the flaps on the C525 (I fly a CJ1+) have to be in T/O position when the aircraft is parked? We recently had a AOG due to a hydraulic leak on the left wing portion and suspect that it might be due to having the flaps in the UP instead of the T/O position a couple of times when the aircraft was on the ground (of course, the origin of the leak may be due to other reasons but I was wondering if it was such a fundamental difference if the flaps were UP or in T/O).


15th Mar 2009, 19:53
On the cable operated flaps of the CE 500 series, the flaps should be left in take off position to relieve stretching of the cables.

In the case of hydraulic operated flaps there is no good reason to leave flaps partially extended. Doing so exposes the extended hydraulic actuators to the elements.

16th Mar 2009, 07:13
on the early Citation 3, the instruction was to leave first stage flap down, when on the ground.

Due to the (regular) failure of the flap motor and its sync sensor...(I think).

1st stage flap, was then possible for take off, and flight, and landing.

Perhaps zero flap not approved for TO.??????

Not flown a C3 for many years, but we did have TWO failures of sync.