View Full Version : New 777RR fuel/oil heat exchanger on the way..

Sonny Hammond
12th Mar 2009, 15:02
'Urgent' repair recommended for some Boeing 777 engines - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/03/11/boeing.redesign/index.html)

Thanks CNN.

I like the comment that the ntsb didn't consider grounding the whole fleet...

12th Mar 2009, 15:44
Well thats some kind of news.......but all the investigations so far have ended with ''MAY BE'' there was ice build-up but they still havent concluded whether ''THAT WAS'' the cause, so why redesigning??? something interesting to talk about then........:)

12th Mar 2009, 15:56
You can bank on NTSB having considered a grounding recommendation.
The NTSB is a fact finding advisory panel, similar to a Grand Jury. They deliver their recommendations to the FAA, which has the power of LAW.

The higher up the Food chain, the more visible the executive decisions.
Grounding is not casual, it is a massive step.


12th Mar 2009, 16:31
Yeah, Airfoilmod is right and Also, there is always a prestige and pressure issue.....777s are marketed by Boeing as their Flagship, and grounding all of them with RR Engines on a global scale, will be a major disaster especially when 787s is delayed and Boeing is offering 777s as cheaper alternative to fill the 787s gap.......

....so imagine where will Boeing stand if FAA/ NTSB ground all the 777s???? IT will never happen as far as I can see............Safety is for people like you and me who believe in it.......try explaining it to some top Bean Counter of a Mega Company.........they just know how to convert everything into Dollars or Euros or Pounds:E

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