View Full Version : EASA certification of An-2 in Europe

Minorite invisible
11th Mar 2009, 19:41
I just finished reading a book from the Red Star collection on the Antonov An-2.

It mentions that in the seventies, Polish built Antonov An2 aircraft were sold for commercial use in France, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as in Poland itself.

Although true that these aircraft do not meet today's certification standards, why aren't these aircraft allowed to continue working commercially under some grandfather laws in western Europe as they do in Eastern Europe?

Why do grandfather clauses allow aircraft such as DC-3s, Beech 18s, Beavers and Otters, which do not meet today's certification standards, to continue commercial operations, but forbids An-2s?

Does anyone understand the technical reasons?

11th Mar 2009, 20:19
There is no technical reason... Double standarts, you know