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14th Mar 2009, 22:39
Hi Embraer guys,

A question about the use of anti-ice system on the 135/145:
By your SOP, do you switch on the a/i sytem manually before entering ice condition (for e.g. descending into visible moisture with TAT in the icing range) or you just wait for the automatics to kick in?
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14th Mar 2009, 23:13
For normal in flight operations the Ice Detection Override knob would be left at AUTO (which will turn on both Engine and Airframe anti-icing if ice is detected). However if ice accretion is observed on windscreen/wipers and the system has not operated then the policy is to put the Override knob to ALL which turns on the anti-icing protection. (There was a case a number of years ago where the sensors did not operate in time resulting in an autopilot disconnect and a rapid roll - hence this policy).

Having said that normally the Auto system works just fine.

Slightly different procedures for ground ops and take off in icing conditions below 1500' - in this case the Ice Detection Override knob is placed to ENG thus turning on engine anti-icing protection without relying on Auto sensing. Goes back to AUTO in the after take-off checks.

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