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14th Mar 2009, 15:23
I think a Q300 fully loaded with pax for a 30min flight can take off from 800m, but Im not sure. So can someone please say if its possible?
Thanks alot!

14th Mar 2009, 15:33
Yes it can... I have no tech info with me, but yesterday morning I was a pax on a Q300 taking off from Caticlan (MPH) airport, rwy lenght 810m.

The flight was full and flight time was approx 1 hr.

Hope this helps.


14th Mar 2009, 17:45
Thanks alot!

14th Mar 2009, 20:01

when in doubt consult the AFM...although in my little experience i would have to think its possible...of course u need to provide more data as to wht engines and is ur particular a/c has is it a HGW? wind? slope? rwy surface?...of course if the question would be landing then id gladly have said..YES

keep it up there fellows,

no more 406pilot

14th Mar 2009, 20:14
Tu145lover - if I recall, you've already asked the same question regarding both the ATR72 and the Saab 340. An 800m runway is a difficult proposition for a commercial operation, unless of course you "downsize" to Cessna Caravan or Twin Otter size!

The answer is evident; get the runway extended! ;)

14th Mar 2009, 20:33
Haha, I only think its quite intresting with the runway performance. But ifmy questions irratate you, dont look at the threads ;)

15th Mar 2009, 00:31
TU154lover Performance is interesting yes, but please don't open
new disscusions when you may ask this kind of questions in your already
well built thread about other Dash,ATR performances.
Not to say your thoughts aren't acceptable, they just seem to be a little
bit hard to answer. When talking about runway performances there aren't
just only runway length that may be the biggest problem - don't forget
obstacle limits, second segment climb, derate your engines for best
quality, and don't forget, is this route really important?
The differences are handful- important operation or not? If just dreaming
you can go down on every runway that may be capable and unload plane,
new passengers and not to forget the fuel. 800m is a short distance for
any commercial airplane, not to say it won't make it - just get yourself a
good thought about why are you interested in just this length, is it a spec.
airport that makes this interesting? If no people live there or if they have
no interest of getting away with connection flights or just getting away
there are no reason of starting a route at this airport.
If just dreaming, you should also ask yourself. How do i get acces to this
information by myself? Well, for Dash it's not so easy - they seem to not
put any freeware tables for sharing on the net. So for getting exact values
you need the AOM - and that one you won't get by yourself, it's for the
man/woman that flies the aircraft who have acces to this data.
I'm sorry but i think you should go a step further with your knowledge of
performance, to know which is most restricting at a given time.
TODA, ASDA , TORA , LDA everyting needs to be checked up before start
this kind of insane operation. Then you need to clear all obstacles with the
critical engine failed after V1 as well as before V1 (before, you just need
to stop on the runway) and not forget runway slope, you may be CMB LMT
So it's not sure you can get all 50 pax (?) off the runway every day.
Trust me - comming days when you no longer wished you were born :E

15th Mar 2009, 01:28
I fly regularly Gatwick-Plymouth and back. Air Southwest use the Q300 I recall (correct me if wrong) Plymouth runway is 2490ft/830 yards (in the old money) so 800mtrs might be a bit longer.

No probs, posting as a pax.

15th Mar 2009, 01:57
Air Southwest do indeed use the Q300.

Last i heard they have five.


15th Mar 2009, 14:03
Yes, but why I do new threads is because I never get answer if I ask in the same thread. I tested to put the Saab question in the ATR without any response. And yes, the performance depends on slope, tempertature etc.

15th Mar 2009, 14:45
Checking the AIP, Plymouth's instrument approach runway is 13/31 which is quite a bit longer (TODA 1168m for instance).

Tu154lover - I was being ironical of course! I actually find this thread quite entertaining! As has been mentioned, there is a lot above and beyond the runway length that needs to be considered (QNH, temperature, derate if applicable, slope, wind, weight, etc). So what might look OK on a given day might not be feasible the next due to weather conditions etc. It wouldn't be a good commercial proposition for an operator to fly with some seats blocked when the conditions on the day would actually have allowed them to be filled, or conversely to sell seats only to realise on the day that some PAX or bags (or both) have to be offloaded due performance. Catch-22...

Cheers :cool:

15th Mar 2009, 17:19
Just out of my own experience... we fly the Dash 8-300 to a 900 m-Runway (only in summer :( ) and depending on the wind, it can get a very tight calculation, where you start taking the QNH, every knot of wind, every Temperature in calculation.

As for 800 m, assumed no obstacle around:
No wind, no slope, flaps 15 and 800m would give you a take-off weight at sea-level of about 36000 lbs at 20 or just below 38000 ft at 0.

Crew-version 2/2 and a light catering would give you a weight of about 27.000 pounds. Add about 2000 lbs of fuel (600 for half an hour reserve, about 700 for the half-hour flight, 200 taxi-fuel and 500 alternate about 15 mins away), and you look at a traffic-load of 7000 lbs at 20C. That would mean: 37 pax, no luggage, or at 0C: 9000 lbs: about 41 pax with 15 kg handluggage.

Hope that helps ;)

15th Mar 2009, 21:03
Thanks alot Eliason! That helped very much!:ok:

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