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25th Nov 2001, 14:14
Hi ppruners,

I received this poll from a french student atc controller. Originally this was sent to french speaking crews only, but I believe that the one of you who are flying regularly to CDG are concerned too.

But please do not shoot on the pianist, he's student and would like to make a study on the subject to be presented at the end of his school year.

So if you can take a few minutes of your time to answer the next questions and mail them to:

[email protected]


Some information about you :

What is your position in the crew ?
On what type are you flying ?
Do you fly quite often in CDG ?

Is it a question important to you to understand the atc msg to and from the other a/c ?

 Do try to have a situation awareness based on R/T ?

on the ground with good weather : Y / N

by foggy wx : Y / N

on twr freq : by good wx : Y / N

 foggy wx: Y / N

on departure freq : Y / N

on appr freq : Y / N

 Does all the crew listen carefully to the radio or is it the job of only one pilot ?

 Does it take a lot of your ressources to listen to a atc frequency ?

 On a scale of 3 (1 being the most efficient) could you classify the thre next element

- Atc frequency watch
- Trafic infos

 Do you think those three element are :

 complementary ?  necessary?  Redundant ?

 Do you think that using another language than french would make the atc msg shorter, would shortcut some useless discussions ? (This one and the next ones concern probably more the french speaking crews…but anyway give your opinion !)
Y / N

 Do you think that the use of english between french speaking crew will reinforce the flight safety ? The confort of the non french speaking crews ?

In case of problem do you speak :
 english ?  french ?

 Do you think we should refuse the use of english in CDG to protect the french language?
Y / N

 According to your experience in other non french speaking countries, do feel more secure if all the atc is done in english, or do you feel securer in a bilingual environment where you can understand half of the messages ?

 Do you have a personnel experience where an incident has been avoided thanks to the comprehension of an atc msg to another trafic ? Or a bilingual situation where you think that if everybody should have speak the same language ?

 Do find destabilysing to have one freq in french and the other one in english ?
Y / N

 Would you like in this case that the atc control tells you in which language you have to contact the next freq ?
Y / N

 Do you think that the use of english would make it more difficult to proceed for visual approaches or to ask for shortcuts ?
Y / N

 If you flew to CDG during the trial period in march-april 2000, did you feel some difficulties on the control side to speak english ? Did they do it without any hard feelings ?

 During that trial period, it has been noticed that the french crew needed more time to understand their callsign when they understood it… Would you accept a call sign in french followed by the rest in english ?
Y / N

 Are you for the use of english on the following frequencies:

- delivery : Y / N

- ground : Y / N

- tower : Y / N

- Departure : Y / N

- Approach : Y / N


Nous vous remercions grandement d’avoir pris le temps de répondre à ce questionnaire.
Nous espérons en faire bon usage.
Vous pouvez ajouter ci-après tout commentaire que vous jugerez utile.

Thanks a lot for taking a few minutes of your time to answer this . If you have any comments, feel free to add it here below.


PPRuNe Towers
25th Nov 2001, 14:27
Moved over to Questions if you'd like to respond.

25th Nov 2001, 14:27
Ban English at CDG to protect the French Language?

Hmm, what an idea. It probably would cut down on some of the air traffic in the Paris area.