View Full Version : Attack of the Killer Kangaroo

10th Mar 2009, 08:48
Just on the news so it must be true!!!

Canberra.............couple were fast asleep in their bedroom last night when a Kangaroo leaps through the bedroom window and lands on them in their bed. Hubby wakes up and manages to get said roo in a headlock and drags it down the hall way and pushes it out the front door.

Now remember canberra is a city of 300,000+ people.

Well I can say now i have seen everything:cool:

10th Mar 2009, 09:53
I hope they weren't watching this film (Black Sheep - 2006) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0779982/) before they went to bed, otherwise they really could have been scared ;)

10th Mar 2009, 10:02
I guess they don't double lock their front doors at night.

Can you imagine holding a kangeroo in a head lock whilst trying to find the keys and undo the bolt to the front door ???

10th Mar 2009, 10:47
"My initial thought when I was half awake was, 'it's a lunatic ninja coming through the window'," he said.

Yes. That's clearly the obvious explanation for a night time disturbance. :confused:

10th Mar 2009, 13:36
Local supermarket sells a marinated kangaroo steak that is absolutely senasational - the best red meat ever..........and the obvious solution to any errant kangaroos..............

10th Mar 2009, 13:48
But you missed out the part about the "hero in Bond undies" :ok:

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