View Full Version : Location of #2 engine in TU-154's

Panama Jack
7th Mar 2009, 09:03
Could somebody please confirm whether the TU-154's engine is located in the aft portion of the fuselage (downstream of the S-duct) like on the Boeing 727 and L-1011 or whether it is mounted above the fuselage in the tail (like on a DC-10)?

7th Mar 2009, 09:30
The former, google is your friend.

Panama Jack
8th Mar 2009, 10:07
Tried googling, didn't find it. PPruNe is my friend too. :ok:

8th Mar 2009, 17:36
Try Airliners.net.

Some kid has probably shot a pic of one.

admiral ackbar
8th Mar 2009, 22:58
Photos: Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Untitled/Tupolev-Tu-154B-2/1495203/L/&tbl=&photo_nr=8&sok=&sort=&prev_id=1495217&next_id=1495189)

Minorite invisible
11th Mar 2009, 16:46
I just called a friend who was F/E on the Tu-154. He says the engine is near the tail cone. There is an S-Duct like in the 727.
He says in fact that all average non-pilot Russian know this because there was a famous "Airport" type movie in the USSR where a pilot cut through the rear bulkhead and into the S-duct from where he crawled out in flight. Of course totally impossible, but the guy was clearly shown crawling up the actual S-Duct during the movie.

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