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6th Mar 2009, 07:50
As far as I know about the SRS, it fights to get the following:

Two Engines: V2+10
Single Engine: Speed at which the engine failed (but not less than V2)

Speed at the time of Go-Around (but not less than VAPP)
Please confirm.

Now, if one engine fails in flight at 250kts and app is performed on single-engine and a go-around is made, what speed will the SRS try to achieve?


6th Mar 2009, 10:25
hi google
SRS on a G/A maintains the current speed at time of SRS engagement (i.e. when you select TOGA), or VAPP,whichever is higher, subject to limits of VLS +25 (two engines) or VLS+15 (one engine inop).

The speed at the time of the engine failure is not a factor.
Cheers, TP

7th Mar 2009, 16:31
Thanks TP!

7th Mar 2009, 23:21
Speed at the time of engine failure is a factor on certain A320s.

OEB 154-2A refers.

In this case a design flaw in the software allows the speed to target that value which was being flown at the time of the failure, when SRS mode engages (in your example, google, 250 knots).

In the event of a One-Engine Inoperative go-around, the OEB requires that the current speed at the time of the go-around be selected and then reduced to Vls in order to allow the aeroplane to climb away safely.

If during your PNF Cockpit Prep flows you notice that your aeroplane's QRH has a specific OEB entitled "SPD TGT AT GO AROUND OEI", this is what it is referring to!