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10th Mar 2009, 09:11
Hi guys,

Just had a query with regard to the A320 RTOW charts. On the bottom right corner, you have probably noticed a small entry saying Min Acc. Height and Max. Acc. height as well as Min. QNH alt. and Max QNH alt. Could anyone please shed light on the logic behind these figures because my understanding of them being the heights above elevation of the field doesnt quite fit.

Cheers !!

10th Mar 2009, 14:53
Min Acc Height - Minimum Height above Airport elevation for SINGLE engine ACCEL

Min Acc QNH Alt - same thing but wif reference to QNH Altitude

MAX Acc Height/QNH ALtitude is based on u 10minute Take off Thrust rating for SE operations

10th Mar 2009, 19:27
minimum accelration - governed by the 35ft screen height.

maximum acceleration - 5-10 min limitation on the TOGA time.

its found the in FCTM.

11th Mar 2009, 05:21
Which do you use and why?


11th Mar 2009, 08:47
MAX Accel Height:

TOGA is certified max 10mins -SE ops
MCT is not time limited, can only be selected once enroute config is achieved (ie Clean config and green dot speed)
As a result, enroute configuration (END of 3rd segment) must be acchieved with MAX 10mins after takeoff, thus enabling the determination of a MAX Acel Height.:)

30th Mar 2009, 09:59
how do they determine the min acceleration height?
the fctm doesnt give a proper explanation.

30th Mar 2009, 10:20

It's above "field" elevation in the American sense - the runway elevation.

30th Mar 2009, 23:12
The min accel height will be determined by the need to clear any obstacles above the default min accel height.

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