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8th Mar 2009, 21:38
To any B777 pilots;

As there exists different Blockpoint AIMS versions on the B777, my question is ; Can any one tell me where I can find at the flightdeck what actual AIMS version is loaded?
Does your operator have a procedure preflight to check the valid version ?

As we relate heavily on software nowadays I presume this is need to know information for pilots nowadays, but how do you check this?
Thanks for any reply

Jet II
9th Mar 2009, 10:15
The AIMS Blockpoint installed on an airplane can be determined by performing a configuration check on the MAT.

Swedish Steve
9th Mar 2009, 10:18
The information is available via the MAT. But I would not expect any pilot to be able to access it. Some of us line engineers have trouble! (I do)
Look under Line Maintenance
Systems config
Chap 31 AIMS.

I hope what you want is there, I don't have a B777 to look at until next month.

9th Mar 2009, 13:46
Config check from MAT is the only way in flight deck to check what is really loaded in the AIMS cabinets.
On MAT select -->Line Maintenance--> Config Check--> Ch 31 AIMS.
Normally aircraft config file document should contain the different software loaded into different systems of aircraft.As per procedures the engineer who updates the loadable software into any aircraft system updates the list and signs it. This is the normal procedure. There is also another document on board the aircraft:Notice to Pilots and Engineers which contains information about any new block point software loade in to AIMS.Of course these are only documents, but the real check is only Cofig check from MAT.

9th Mar 2009, 14:55
PERF INIT page, on the ground:

Try STEP SIZE I ( ICAO ) or R ( RVSM), if it takes it, AIMS BLOCKPOINT V.14 has been installed.

Bon Vol

9th Mar 2009, 15:31
If you require the information for the purposes of QRH checklist, ie Cabin Altitude, not only will the ECL and QRH be tailor made for that airframe, there should be a notice to crew in the Technical Log, indicating the AIMs Blockpoint version.

10th Mar 2009, 02:20
For what it's worth, Boeing procedures don't require pilots to check the Blockpoint version during the preflight.

10th Mar 2009, 12:07
Thank you all.

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