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4th Mar 2009, 11:48
Was at the CAASL the other day. Heard that a request came in from very very high authorities. To make sure that the two following management pilots should not be flying the President of Srilanka to Kathmandu Nepal.

Capt MR
Capt DP

Aparently due to Clumsy and safety reasons.

sharuk khan
22nd Mar 2009, 16:35
well apart from the fact that the president went with some of them to FCO...I guess you were on the 6th floor when this was told to you my lovely UL friend, that does not make it VERY VERY HIGH...ha,ha:ugh:

Either way it would have made sense since non of them were rated on the 320! At least the Government has got it's facts right!:D

24th Mar 2009, 21:06
Hello Sharuk.

Well I see you back on the centre line. Gone for sometime. I guess the brother kept you pretty busy the last few weeks and still going on. Popularity increasing day by day.

Well I guess the VIP's were dam lucky this time.
As the subject carried out an AUTO LAND to LIRF 16L

And thanks to ROLLOUT
he he he..............

sharuk khan
13th Jun 2009, 17:33
Well HATE UL is at it again...
I have asked you to change that LOVE part to HATE or ENVY, yet you remain and keep us all entertained with your bullshit...

His Excellency must have over ridden your "higher authority" and asked the same pilots to fly him to other places, irrespective of ROLLOUT or NO ROLLOUT. I guess the President knows better, when he said do not take Thesathrohi's back, I guess he forgot you in the rubbish...to mention your love for his airline.

Now stop bashing Sri Lankan Airlines and it's employees and crawl back to your cave and hibernate in that hot country! We can manage our's better than you can manage in yours.:ugh:

14th Jun 2009, 06:02
Forgive me for butting into your valued tussle.........but do you mean 'Deshadrohi' of those who left our splendid UL and are now trying to get in? I beg to know what you call those who had already returned (5 of them?) along with one expat? :\

By the way Sharuk, do you seriously mean that all Sri Lankan expatriates who slave at labour sites and houses around the world and keep sending the highest foriegn currency revenue back to the country (so that GOSL can pay our salaries) are 'Deshadrohis' (or theshadrohi as you put it) ????:ugh:

Come on brother be sensitive to those who pay your high salaries......or are we the Deshadrohis who would rather sit on our fat bums and expect high salaries? Just confused, you know.:=

14th Jun 2009, 06:35
Hello Sharuk.

Call them Thesathrohi's like you say. Then what do we call people like captain DP who aided his bro Khavan P (KP), At Golden Key Credit Card Company and bought houses in Aussie, Pajero vehicles and apartments with peoples money. Quite a bunch from UL too. A good possibilty from you too. All up in alms.

DP was going on not to long ago, come invest with his bro would give a better interest rate to UL ops staff. Now the bro has done the best. Swipes all that money. DP too has slowly crawled into his cave and helping to count and hide the money, Which he and his bro worked real real hard for.:cool:

Now what do we call DP and bro KP. I suppose DESHAMANIYA Captain DP and KP. (KP still in remand.) ( DP still at ops) I am so happy that my boss is DESHAMANIYA captain DP.:E

28th Jun 2009, 10:37
DP will be in for a shock as the IRD is going to investigate close associates of the rascals at GK.

but guys as you keep providing the entertainment keep it focused not personal.
Jayawewa! small miracle........land like no other etc etc...

29th Jun 2009, 04:53
The Island-News (http://www.island.lk/2009/06/28/news10.html)

1st Jul 2009, 16:21
What goes around comes around !!!! here are more ,, Hora pusas ,,,,,,, with 4 bars and a star ,,,, we will seee...!

6th Jul 2009, 12:42
Gentlemen, everyone is entitled to their own opinions! Whilst agreeing to most of your valuable insight, I foresee another threat to the progress of the Airline. Quite apparent to all ... our CEO!!
Man Oj .... does he even conduct himself as the CEO of our National Carrier?? Lacks vision and foresight, a complete bullshit artist, has absolutely no plans as to how to move forward, inactive, inefficient ... Can someone please tell me how he got this post???
Cost cutting measures in force but 40 odd Expats still enjoying secure employment?? What a joke!!!
Why should we sacrifice even a days pay as long as there is even a single Expat in employment??? What do they contribute in return??? Tax free salaries, Housing allowance, education allowance, block off days to travel back home every roster, best of flights ....
Is this the vision of Management??? Is this how they are going to conduct themselves?? What a sorry state of affairs!!

7th Jul 2009, 03:30
Hey Wetdrops,
The Expats help to keep our schedules going. Given half the chance the airline will over work us for half the pay. One way of justifying our salaries is because there are expats and we too have to be paid a similar wage. Get rid of them and you will get a pittance and will have to resort to industrial action to get your dues!
So treat them well, but let’s make an effort to get our ex -colleagues knocking on UL’s door back and systematically replace the expats, whilst retaining the good ones.

7th Jul 2009, 06:21
Dear Lankaweflyingporak,
Expats or no expats, I believe our salary will remain structured. Afterall, UL has to offer competative salaries if they intend to attract pilots from out.
Yes ... keep the good but get rid of the bad and absorb our colleagues who have applied to seek employment once again!! Being Srilankan citizens, they have to be given preference! They do contribute in many ways, not to mention being far more skillfull pilots than most remaining expats.
But ... does the Management want to do this?? By only systamatically getting rid of the expats, we are giving them the opportunity to keep the requirement just slightly above of what is required. Thus creating a no vacancy situation, probably for ever. What fate then of our ex colleagues??
I say ... if there are 5 srilankan pilots without jobs and are waiting for an opportunity at Srilankan Airlines, then serve notice to 5 extra expat pilots and create a vacancy for our ex colleagues. Training, reactivation on type,safety,CRM, Route checks ... etc... can start 3 months prior for our ex colleagues so that they will be ready the moment the selected expats are terminated. Thus absolutely no destruption to the roster.

7th Jul 2009, 16:38
Well said WD. I agree.:)

7th Jul 2009, 18:01
3 Cheers for your comments WD :D

There's simply no logic in 'protecting' expats during a recession and no other airline in the world does it :\. It wouldn't happen unless illegal transactions are taking place - could there be any other reasons? Assumption is bad but circumstances and events make us believe so. Saying 'NO' to some of our local boys but OK to others PLUS an expat........makes us wonder.........:=

Most of our ex colleagues lost out big time at GK, maybe they should be compensated through the good office of DP? Afterall........:mad:

15th Jul 2009, 04:57
Well, well COOLGUY u seems to be losing ya cool mate!

Try and think rationally. Dual citizens HAVE the right according to LAW so if that is to change the LAW must change or you should approach Comrade Vasu and go for FR.

By the way there are NO Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or Burger cadets Mr Cool.........just cadets with local nationality - simple enough?

"Expats come with experience?" not neccassarily buddy and that's not the argument here, it's recession, remember? The management wants to trim YOUR salary but KEEP their fat perks and allowances untouched!

if you feel SOooooo Sri Lankan these days, why not speak on behalf of the MORE experienced local pilots who are made to stand outside these days because of local politics of the management and fear factor :}?

Those with more priviledges from abroad taking the jobs of totaly local boys......I do feel for you. There is a touch of unfairness I agree.

tristar man
15th Jul 2009, 09:11
Got another rumour. The dark fox P the De Alwis is trying his best to get into UL with help from his buddies. The buddies are giving their best to get the fox back in. Had played socks at kingfisher too with his sexy walk. Kingfisher has told him to get lost.

Now the fox is trying to get into etihad, qatar airways or airarbia the rumour goes, if his buddies fail to do so.

Guys in the middle east look out for this fox.

16th Jul 2009, 12:55
Harsh words dear Coolguy! I do feel for you, but you seem to be missing the discussion completely.
The Airline does stipulate their minimum standards to qualify to be trained as a Cadet Pilot. Hence their in-house tech exams and simulator check. Regardless of whether one is a dual citizenship holder or not, almost all Cadets at UL (except for one or two chosen few) have proven themselves worthy of employment at UL. Mind you, not all make it through the first time! My advise is ... keep your cool and keep gathering knowledge. When it comes to the selection process, it will only give you more confidence to make the grade.
I agree with Moderate! The Airline is not doing well at all and the Bosses are looking at every local angle to cut costs. But they do not want to consider sending the Expat Pilots home. Let me remind you that all the Expat Pilots are on contract! And there is a specific reason for this. That being ... during hard times, when not required or to protect Srilankan Citizens who are qualified to do the same job in the same capacity, their contracts can be terminated by serving them the required notice.
The Management at Srilankan Airlines is crying out loud saying that they need to reduce the number of Pilots and implement cost cutting measures. But yet, they continue to protect and keep in employment Expatriate Pilots.

16th Jul 2009, 13:27
The Dark Fox graced the occasion of the Flight Ops Outing! Was he a special invitee or did he just come to lick more ass and suck more [email protected]<hidden>#k ?

Foxs are generally shy creatures. Not this one!! Kicked by Cabin Crew on two occasions, Dad's house and car painted red, raunchy pictures seen by all ... etc ... He has no shame!!

" Sucking days not over yet, Captain ??? "

16th Jul 2009, 15:35
Further to my earlier post ...

Remember that every position protected or intended to be filled by an expatriate pilot at Srilankan Airlines, is an opportunity robbed from a Srilankan citizen pilot.

So Coolguy, enlighten the 80 odd CPL holders in this country. Lets voice our protest and inform the highest authority in this country at the injustice meted out to us Srilankans.

The Law of the Land is clear! Preference to Srilankans, even at the cost of terminating expat contracts.

tristar man
22nd Jul 2009, 09:20
The managements point of view. Having expats and paying a few bucks extra is worth it. As they can get away with any thing. No one will complain. The expats are like dogs. With only Yes sir and no sir.

They could get an expat to do what they want. If you have more locals this is a major bug. So why get the expats out. And the management guys can work till their great grand children get jobs.

Infact this has been informed to the CEO. That's why he too does not want any expats sent.

22nd Jul 2009, 11:11
Any news about the new Airforce guys ?

Will they amend the FOM to give them Command early.There is a possibility becaus the horapusa in charge of the FOM is a A** Licker of the Forces guys when he was in the forces .......

tristar man
22nd Jul 2009, 15:43
Horapusa is working very hard on it. And no no one will stop him. He has been given a free hand. FOM wont be amended. But will be rewritten.

23rd Jul 2009, 02:16

My post is directly in response to your post. Firstly let me start by saying that your comments and choice of words in your post shock me and honestly I feel ashamed to admit your Sri Lankan identity. I do however sympathize with your comments about the lack of opportunities for local SL cadets to gain employment with the national airline.

However what I do have a problem with is your attitude and generalization of SL expats and overall naivety to the situation. I for one am a Sri Lankan born and brought up in a foreign land.

Any Sri Lankan who desires to be a pilot and fly for the national airline who has lived there whole life in Sri Lankan should know that gaining employment with UL is going to be extremely difficult. The main factor being the size of the airline, its just not big enough for the movement to allow large volumes of local employment. Take a look at SQ cadet scheme they have a large fleet which is perfect for the sustainable local cadet scheme, which gives hope to the locals wanting to be pilots.

The fact that UL accept Sri Lankan expats into there cadet scheme is also done by many airlines around the world. This is not a new thing!

It seems to me that your post is some what sour grapes if you know the saying. The way you generalize Sri Lankans who have lived in other countries is totally uncalled for and certainly from your post you seem to look down at them! Let me tell you something, there are many Sri Lankans like myself who are proud of where we come from despite the fact that we were not born in Sri Lanka. We are no less Sri Lankan than you so stop looking down on us as if we are of less caliber. In no way do you have the right to judge me or them on this fact. Many of us expats can, and speaking personally can speak Sinhalese and do visit Sri Lanka on a yearly basis, we love the music the culture the food and do our best to live our lives in accordance to our religious beliefs. Don't forget we have Sri Lankan blood in our veins and just because our parents choose to live abroad does not void the fact we are Sri Lankan.

Its the same story with Sri Lankan people across the globe blame others because its never there own fault. Just take a look at the countless forum threads on pprune regarding UL, its full of people just bad mouthing individuals and never any positive feedback/criticism. Thats the root cause to our countries problems its all down to the people at the end of the day!

When I finished flight school and I was looking for a job many people asked me why don't you join UL and for many SL expats it would always be a dream to fly for our national carrier but its just not that simple. We all need a reality check here having lived my whole life in a foreign country and trained there why waste the opportunity to work there and seek employment. After all many people would love to train were I did and certainly folks back home would not get this opportunity so why waste it. So understandable the first choice would be to seek employment in the country of residence. I would be mad not too!

I personally felt that more than anything I would not be able to take the countless red tape and politics that goes on in Sri Lanka and UL to seek employment there. Its a shame to say but the truth hurts and I want to enjoy my job and lifestyle without the rubbish associated to the countless politics and corruption involed in SL society. This is my choice and mine alone, as for other Sri Lankans well if they want to join UL why should the fact that there parents decided to live somewhere else exclude them this right, don't forget they are Sri Lankan after all, by right of there Sri Lankan parents!

My options to try UL were 'last resort' ie if I did not find work here after 1 or 2 years then maybe (a big maybe) try UL. The airline industry is a tough place to be when your right at the bottom of the ladder with a fresh CPL/IR trying to find an airline job. I was lucky and managed to find an airline job but some of my class mates are either in holding pools after 2 years and a few without flying job at all.

My point is that we have to look at all our options and that means opportunities far afield in other countries. We certainly know this industry is about who you know more than what you know and believe you me its not just Sri Lanka were this happens. Even here the national airline, many of my friends have got jobs with them because their dad was a Captain etc etc. I don't hold this against them at all, this is what the industry is like and I knew this well before I got into it.

So wake up and stop complaining and putting expat Sri Lankans down, if you were in there situation what would YOU do??

Its hard being the local guys and not getting picked but it happens in other professions too but perhaps a lesser extent e.g Medicine. If you set out to be a pilot and have been living in Sri Lankan surly this cant be much of a surprise. Your opportunities were always limited just by the fact that there are not many jobs to start with. I understand that it seems that expats are 'nicking' (your words not mine) these jobs away from locals but this is totally incorrect they have just as much right as you. Its the world and industry we live in so you need to accept it.

If your a cadet then you really need to start growing up and being less naive about the industry your getting into as well as doing more research on the way things work in terms of airline employment in Sri Lankan. If on the other hand your already a pilot speaking in general terms then I would seriously be worried about your attitude and hope its just limited to you alone!

Good day to you.

23rd Jul 2009, 18:11
hello everyone!

Does anyone knows when is the next cadet pilot intake??

Thanks for replying..

24th Jul 2009, 04:06
HI lankan

There will be no intake till 2011.:ooh:

24th Jul 2009, 04:54
37 Expat pilots in secure employment at Srilankan Airlines, to date! This is unacceptable and continues to bleed the airline of funds, the Government Treasury of income tax that can be redirected to the development of the Nation and completely stall the intake of Srilankan National cadets in to the Airline.

The Management decision in this regard is damning!! The repurcussions are great! Earlier, there were 2 cadet pilot intakes per year. In the worst case, at least 1 per year. If there is not going to be an intake until 2011 ... what a sorry state of affairs. It simply shows the weakness in our Management and calous regard to Srilankan national pilots.

All of this just to protect the expatriate pilots???

24th Jul 2009, 08:23
My goodness!!!

What are you telling?

It was a complete mistake to take over UL.
GOSL had to leave the EK management.
I remember Peter Hill told he would double the fleet my 2012, and now it’s seem we go from 14 aircraft to 7 aircraft by 2012!!!

Is there any chance of Mihin, Deccan or Expo hiring cadet pilot???

Thank you

24th Jul 2009, 13:23
So many changes going for the worst. Infact MR changing his name from Milinda Rat to Mervyn Rat. Manoj whispers.

Manoj whispers this too."Going is no good at all".

24th Jul 2009, 15:00
SriLankan will no doubt remain small potatoes for a very long time.
For the same reasons it has remained so...the infighting and backstabbing of the local pilots will continue, with no end in sight.

How do I know?
Worked there for 5 years in the early nineties as a senior expat TriStar Captain, that's how.
The expats there today will quite likely remain, and smile all the way to the bank.
The locals, on the other hand, will continue with their backstabbing ways.

I can only LOL at the situation.;)

24th Jul 2009, 17:55
How come BIA is planning to expand and UL is planning to downgrade?

It’s not because of the recession UL going down, it’s simply because of Clown put on the high management post!

Have a look on that:

Aviation Gateway
23 Jul, 200907:25:01
Sri Lanka international airport plans expansion
July 23, 2009 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's sole international airprot has plans to expand further if traffic grows beyond existing capacity with the end of a three decade internal war, a senior official said.
Existing capacity at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), north of Colombo, is enough to handle aircraft, passenger and cargo movements until 2013, under current projections, said Samantha Abeywardena, senior assistant airport manager.
Abeywardena of Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka), which operates the island's airports, said there had been a significant increase in traffic at the airport in June, just a month after the end of the war.
Govenrment forces defeated the Tamil Tiger separatists in May, ending a 30-year conflict that had retarded economic growth and kept tourists at bay.
Abeywardena said the airport authority has plans to further expand the BIA, the island's main gateway, should traffic grow beyond current projections.
"We're geared at the BIA - the runways, taxiways, parking bays, pier, boarding gates, bus gates, and aerobridges are adequate to manage up to 2013. The three cargo terminals are also adequate until 2013.
"In our future plans under phase two, stage two of our expansion plan, if passenger, cargo or airline movements go up, we'll have a split level terminal with a new pier and eight aero bridges (for passengers to board or disembark from aircraft."
Abeywardena said the airport and aviation industry was very sensitive to security concerns and had witnessed harp drops in traffic after upsurges of violence in recent years.
But he said in the post-war environment demand for aviation will grow.
"Aviation is very sensitive to war and also very sensitive to peace," he told a seminar on rebuilding transport infrastructure damaged by war in the north and east organsied by the Chamber of Construction Industry.
"There was an 8.1 percent growth in passenger movements at the BIA in June just after the war was over compared with last year," Abeywardena said.
Traffic to the north and east is also expected to grow with more business travellers, tourists and domestic travellers.

25th Jul 2009, 07:34
You have strongly criticized the duel citizens working in this airline,

You may have forgotten that the heroes who saved our country from the terrorism are also duel citizens like our Defence secretary, our Chief Defence Staff, and many more…
If you have any problem with the duel citizens, we could bring you to the next step…
If I were you I will shut my mouth,

Good bless you, Racist man

(we ALL know who you are... if anyone wants to know just PM) :ok:

25th Jul 2009, 19:11
Golden Key suspects refused bail

Mount Lavinia Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge Harsha Sethunga refused applications for bail in respect of eleven suspects who had been remanded in connection with the alleged Golden Key Credit Card fraud and remanded them till August 20.
The Judge reserved the order in respect of the bail application of Chairman Lalith Kotelawela for August 20 as his bail application is pending before the Colombo High Court.
Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulatunga submitted that the CID had questioned Sehara Fernando to ascertain whether she had withdrawn the fixed deposits of Sicelle Kotelawela, the third suspect in the case.
The Judge directed the Fiscal officers to produce the suspects on August 6 in order to extend the remand order.
The Judge earlier directed several bank Managers and managers of several Mobile telephone Companies, who were present in Court, to assist the CID in conducting investigations and provide with the necessary details that the CID required.
Deputy Chairman Sicelle Kotelawela was not present in Court on Thursday.
Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulatunga who appeared with Inspector Roshan Masimbula of the CID for the prosecution vehemently objected to the suspects being released on bail.
The Senior State Counsel submitted that regarding Mrs. Kotelawela’s fixed deposits the CID conducting investigations.
President’s Counsel S. Parathalingam, President’s Counsel M.L.M. Ameen, President’s Counsel Rienzie Arsacularatne, Clinton Dabare, U.R. de Silva, Anuja Premaratne, Anil Silva, Nalin Ladduwahetty, Nalin Indatissa appearing for the suspects moved Court to grant bail for their clients.
Attorney-at-Law Ian Fernando, Senior Counsel appeared for the employees of the Company.
The case will be called again on August 20

26th Jul 2009, 15:02
The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) has objected to the move by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) to operate passenger flights to and from the north without an Air Operations Certificate (AOC). This was stated in a letter sent to the Aviation Ministry last week.
The operation of passenger flights without an AOC is in total violation of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) procedures, the letter states.
CAASL Chairman, Lal Liyanarachchi told The Sunday Leader that the SLAF has not yet applied for an AOC. He added that a letter has already been sent to the Aviation Ministry Secretary with regard to the issue of the SLAF attempting to operate commercial flights within the country without an AOC.
Liyanarachchi explained that in the aviation industry, even flights operating within a country should comply with international standards.
"An AOC is not any ordinary certificate, it is issued after the authorities are provided with a detailed report on the operations," he said, adding that any commercial airline transporting civilian passengers should have an aviation certificate.
Although the SLAF was engaged in civilian passenger transportation during the war under special circumstances, it could not do so on a commercial basis.
"The SLAF does not require an AOC to transport civilian passengers during the war. Yet, the passengers travelling in the aircraft at the time have to sign a form stating they take full responsibility for whatever happens to them in the course of the flight," Liyanarachchi said.
He pointed out that since the SLAF is now planning on transporting civilian passengers on a commercial basis, it needed to get an AOC.
When asked if the CAASL was informed by the SLAF of its decision to operate civilian passenger flights on a commercial basis, Liyanarachchi said the Authority was unaware of the decision till news appeared in the media.
"No commercial flight could operate without an AOC," he said. He further noted that the authorisation of the Civil Aviation Authority and aircraft insurance were important to operate civilian passenger flights on a commercial basis.
An AOC is an ICAO requirement to ensure the safety of the passengers. Sri Lanka has been a member of the ICAO, agreeing to abide by its codes, since 1948.
Wing Commander Dayal Wijeratne from SLAF's Helitours, which is to handle the passenger flights to the north, was not available for comment.

The Sunday Leader (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/20090726/NEWS.HTM)

26th Jul 2009, 15:05
The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) has objected to the move by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) to operate passenger flights to and from the north without an Air Operations Certificate (AOC). This was stated in a letter sent to the Aviation Ministry last week.
The operation of passenger flights without an AOC is in total violation of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) procedures, the letter states.
CAASL Chairman, Lal Liyanarachchi told The Sunday Leader that the SLAF has not yet applied for an AOC. He added that a letter has already been sent to the Aviation Ministry Secretary with regard to the issue of the SLAF attempting to operate commercial flights within the country without an AOC.
Liyanarachchi explained that in the aviation industry, even flights operating within a country should comply with international standards.
"An AOC is not any ordinary certificate, it is issued after the authorities are provided with a detailed report on the operations," he said, adding that any commercial airline transporting civilian passengers should have an aviation certificate.
Although the SLAF was engaged in civilian passenger transportation during the war under special circumstances, it could not do so on a commercial basis.
"The SLAF does not require an AOC to transport civilian passengers during the war. Yet, the passengers travelling in the aircraft at the time have to sign a form stating they take full responsibility for whatever happens to them in the course of the flight," Liyanarachchi said.
He pointed out that since the SLAF is now planning on transporting civilian passengers on a commercial basis, it needed to get an AOC.
When asked if the CAASL was informed by the SLAF of its decision to operate civilian passenger flights on a commercial basis, Liyanarachchi said the Authority was unaware of the decision till news appeared in the media.
"No commercial flight could operate without an AOC," he said. He further noted that the authorisation of the Civil Aviation Authority and aircraft insurance were important to operate civilian passenger flights on a commercial basis.
An AOC is an ICAO requirement to ensure the safety of the passengers. Sri Lanka has been a member of the ICAO, agreeing to abide by its codes, since 1948.
Wing Commander Dayal Wijeratne from SLAF's Helitours, which is to handle the passenger flights to the north, was not available for comment.

27th Jul 2009, 14:32
truly agree with UL501 ! safety have to come 1st!!!

28th Jul 2009, 14:05
As you said, only in Sri Lanka it's happen,
That happens when people who have no idea manage the aviation field...

I bet you, that our aviation minister or our high rank CAA guys have no idea about the Chicago convention.

The only thing I’m afraid, if ICAO restrict or Ban our Air Space, the only way going abroad is by Ferry!

The good news is recently GOSL and INDIA agreed for a ferry service between Colombo and Cochin...

As i said only in Sri Lanka it happen, it's a Small Miracle ;-) and a land not like other...

I would say a "CAA" not like other hahahahahahahahahahah

29th Jul 2009, 10:26
Lost in Time : SriLankan Airlines | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/lost-in-time-srilankan-airlines/)

I hope one day all of this joker sitting on high ranking post will go away and give the place for the right and qualified person…

Don’t forget this current CEO’s brother ;-)
I am sure this CEO will do much worst if he stays!

In my view, UL should he hand over to Mr. Harry Jayawardana.

29th Jul 2009, 14:23
An excellent and commendable article written by a youngster, who seems to have more vision and business sense than the present CEO at Srilankan Airlines, who has 25 years experience in the Airline and has risen up the ranks!

An earlier post from 'moi' ... touched on the unsuitability, inability and shere lethargy of the present Head at UL.

Downsizing, cutting down frequencies and destinations is not the answer to the ailing Airline. It is only a good cover up for the selfish Management Goons, when sitting at Board Meetings and answering questions from Higher Authority, to smile widely and say ... "See Sir, because of our efforts, flights are going full!"

Article after article may be written and all these crooks may be exposed, someday. But they will continue hoarding their Management positions. In the mean time ... UL will continue to go deeper and deeper into the red.

30th Jul 2009, 08:48
I suggest we send the PPRUNE website to CEO Manoj. So he will know how to run the airline efficiently. With the recommendations of changing the management clowns in bold letters. Which includes himself.



1st Aug 2009, 03:59
Seriously guys and gals is there really a future for our airline? Just think with Ali-Baba and the forty thieves setting the pace for the rest of us........is it possible to think of progress? There's no honor among thieves - and that's what we have up there - unless the 'KING' of SL does some changes fast. But the duo DP and PK are now playing ball with another rascal SVG of Mihin fame......just to make sure that they could stay put on their seats till retirement as MR once planned.:=

1st Aug 2009, 14:06
Thanks proud_lankan and wetdrops !
Good if they will really resume MXP. Don't executives at UL use BlackBerrys ? They are always very slow to respond. To tell you all something, I wrote to Mr. Manoj once, he did reply, but never again, after I told him that I was still 18. Not sure why.

2nd Aug 2009, 10:17
Hey guys

Anyone knows what happen to the extremist Coolguy?

So no more extremist talk ;-)

I do respect the anonymity of PPUNE but this gentlemen insult my mother on PM.
He does not behave as a Pilot; in fact he has no personality to be a pilot.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I am going to telling you who is this idiot…

Well this extremist is simply Mr Muvinda JAYASINGNE,

(((Coolguy = Mr Muvinda JAYASINGHE)))

Once again, I’ve never wanted to tell in public who is this idiot, but I can’t tolerate he insult my mother; she has nothing to do with this matter!


3rd Aug 2009, 13:14
Hello Justiceman.

Its sad to read that story. But do you think DP and bro feels the same..
These guys dont have hearts. DP will take that money and go for a good booooze or go spend a good holiday in Aussie where his bro had bought a house with the swiped money.

I wonder how they can sleep. I suppose these fellows are used to it.


4th Aug 2009, 11:53
'What goes around, comes around'......that's a universal truth that cannot be diverted however smart that some may think they are.........so it's a matter of time that those who enjoyed and had a 'good life' at the cost of others are made to pay up http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/icons/46.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/icons/46.gif .

Many deaths have occurred after that bunch of slick thieves robbed the innocent of their life savings. Many lives, families and dreams of thousands of youngsters have been shattered .............the culprits and their families show no remorse. Ofcourse they would still go to church each Sunday........to hoodwink the public and not to ask for forgiveness!

In the meantime their siblings are on the 'take' and are protecting expats within UL......greediness is addictive!:=

4th Aug 2009, 15:13
Does anyone know what happened to UL's plans of acquiring a 757 freighter and launching service to medium haul destinations ?

5th Aug 2009, 08:58

You are correct. What ever said and done you will see him in church on sunday. Like a pillar.


5th Aug 2009, 10:50

Again we have drifted from talking avaition to attacking personally in ths forum.I just cant see a point why we do this in this forum where others make use of this ( Look at other sections) to share ifno knwoldge, retcruiting , training requirments etc.
We are suppose to suggest, share and give a hand to a yungster to come up in Avaition and uplift Aviation.

here what you guys have been doing is talking the same thing over and over again and attacking the same names and on top of that publsishing names ,,, I just dont care taking your anger on your personal terms but dont clean dirty linnen in public.Thats bad for the region and specially the country.We are Pilots!!!!.

If you get a personal message which annoys you then you do the same.Dont discuss your personal grudges in Public.



5th Aug 2009, 12:54
Hey Justice,, appriciate your comments

Got to know the Chairman of the CAA SL was removed today.What a sad state of affairs in the AVIATION sector.

5th Aug 2009, 13:50
I agree with justiceman. I wanted to tell it but resisted since all of you are older than me.
If interested, anybody take a look at www.airport.lk's schedules section. When were they allowed to register IATA codes ? Someone doing it appears to be thinking that the IATA code is made up of the first two letters of the airline brand, hence ML for Mihin, SA for Singapore etc. And, so many mistakes in flight details, including but not limited to UL654 1850 DEL, MLE ( which is EK654 DXB, MLE in real).

10th Aug 2009, 08:29
Have they sold 4R-ADB (A340) ?

12th Aug 2009, 17:26
Depressed depositor ends life Aug 12 (DN) A depositor in the Golden Key Credit Company committed suicide by hanging himself as he was depressed over the loss of his hard-earned money. Gayathra Sandarenu Manamendra's sister Lakshi Niranjala testifying before Mount Lavinia Additional Magistrate Darshika Wimalasiri at the Magisterial inquiry said her brother had been in a severe state of mental distress since late. "This was evident from the many letters he had written to the Banks," more (http://www.dailynews.lk/2009/08/12/news13.asp)

Only Humans can feel this.There are few INHUMANS out there.........

14th Aug 2009, 07:58
What Happen To Sri Lanka Pilots That Went To Kingfish? Are They Been Taken Back To The Ul?

14th Aug 2009, 10:55
Few KF guys who left at the very early stages were taken back. But the latter guys were not.

UL management was trying their level best to sneak P the De Alwis back in. We all know why. But there was a lot of opposition for that. And we all know why.

14th Aug 2009, 12:56
4 Captains (which include Indian National A Makkar) and 1 F/O were taken back without any problems or issues. Immediate employment on A330/A340, flying both types.
5 other Captains (all of them Srilankan Nationals) who returned from Kingfisher have been told that there are no vacancies at UL. The Management has been singing this tune since December 2008.
Srilankan Airlines Management continues, to date, this excuse to keep our ex colleagues out on the street while protecting 35 expatriate pilots!! Is this fair??
As for P De Alwis ... With the blessings, clout and contacts of DP (HFO), he has taken wing to QR to fly the A320. The slimeball was seen hanging around the Boss' office, just a day before his sim check with QR. Must have walked out with a solid reccommendation in hand and cum dripping out of his mouth!!!

14th Aug 2009, 17:00
the ul bosses at flt operations must understand that sri lankan pilots resigning from ul, proceeding overseas for employment is not about being disloyal but just daring to venture. if the ventrue fails due to the global sitauion and the same pilots wish to return to ul, they should be given the opportunity, assuming of course, that the previous track record at ul was good/exceptional. but not taking them, yet employing 35 expats to fill in is an absolute waste. flt ops ul management wake up - this is not yours, but you are running it as if thought it is yours. it belongs to the govt and you have been appointed to manage it - not mismange it. throw those grudges you have of the ex ul pilots nd take them. together you can make ul one of the best.

15th Aug 2009, 04:48
Hello Guys..

Is there any true regarding a cadet pilot intake end of the year ?

15th Aug 2009, 07:35
Hi everyone…

This in response to Serendib Club’s post on 2nd of Aug accusing me of being a certain coolguy… although most of my friends would admit im quite cool… ;) I categorically deny the allegation the posts were made by me under that alias. For those of you who don’t knw me im currently employed at UL as a F/O. I absolutely love the job, however with our busy rosters I cannot afford the luxury of making lengthy posts online under pseudonyms. While I respect everyones opinion in these forums I don’t share the authentic Coolguys views on how candidates who have lived overseas be denied the opportunity to join UL. I myself left SL when I was just a kid having lived most of my life abroad to return to SL and join the airline.

Serendib Club I do understand ur bitterness having applied to UL with us and failing the tech paper something like 3 times? If you would actually direct ur efforts at studying instead of gossip mongering in cyberspace maybe one day you might earn the privilege of sitting in that coveted right seat. I wish you all the best for your next attempt.


Muvinda Jayasinghe.

16th Aug 2009, 13:43
A small boy could understand you’re “Coolguy”
You just created a profile with your real name and put a post..
It’s looks like your 1st post?

Muvinda_J (http://www.pprune.org/members/307919-muvinda_j)
Probationary PPRuNer

Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Colombo
Age: 29
Posts: 1

You joker!! I got in UL early 2000 even ididn't like the way they take pilots i managed to get it.. for your information, as long as this Government running, don't fool anyone, its safer for you :ok:

Don’t try to correct what you said earlier mr Coolguy!

Mr Muvinda you’re not claver at all, why did you create a new account ? just use your Coolguy one…


16th Aug 2009, 20:54

It is confirmed that prasana de alwis has crept into qatar airways.



17th Aug 2009, 06:26
Yes serendib it is infact my first post. I received a call from a colleague few days back telling me that my name was plastered all over this forum. While I don’t owe anyone an explanation I felt I couldn’t simply watch n be silent about it.

If you would calm down for just a second and compare the posts by coolguy to mine, it might seem quite apparent to you that they were not made by me. Coolguy has been a member since Dec 2003. This is when I was in Australia completing my final year at university and was clueless to the existence of this forum. Also coolguy seems to have made a few posts on aviation and flying schools in NZ. I have never set foot in NZ!

Heres one http://www.pprune.org/professional-pilot-training-includes-ground-studies/192061-new-zealand-training-uk-conversions.html#post2124051

Do u need further evidence? This is a post by coolguy about being rated on the duchess posted in Aug 2005. My dear serendib I completed my rating on the duchess in Jan 2007! http://www.pprune.org/professional-pilot-training-includes-ground-studies/184899-barron-rating.html#post2023993

Copies of my passport and logbooks are available upon request… Haha…

If nothing else my carefully written prose and meticulous use of a spellchecker should surely set me apart from works published by coolguy? Haha!!

Over to you sir...

18th Aug 2009, 08:06
The nail is in the coffin.

As much as we our proud to welcome the new cadets, it was sad to see the prez has to pose with them. Absolutely no relevance.

This is the downfall of our airline.all the chinthanaya monkeys are now in control.....way to go i guess we our a satisfied bunch of people "happy go lucky"

a shame we did not have MR & MR there...maybe behind the scenes with his spit druelling and the tongue out.

Have fun boys.Welcome to Sri Lankan!

18th Aug 2009, 17:42
any pans of getting new Aircrafts?

19th Aug 2009, 07:55
Disaster is clear. Not even the ones inside know what's going on. Your Manager for Europe told recently that MXP is planned to be resumed very soon, while your GM says that no new destinations are planned. I just wish AirAsia set up a base here.

19th Aug 2009, 10:38
Well if anyone needed proof that UL is now in the paws of the politicians, look no further than the newspapers that carried the photo of UL cadets getting their wings at Temple Trees! Never done before as there is simply no relavance other than the fact that these guys were hand-picked by those who no nothing of aviation.
If at all, the 'sky watcher' boys of the SLAF, the naval types, Army commandos, STF and the Police officers should have been given those 'honors' FIRST!!
The fate of UL is now in their paws..................have no doubts (but have fear) on that.:cool::cool::cool::}

20th Aug 2009, 07:17
Dear captslk,

Confirmation of the above disgraceful individual's whereabouts is appreciated but not required, as my posts on PPRuNe are accurate.
Nevertheless, let me thank you for your post on the same, as it will benefit the thousand others, who visit and view this thread.

Prasanna De Alwis, on his arrival in Doha, had immediately contacted our ex colleagues working over there and had asked for help. Mind you ... this is the very same person who, along with the management, ridiculed, laughed at, cut throat and ignored these ex colleagues, who are helping him out now. The Cocksucker truly has no shame and some of our colleagues at QR, very short memories.

I hope your warning, regarding him, is heard and taken across to the Management and all other decent pilots at QR!!

21st Aug 2009, 06:20
jeez guys,
i've been dreaming of flying for UL, but after reading these posts im really confused...
is it REALLLY that bad??

im doing my flight training abroad and I wonder if i'll be able to proudly fly Sri Lankan colours..do ALL you guys hate pilots trained from abroad??
and do you think badly about tamils??

my last name is tamil, but honestly I really don't see the difference between cultures...i just want to fly for the carrier that made passionate about aviation!!

So someone please reply to this and tell me if I have any prospect with Sri Lankan...


21st Aug 2009, 17:00
hey young man,

it does not matter to which ethnic group you belong to. the situation at sri lankan is so sad that both groups are afftected.

it has lost its shine. will take a miracle to regain it. we have pilot sthat have deemed the profession and has stooped so low that they are near the you know what ..............

stay the course and keep an open mind sri lankan is an adventure no longer a national venture.

22nd Aug 2009, 04:45
So the 4 Airforce pilots started their Cadet Pilot training at Srilankan Airlines on the 17th of August. Congratulations to them, as I truly believe that each and every one of them deserve this opportunity. They have served and defended our Nation and deserve our respect! I wish them well and hope they are able to adjust to Airline flying.


22nd Aug 2009, 12:07
but anyone knows when be the next official paper advertisement for cadets?


23rd Aug 2009, 07:54
Other Brothers Had to say this......

:: :: :: Lakbimanews Online Edition :: :: :: (http://www.lakbimanews.lk/special/spe5.htm)

23rd Aug 2009, 12:29
So, that mean no more cadet pilot intake for the coming yearS ! :ugh:

thanks to our king and co...

23rd Aug 2009, 17:02
The interview given by the CEO to 'LAKBIMA' papers is truely hilarious! He says that himself and the brother are not in concert (when asked about the two of them ruining two airlines). Ofcourse you both are on the same stage and acting as two clowns.....incase you hadn't realized it. We can somewhat sympathize with our tubby as he was hand picked and placed on the chair by those who know nothing about aviation but has not openly squandered public money whereas the brother has a rotten reputation to boot.
He admits to heavy losses over the years.........but then why is he tolerating so many Expats in the Company? In his simple logic does it help boost revenue or cut down on losses? Or is he too getting a 10% off the rack rate?

24th Aug 2009, 03:20
Oooooops! I almost forgot the story of uniform change at UL now in progress. It's going BLUE after so many years of GREEN. Could there be a valid reason for this costly exercise at a stage when the Company is doing so badly financially? Well, if the place was revamped and they wanted a new image we can then understand........but this is without any such attempt.........in fact it is more rotten these days..... we are yet changing the uniforms at a massive cost of Rs 60m. Guess what, when the Company goes under BLUE MIHIN, things would look rather camouflaged!!:confused:

At a time when such moves are being made, it's difficult to understand the mentality of a childish few on this thread who are wasting their energy on bashing others.......personal attacks. Attack if you can the bigger picture, children..........or are you a bunch of school kiddies who had wondered onto this area? Please take your bag and baggage and go elsewhere so that you can carry on with your little thoughts and fights!!:\

24th Aug 2009, 06:03
as long as the king rulling this country, there will be many funny events to see...

wish that the air asia guy will take part on the sri lankan aviation with oppening an hub at colombo, and shows lessons to the king and co...

24th Aug 2009, 06:35
Were any of you aware that your A330s are up for sale ?
Earn Money at any Cost – SriLankan’s newest sale | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/earn-money-at-any-cost-srilankans-newest-sale/)

Why don't you guys chase this guy away ?

24th Aug 2009, 15:25

28th Aug 2009, 01:49
Sri Lankan airlines loses Rs10bn Aug 28 (LBO) Sri Lankan Airlines group has lost 9.99 billion rupees in the year to March 2009, down from a profit of 4.9 billion rupees a year earlier as revenue fell amid a global downturn and falling tourism arrivals at home. The company lost 5.8 billion rupees in the first quarter as shortly after the government terminated a management agreement with Emirates Airlines. Revenues fell 7.2 billion rupees from 74.2 billion rupees. more (http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/fullstory.php?nid=234464584)

30th Aug 2009, 12:15
9.9 billion rupee loss ...
Why am I not surprised! This clearly shows the inefficient, incapable, ineffective decisions made by the Management to cut cost and generate revenue at Srilankan Airlines. Is this a time for the CEO to proudly announce that there will be a change in uniforms for the Cabin Crew? Shouldn't he be ashamed of his performance, so far?
The Airline indeed is bleeding!! International routes down by almost 50%, staggering financial losses, all upgrading and CCQ courses stopped, no salary increments and bonuses ... yet 35 expatriate pilots in secure employment! I say ... send all of them home! Then the local national pilots, who are ready for Command, upgrades and CCQ can follow their respective courses. None of you need to take this BS and delay your due positions in the Airline. Can you not see that the Expats are blocking your progress??

30th Aug 2009, 12:33
The perfect time to change the uniforms.
Another wise decision. :E
Mini sarees I hope. Wow:p
Well done Manoj, you are a goat.

Read this

:: :: :: Lakbimanews Online Edition :: :: :: (http://www.lakbimanews.lk/news/laknew4.htm)

1st Sep 2009, 08:04
Sri Lanka Business News | Online edition of Daily News - Lakehouse Newspapers (http://www.dailynews.lk/2009/08/31/bus34.asp)

4th Sep 2009, 11:37
A local newspaper featured photos taken at the AGM Dinner of the ALPGSL. Nice touch and let me congratulate the newly appointed Office Bearers.

With amounting losses, a goat of a CEO and an equally incompetent Management Pilot Team at Flight Operations, the Office Bearers certainly will have work cut out for themselves!!

There are many issues that require immediate attention and I believe the ALPGSL is already addressing them. I would like to highlight the issue of the Expats still in employment and blocking the due positions, promotions and employment opportunities of the local pilots.

Enough of protecting the Expats! The local pilots deserve their upgrades, promotions and type conversions. Our career progress is being delayed by these 'contract pilots' and they are not required at a time the Airline is struggling to stay airborne!!

8th Sep 2009, 10:49
Okay, now whom of you are going to fly the precious, once weekly MXP flight ?
SriLankan Airlines Winter Update | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/srilankan-airlines-winter-update/)

13th Sep 2009, 06:08
Work for free, CEO tells employees
By Raisa Wickrematunge

In a shocking turn of events, the country’s crisis ridden national carrier, SriLankan, has requested its employees to work four days in the coming months free of charge until the airline recovers from its massive financial slump.

The request comes after the airline recorded a loss of almost Rs. 9.5 billion for the year, which ended March 31, 2009.

SriLankan Airlines Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Manoj Gunawardena confirmed that various schemes were being implemented including the freezing of increments and bonuses for the coming year and voluntary work by employees for no pay.

Gunawardena also told The Sunday Leader that the senior management has already agreed to two days of voluntary no pay work, including himself.

“With the implementation of various cost cutting and revenue enhancing measures, the company will have a financial turnaround,” an optimistic Gunawardena said.

The management is currently in negotiations with the Flight Attendants’ Union (FAU) and Sri Lanka Nidhahas Sevaka Sangamaya (SLNN) for voluntary no pay work. “We are optimistic that both unions will make accommodations. This requires personal commitment from all of us,” he said.

However a representative of the Pilots’ Guild said that the pilots have refused to agree to a pay cut. The representative also claimed that the suggestions made for the improvement of the airline which would have improved the situation, had been overlooked by the authorities.

The representative alleged that the airline was drowning in corruption and malpractices and suggestions made to remove inefficient employees had fallen on deaf ears.

According to the Pilots’ Guild representative, the CEO had cited that other airlines too were suffering from heavy losses and so this situation was not unique to SriLankan. “But other airlines have invested in buying more aircraft. SriLankan Airlines has made no such investment. They are liquidating their assets just to maintain the day to day running of the firm,” he said.

The representative also added that the FAU has already agreed to four days of voluntary no pay work, on the condition that they would receive an over 10% pay increment next March.

The Pilots’ Guild representative said that this was a “big if, because who knows what the airline’s financial situation would be next year?” The representative maintained that the airline could still survive if corruption was curtailed.

FAU President A. A. M. Adheeb when contacted said he did not wish to speak on the matter on the telephone

14th Sep 2009, 05:48
The CEO of Srilankan Airlines should be removed with immediate effect for making a request of this nature and going public on the same. It clearly exposes him as the wrong person to be in charge of the National Carrier and his inefficiency, ineffectiveness, inexperience and his absolute incapability to function any longer.

My many previous posts have highlighted the ineffective cost cutting measures, that this goat has proposed. I have stressed, time and time again, that the Airline will continue to go further and further into the red. When are we going to voice our concern?? When are we going to take action to expose the fact that the expat pilots have to go? How much more of this BS are we going to put up with??

Type conversion courses, upgrades, increments, bonusses have all been stopped. The local pilots due progress in the Airline, has come to a complete stop. All this because of 35 expatriate pilots, who are not required to be in employment at Srilankan Ailrines!
If no action is taken, then Gentlemen (and Ladies), all I can say is that ... we have dug our own grave!!

14th Sep 2009, 08:06
Well the two goats, Manoj and Sajin will be very soon entered into the GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.

Two brothers who are almost going to close down two airlines. Runs in the family. I suppose we are bigger goats, just to have sat down and watched them sink the airline and now pay for it.

15th Sep 2009, 14:24
Actually one ruins the airline and the other will ruin the Southern Province ( probable Chief Minister Candidate ).

If you would like, please join in to the discussion on UL at my forum - Airline Industry Review Forum - Index (http://forum.airlineindustryreview.com) . A TRULY Sri Lankan forum.

19th Sep 2009, 06:11
Ports and Aviation Minister Chamal Rajapaksa yesterday stressed on the need to replace age-old air buses of the national carrier ‘SriLankan Airlines’ with new ones as a measure to recover the present loss which now stands at Rs.10 billion.
Minister Rajapaksa told the Daily Mirror they had a meeting a few days ago to discuss ways and means to revive the national carrier from the present unprofitable state. He said the global economic recession had hit the global airline industry and Sri Lanka also felt its effects. “We hope the situation will improve by the end of this year. We have now planned to consult experts in the industry to revamp the carrier. We want to bring in new aircraft to replace the old ones. It is costly to maintain old aircraft,” he said.

Sri Lanka Breaking News-Daily Mirror Online (http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=62013)

19th Sep 2009, 08:02
Can't access your forum from the link you posted

19th Sep 2009, 09:47
oh boy, these buggers(RAJAPAKSA CLAN) are looking of making money from any angle. if we have cheap tickets and not carrying passengers even new aircraft will not be sufficient.i am amused when these jokers justify the reason as high maintenance cost. remember we our supporting mihin too.

the country is having a huge debt problem we our taking commercial loans to settle loans at the interest rates is higher and higher similar to that at GK, this is what DP told me our own financial expert.

they do not take loans from WB/IMF OR ADB as these are based on performance and obligation of canceling welfare schemes etc. see the bus rates going up well these are slowly implemented.watch for the exchange rate by december thats what DP aiya told me.

19th Sep 2009, 12:05
SriLankan to get new life
Ports and Aviation Minister Chamal Rajapaksa yesterday stressed on the need to replace age-old air buses of the national carrier ‘SriLankan Airlines’ with new ones as a measure to recover the present loss which now stands at Rs.10 billion.

Hey guys, don't you think that this is Sri Lankan ingenuity at its best ?! Airline is losing big time, there's a global recession and fewer people are taking to the air, the kitty ha sno money so have to tax the people harder..........but hang on, let's go and buy some new planes and all are problems will be solved !:confused:

The major issue here is not the equipment dear Minister but the guys who are running it to the ground ! Won't it be better still to buy more planes, employ a few more expats and also give the seats free ? We can then fill up the buses for sure !

The SLCTB workshop is busy these days................fixing wings to those buses, so look out guys you will soon be lining up at the RMV and not the DGCA.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::\:{

19th Sep 2009, 12:39
Fire the management first. This would be a great start, than buying new airplanes Mr minister. After that you could by new planes. Also you get comissions buying planes too.

Capt DP can help to buy 6 brand new A330's. As he is fully loaded with his :cool: hard earned cash. It has been mentioned. DP is willing to give up a whole years wages to help the company. What a sweet and lovely guy. LOYAL TO ROYAL.

19th Sep 2009, 15:08
Is the Minister trying to protect the poor performance of the 'Goat CEO'?

The Rs. 10 Billion loss has nothing to do with the aircraft/equipment that Srilankan Airlines utilise. It is due to complete mis-management, poor decision making, lack of accountability, nil knowledge of how to run an airline, corrupt practices of top and middle management ... etc.

The CEO, Head of Flt ops (DP) and the spineless Senior HHR Manager (AK) should be held responsible for the mess the airline is in.

They have to be removed from their post with immediate effect!

This is complete nonsense and I cannot believe that the pilots are putting up with this BS!!

19th Sep 2009, 16:09
I am sorry, the forum has been having a database issue. But till I fix it, let me invite you to take a look at my blog - Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com) .
Check on the 'srilankan' tag. I've written a lot on UL lately, but gave up after realising that the management is not open to criticism.

19th Sep 2009, 16:15
The management really does not have the tactics to steer the airline through a storm. Instead of putting ALD up for sale, what they should have done was leasing one more 332 or 343 and launching MEL or SYD again. There is a steady demand, much more than to FCO or CDG, and there is way less competition. If the CEO is really upbeat about making CMB a hub, he should have entered niche markets. And reducing prices is not the correct way to face undercutting. This is the best time for expansion, but the management's sole solution seems to be liquidating assets.

19th Sep 2009, 18:47
Gents its useless trying to make these goats and monkies understand. We got to bare in mind that these people are a bunch of street fellows who have got a few extra bucks yesterday.

They somehow get the idea that class can be bought overnight. Just sit back and think about it. Unfortunately they are detroying the aviation and careers in srilanka.

Never has Airlanka or Srilankan come to this situ.

To CEO Manoj and your Goofy management we will never forget you and your :mad:.

25th Sep 2009, 16:38
Those figures were misleading according to this article.I dont read the local papers but a UL driver posted this to me ....where has all the money Gone then???????.

Sri Lanka Breaking News-Daily Mirror Online (http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=62639)

CHoopper Pilots wanted Too........Now I know where UL money is going to,:p

A Helicopter pad too is being built in ‘King’s close relative’s Deniyaya Palace -Lanerolle(Lanka-e-News 18.Sep.2009 6.00PM) UNP Organizer fro Baddegana and candidate for Southern Provincial Council elections, speaking to the media today (18) asked how it has been possible for a close relative of the uncrowned ‘King’ to buy a property worth Rs. 400 lakhs in Deniyaya and build a palace exploiting the State project ‘Maga neguma’ resources, funds and manpower?

Upon an investigation into this construction , it has been revealed that over Rs. 500 lakhs of State funds have been siphoned into building and concreting the roads leading to this Palace. Besides, 4000 lakhs have been set aside out of public funds to complete this palace. Over 70 of the State employees of the maga neguma project are working to build this private palace, he pinpointed.

A large swimming pool and a Helicopter pad are also being constructed at this Palace, he asserted.

If this Palace is built out of funds of a private individual using all the Govt. resources, assets and manpower, has the Inland revenue Dept. been informed of how these colossal sums of money came by? he questioned.The Govt. has been unable to account for Rs. 1000 million of the Maga neguma project funds. How these funds frittered away nobody knows. He also said large sums of money out of this Maga neguma project have been spent without the due approvals. When Committee on public enterprises (COPE) inquired into this, Basil Rajapakse who is the Head of the Maga neguma project fiercely opposed it.

When the media a questioned as to what action the Opposition is proposing against this Palace construction out of public funds, Lanerolle said, they intend to file legal action .
A Helicopter pad too is being built in ‘King’s close relative’s Deniyaya Palace -Lanerolle(Lanka-e-News 18.Sep.2009 6.00PM) UNP Organizer fro Baddegana and candidate for Southern Provincial Council elections, speaking to the media today (18) asked how it has been possible for a close relative of the uncrowned ‘King’ to buy a property worth Rs. 400 lakhs in Deniyaya and build a palace exploiting the State project ‘Maga neguma’ resources, funds and manpower?

Upon an investigation into this construction , it has been revealed that over Rs. 500 lakhs of State funds have been siphoned into building and concreting the roads leading to this Palace. Besides, 4000 lakhs have been set aside out of public funds to complete this palace. Over 70 of the State employees of the maga neguma project are working to build this private palace, he pinpointed.

A large swimming pool and a Helicopter pad are also being constructed at this Palace, he asserted.

If this Palace is built out of funds of a private individual using all the Govt. resources, assets and manpower, has the Inland revenue Dept. been informed of how these colossal sums of money came by? he questioned.The Govt. has been unable to account for Rs. 1000 million of the Maga neguma project funds. How these funds frittered away nobody knows. He also said large sums of money out of this Maga neguma project have been spent without the due approvals. When Committee on public enterprises (COPE) inquired into this, Basil Rajapakse who is the Head of the Maga neguma project fiercely opposed it.

When the media a questioned as to what action the Opposition is proposing against this Palace construction out of public funds, Lanerolle said, they intend to file legal action .


26th Sep 2009, 02:57
Yes ... there are many misleading articles appearing in the newspapers. The Opposition Leader has pointed out 'the loss' incurred within a period of one year at Srilankan Catering. No mention on nett profit.

This whole 10 Billion Rupee loss, at Srilankan Airlines, is not going down too well with the ruling party. It has become a total embarrassment! On the other hand, it's a winning topic for the opposition to talk about to gain some political mileage.

Expect many more misleading articles in the newspapers, in the coming weeks!

The bottom line is that the Airline is in a spin! The CEO and Management have no clue on how to run the Airline. The decisions they make are too late and too poor. The team at Flight Operations are sucking up to the Politicos to secure their positions and ask for personal favours from them and are not one bit concerned about the Airline.

Losses will continue to only be evident at Srilankan Airlines and the Group!!

Sri Lankan airline industry loses billions; Misfortune, carelessness or downright inefficiency? | Asian Tribune (http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2009/09/25/sri-lankan-airline-industry-loses-billions-misfortune-carelessness-or-downright-inef)

27th Sep 2009, 03:28
Finally, the truth is out!

News (http://www.nation.lk/2009/09/27/news14.htm)

27th Sep 2009, 03:43
And here is the current financial status of Srilankan Airlines ...

:: :: :: Lakbimanews Online Edition :: :: :: (http://www.lakbimanews.lk/news/laknew1.htm)

Thanks to the Goat and the spineless Management Team at Flight Operations, we are truly f*%[email protected]<hidden> !!!!

27th Sep 2009, 05:39
The facts and figures are out........

What goes around, comes around.

All the wild asses and the buffoons on high seats should now be ready for the big fall?

The future of so many staff members and their families could now be in jeopardy due to the callous, selfish and vindictive behavior of a few miserable, unsuitable types who grabbed the high seats and deprived natural justice to many.

Now let's reap what we have sown, brothers !:{:{:{

27th Sep 2009, 11:24
Lets all get together and give our management a big

BOOOOOOOOOO. :ooh: :ooh: :ooh: :ooh:

They all deserve it.

27th Sep 2009, 11:52

The Sunday Leader (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/20090927/probe.HTM)

Changing the UL saree at this stage is a cost cutting measure that the CEO has taken. Great work GOAT. :D:D

29th Sep 2009, 15:48
Pembroke Capital, a financing company, will sell and leaseback the three A330 -200 aircraft from Srilankan Airlines.

The Airline is in dire straits. Selling off assets just to stay afloat!!

Those responsible for the huge loss have to be removed from their posts immediately. The rot in the Airline has to be removed to survive this crisis.

30th Sep 2009, 13:46
The mutilated body of a 50-year-old Indian pilot attached to SriLankan Airlines was found brutally murdered and hanging from the staircase of his house in Negombo this morning.
Police Spokesman Senior DIG Nimal Mediwake said a neighbour had seen the body through a window and called the police who had broken open the door and entered the house
Police had found bloodstains and a knife on the floor. But the body had been hanging from the staircase.
Initial investigations indicated that the victim had been stabbed and then hanged.
The victim Raman Kumar Roy reportedly stayed in the house alone, when in Lanka. His family was living in Canada.
He had reported for work on September 23 and applied for several days leave.
Since then nothing had been heard of him until his body was discovered today.
He is believed to have been killed some days ago. The JMO is to conduct a postmortem examinationat the Negombo Hospital. Negombo Police are conducting investigations. (KK)

Sri Lanka Breaking News-Daily Mirror Online (http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=63077)

1st Oct 2009, 02:03
@<hidden> do you know which three ?
SriLankan to Sell and Leaseback 3 A330s | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/srilankan-to-sell-and-leaseback-3-a330s/)

1st Oct 2009, 02:54

I've been trying to seek out more information regarding the sell/release agreement of 3 A330 aircraft of Srilankan Airlines. But unfortunately the details are still very sketchy. Therefore, I cannot confirm which 3 aircraft have been mentioned in the deal.

However, I strongly agree with your aricle published in the Airline Industry Review. It would be wiser for the airline to hang on to 4R-ALD, as it has a later MSN number than the other 3.

1st Oct 2009, 04:49
This is very sad that once an award winning carrier from my country has to go down loke this. I have lost all hopes of flying for my national carrier now... I believe that it was better left for EK to run the airline especially with those heavy codeshares that they used to have via DXB. I thought tht EK did a good job with running the airline ( yeah we know hw everybody likes to make money and return of investments etc...).... Hopefully there are better times ahead...

EKULfreqflyer (once upon a time)

1st Oct 2009, 10:32
Investigations reveal Indian pilot committed suicide
http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/ArticleImages/thu5sy55rkdco155dt5ole55_crime-scene-60.jpgInvestigations into the mysterious death of 50-year-old Indian Pilot attached to Sri Lankan Airlines have revealed his death was caused from committing suicide at his Negombo residence for unknown reason. Police Spokesman Senior DIG Nimal Mediwake said police were still awaiting a response from his family to accept the body. (KK)

Our condolence for his Family.

Neptunus Rex
1st Oct 2009, 11:03
Indeed it is. The first media reports were of a brutal murder, with the victim being stabbed then hung from the staircase. How many suicides have stabbed themselves before hanging? Negombo's finest seem to have solved this case remarkably quickly. :suspect:

2nd Oct 2009, 08:51
i think in the near future you will see sri lankan CPL holders without having a job start hanging themself...

2nd Oct 2009, 09:12
hey pround lankan not only CPL holders all lankan pilots will have do same so that all expats can fly srilankan

2nd Oct 2009, 11:57
And of course there are NO Sri Lankan pilots flying with any other airlines in the world....they are all standing in line waiting for a job in good old Sri Lanka ( yeah right!!!). Stop whining you guys and get real . Let's round up all the Sri Lankan pilots from all over the world and ship them back to Sri Lanka and then see how many pilots are looking for jobs............:ugh:

2nd Oct 2009, 14:16
@<hidden> But I do not think there will be a big difference in resale values. All are 1999/2000 vintage. However, like you said, I believe ALD to have lesser cycles.
Btw, why do they keep trying to start up unprofitable routes like CMB-CDG-MXP-CMB ? Isn't it too high operating costs ?
The best would have been to fly 2 weekly CMB-FCO-MXP-CMB .

3rd Oct 2009, 04:51
Let's round up all the Sri Lankan pilots from all over the world and ship them back to Sri Lanka and then see how many pilots are looking for jobs............:ugh:

Obviously FLYME....... the other airlines may be needing them............UL, DOES NOT and CANNOT afford that luxury of having expats who could be kicked around even on their off days !

Certainly not when the current rate of losses at the Company is so high.
Surely you may have realized that by now? :confused::uhoh::\:{

3rd Oct 2009, 05:24

Whoever, at Srilankan Airlines, is deciding/advising on routes obviously does not know anything about running an airline. Any layman could see that flying via FRA or CDG to MXP, is not going to be a viable or profitable venture. I agree with you ... like the Airlanka days, the routing should be CMB/FCO/MXP/CMB with a convenient connection (on UL) to MLE.

It is apparent that the so called Management, including the present CEO, lack the expertise and experience to continue in their present positions. In other words ... they are simply not Management material! They do not understand the business, are not dynamic enough, lack vision and are the most unsuitable individuals to be running the National Carrier.

Like you, I have highlighted many issues that required immediate attention. The CEO's cost cutting measures were a joke! It was the Airline Pilots' Guild that suggested effective cost cutting measures to the Management! The so called Management were just sitting on their bums, warming their seats and scratching their heads! The results of their (Management's) performance, for the past year, is officially out! And we all know how crippling it is.

Sadly, they continue to make poor decisions ... eg; MXP!

3rd Oct 2009, 08:44
As UL suffers poor loads during off peak periods, wouldn't it be better to combine FRA/CDG instead of FRA/MXP/FCO ?

There's good loads to MLE from MXP/FCO so shouldn't those flights be going and returning through MLE ? Don't know of any Italians who would like to visit SL for their vacations whereas MLE has always attracted them in large numbers. Food for thought.......

3rd Oct 2009, 10:20
Hey guys,

We could talk for many days about the mismanagement of the aviation in sri-lanka...
I would say the best and only option is changing this Government!

The war was great, no talk about that, but what happen to the other stuff in this country??
I wish the "grand Opposition alliance" will take over this current gov.

As I know if by chance the gov change.. You won’t find even any sticker of "Mihin Lanka" in the entire Sri-Lanka!!!


3rd Oct 2009, 13:26
@<hidden> Like I've told at my blog, MXP-MLE-CMB won't work. Way too crowded already.
@<hidden> Fear not, our minister believes that the answer is in buying a new fleet.
Do you know why did they axe the 460's CMB-MLE-NRT leg ? From what I hear the route was having excellent yields on the MLE-NRT leg.
And just one question, I saw the pic of a 4R-ADG in full UL livery, taken in 2003/4. The aircraft was a -313X I believe. But I do not think there ever was an ADG in the fleet. Any idea what that is ?

4th Oct 2009, 11:13

New Page 1 (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/20091004/NEWS-1.htm)

9th Oct 2009, 14:04
If you don't mind my asking, what do you guys think of Peter Hill ?
Anyway, someone at Sri Lankan authorities seem to be having some kind of serious problem with him. They've just denied Oman Air to operate into CMB. As you know, they were all set to launch flights to CMB on 12th Oct.

New article: Final Chance for SriLankan Airlines to Succeed : A Business Turnaround Plan | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/final-chance-for-srilankan-to-succeed/)

13th Oct 2009, 07:40
Heard a rumour the management is considering closing down SriLankan and starting a new company as Air Lanka. Any info on this ?

13th Oct 2009, 11:35
Heard a rumour the management is considering closing down SriLankan and starting a new company as Air Lanka.
Shades of Air Ceylon....again.:}

14th Oct 2009, 14:33
"If you don't mind my asking, what do you guys think of Peter Hill ?"

He did what he was sent to do by his EK friends and Master........think he did a good job for them. :ok:

The same management team at UL today were the chaps who baked cakes for his birthday and sang Hosanna and are today 'backing' the GoSL after a 180 deg about turn. Are they now being sincere, is another matter as they are more interested in holding onto their posts and perks than doing a honest job. :\

Nothing wrong with that guy, it's the UL management and some politicians who allowed EK to humbug UL.........if that is part of your question Kflyer. ;)

15th Oct 2009, 03:08
In fact I believe Hill did well. Tsunami, the LTTE attack. I don't think current management could've survived it. Hill was hired by EK, but he wasn't an EK employee. If GoSL wished they could've retained him after the contract. He wanted to expand UL - resume ZRH,SYD,MEL, launch MAN and buy a few A321s , but EK didn't give him board approval, which I think you guys know better than I do.

So when 4R-ABE is returned next month or so, and likely sold/dismantled, UL will become an airline with a fully leased fleet ?

15th Oct 2009, 12:14
Did the police really close the case about the poor chap that got murdered in his house? Suicide, are these cops out of their minds? :eek:

16th Oct 2009, 01:02
Interesting topic, Police have been busy hitting headlines recently every day ...Shall we start a thread? we can have a laugh!!!!!! :D

17th Oct 2009, 02:53
The Management at Srilankan Airlines were indeed thinking of this. The plan was to close Srilankan Airlines down and with fresh capital to start a new airline (most likely under the name Airlanka).

But the desert boys EK said "No can do"!! Having 43% stake in the airline, they insisted that if the sneaky plan goes ahead, then EK would claim that amount from Srilankan's assets.

In effect, with 43% less in capital to start the new airline, the plan went dead.

sharuk khan
17th Oct 2009, 06:02
Well I think there is a difference friends....

Air Ceylon went bust, Airlanka was taken over by Sri Lankan which was run by EK and they were doing fine until some of our smart boys thought it's time for the picking and chucked them away, they left with almost $100 Mil in the kitty and now we are in the Minus...now who is to be blamed and where does the blame game start?

I don't see the people who stood on stages and joind hands with other unions and politicians saying WE CAN DO IT...talking now! Or are they still blaming EK for all this, most probably, that's how short their memory is and their brain capacity is.

Look at Oman Air, it shows the calibre of management where Hill is doing fine and expanding while we are drowning...yet we vinge....

Over to the nationalistic boys... where are you now? Over to the Unions...still haven't got your hands inside the management yet? Over to all who supported the take over....where are you now, what's your status? Did you think of an alternate?

17th Oct 2009, 06:37
Good questions Khan. Right now the only way for SriLankan to avoid going bust is to change the management. It need not be a complete foreign management, there are many capable individuals here, although not in aviation ( eg: Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya who is now COO of Axiata as well ). But this management has proved that they cannot.
They are looking at ZRH now. Another twice weekly, another FRA/CDG transit most probably. And I believe they will sell 4R-ABE next month, which afaik is the only aircraft under ownership.

17th Oct 2009, 16:21
Didnt we do well ? atleast had some fresh plans when the Airline was taken over by Harry J after Ek left.Atleast the history tells that when he was the Chairman once in 90 s Airlanka did well too ...(Our Days )

Right now with low reputation of Sri Lakan Airlines ( Specially with the Current Administration/Governments International Reputation for Human Rights etc) , the Industry being gloomy , IATA predicts the Numbers will not go up till 2012 in the International Air travel , No AirLine will ever take over Sri Lanka .... End of the day the Countries situation reflects from the National Carier....

While Ek still holding 43% and the Government not having enough money to bail out ,the future is absolutely doubtfull for Sri Lankan Airlines.There are 2-3 main things to do, go ahead and do a radical downsizing programme.Reduce the cost of the oversees stations and their Managers, Cut down Staff travel, perks, traveling transport etc etc , Then again they should have a huge kitty to give the employees a VRS and also need to negotiate with the Union carefully because its the biggest in the Country. Cut down wages of the Pilots.If they cut down 15%-20% thats going to make the Balance Sheet healthy next year.

Cut down the Wages.Britsh Airways freezed Recruitment/Bonuses/and also cut down wages and shifts etc.But What we did was spent more money on our Cabin uniforms.

And the last thing is we have to go ahead with the attitude " Anything for the Country" .So CAA should take steps prevent to reduce the frequencies and not to sign any Open Sky policys for other Airlines and increas the Ground Handling Chares for the Airlines where we can stop them automatically.

Start the Onece more profitable Domestic Sea Plane Operation again.

Link up with the Tourism ministry properly.

Then again to expedite all these things you need a good think tank who have proved something in the Business World. I do not think we can ever attract Good reputed COOs, CEO s like Dr Hanz ( is that the Dialog guy) etc to take over and run.Might as well we give this to Our famous Sa Jin Vaaassss and bugger will put them in RIP.

Its sad when you see Oman Air and Air Asias doing well and the frequancy of Cathay, Singapore Emirates have gone up.Surely there is enough traffick load in this part of the World ... Why we have to let these people come and have our cake .......Its not just the management even the Chief Pilots who are bunch of Ego headed Yankees should leave as wel.

17th Oct 2009, 16:59
Not allowing others to operate in, not allowing open skies and downsizing are the worst. The first two help greatly to increase tourist traffic to CMB which will help UL. Downsizing will only diminish further. UL needs to have a dynamic business plan. Identify our niche and cater for it.

18th Oct 2009, 06:32
I think BigJetJumbo got it just right.

KFlyer you seems to know something but not everything. You want the airline with no money to expand !! Ever herd of "Lean and Mean Operation" ? Knowing something is not enough !! We all like to see UL expanding , but at the moment its a battle for survival. In order to survive they have to make sacrifices. Sacrifices are not easy.

Not allowing the others to operate is good because then its less competition. Down sizing is good . It will allow UL to regroup and to come up with a business plan which will make sense. Down sizing will NOT diminish the UL brand.

18th Oct 2009, 07:25
opps seems like a complicated forum ..... this is what we need here, who ever is based and in to aviation should put their thoughts ,,,, I agree with Downsizing but preventing other airlines will make a chaos internationaly.Since we are already at the recieving end when it comes to diplomatic issues these days .

What we need is to think as a NATION.We lack that.As a Country we are all over the place without any direction.People in Power are worried about being in power for the next 12 years.They need to find solutions for short term crisis in the country.We need a Strategy to recover.We need not only ONE strategy now.We need mutiple strategies aimed at every single problem faced at UL.

The main reason for everything is personality has come ahead of the country. COUNTRY should come first. What ever said and done We cannot just blame the Management cos their hands are tight.They just want to enjoy their perks.We need a good Leadership.......who knows about Economy, International trade.Invetsment ,Growth etc.

18th Oct 2009, 07:54
Guys...Did anyone hear about this...People are talking that UL is going to be shut down its operation for a while and restart as Mihin after few weeks time without EK and 100% government operation..Changing in Cabin crew uniforms increases this doubt as it's going to be pretty close to Mihin Lanka Uniform...

May be it's just another story...But lets keep our eyes open...

18th Oct 2009, 08:08
@<hidden>: I haven't mentioned of expanding, but downsizing is not an option. UL is already losing its market share due to undercutting by QR and the likes. If UL downsizes, do you think there will be any market left ?

I think wetdrops was right, EK will not let GoSL close down UL for 'free'. Their demand is $150m.

18th Oct 2009, 08:35
if downsizing is not an option. Do you think UL should continue to operate making huge losses and eventually running out of options ?

18th Oct 2009, 10:33
@<hidden> If UL is to operate only on routes that break even, it means to become a regional carrier. Each and every part of the network is important. After all, UL need not to downsize to 'think'. In a situation like this, UL should do its best to capture the new tourist arrivals. Forget not, there is a huge overstaffing. If UL is to downsize, EK and QR will take over all the long haul traffic to Sri Lanka and needless to say, UL will never be able to recapture that share. Think of the longer term.
However, it appears current management is not wise enough to do either expanding or downsizing right.

19th Oct 2009, 03:34
Your coments appriciated but Kflyer your veiws are bit contradicting in the real world.My question is with the current situation unable to generate revenue UL does not have a way of Expanding.

What I mean is the FLEET EXPANSION and NETWORK.

Bad news flowing everyday for UL because a freind of mine told me that Etihad will be starting 4 times a week from Abu dhabi to CMB.

I heard we arranged a 330 for Abudhabi recently?so than what ?

So if Etihad, Cathay. Oman Air, Air Asia, Singapore ,Austrian, Emirates have resumed flying or increasing the flights to Colombo then the state of UL expanding is doubtful. Unless they reduce the pricing and fill the plane.Hot Seats Promotion is a short term concept.We need to have Long Range Planning to capture the market.Mind you all these Airlines resumed flights to CMB as a long term plan.

In Terms of Downsizing, I meant they need to reduce the work force.thats the global trend and the only solution practiced by most companies accept USa where the Federal Government bail them out.
JOb cuts done by Air India, British Airways and Singapore not renewing the expat contracts.UL simply cannot afford 5500 people for 12 Aircrafts.

To my knowlwsge there are only 3 solutions ,

1/Ask for a huge cheque from the MR Government ( Very unlikely)
2/Sell the remaining shares to another Operator ( No bodys interrested)
3/ Senior Managers should take a Pay cut and work for atleast 6 months
( I ve heard again thru a friend of mine Snr Managers been asked to take 1 year No pay)BUT after One year when they come back it will be the same ???????
4/Limit the Departmental budgets by atleast by 60% without jeorpadising the safety such as Crew training and Maintanance.

If the Wages of the CEO is $ 30,000 to $40,000 per month he cant take a 50% pay cut and lead by example.A senior Management Pilot gets $ 8000-9000 per month and he can get a 35% pay cut .( Some get around $10,000 per month ) think about the savings.You cannot have the Job stabilty and Perks at the same time at this cruacial time.Even a F/O should be able to sacrifice 5-10 % of there wages too.

Somebody mentioned having Dr Hans as the CEO.well Dialog GSM expanded very fast and now strugling.So the CEO s taking a Pay cut of 50% and leading by example.He made it a point to send 300-400 middle level managers redundent too.Dialog was 3 times bigger than UL.

One must not forget some Airline staff worked free of charge to save their Jobs . I was told UL implemented a very good fuel saving plan but they need to do more than that to increase the value of assets than the liabilities in next years balance sheet as at 31 March 2010..

19th Oct 2009, 05:10
Jumbo, Etihad will be flying 4 times weekly A320s. But it won't affect UL much thanks to the codeshare deal.
What you state is not wrong at all, but will not help UL in the long run.
Let me clarify, UL is a mess from the top down. Those political Board of Directors aren't working for free, right ?
UL had 8 aircraft under ownership when GoSL took over which is now down to one and will shortly be none following 4R-ABE's return.
UL is lost in time. The management does not have a plan or a sense on what to do. Their meaning of expansion is clear from routes like CMB-CDG-MXP which are unlikely to break even. Serving a destination is not what matters, but doing it right. UL now has a golden opportunity in front of them - which UL should exploit and is the main reason why I am saying UL should expand. It is not as hard as one might think. Stringent financial measures need to be taken and are a must, which successful airline does not have ? Use some US Ex-Im financing and bonds to lease any aircraft ( should UL need ). Increase the utilization of the A320s that fall less than 8h daily. And finally appoint a management that 'can'. Downsizing is not an option because UL has nothing left to cut. The current routes are the most important. If one expects to run an airline which has routes that all break even, he better not go international. Figure out the strategy for UL. UL has a national responsibility as a national carrier of a country where private airlines are not allowed to fly international. Hence the long-hauls are important. What should not have happened is cutting down the Indian routes which could have formed a great feeder network. Selling six aircraft increased the employees per aircraft ratio. Finally cutting down will be a giving up as UL will never be able to regain that market share with the likes of EK, QR, EY and WY. This is why UL should not downsize. UL does not need to be the one hiding head in sand someday ( if it survives, of course ).

P.S: The worst thing UL management did was taking BA and AI as examples of great airlines that are in trouble.

19th Oct 2009, 09:32
@<hidden> How can you say that Etihad flying into Colombo wont effect UL because of the code share deal ? That does not make any sense. Etihad flying in means there is another option for people. Which means the traffic can be split. Code share deal cannot do anything to us if they purchase an Etihad ticket and fly on an Etihad aircraft. Perhaps you need to do more reading and learn a few things before you write things.

And fyi ABE is not owned by UL. It never was. And once again you keep repeating your self saying UL should expand. To expand they need money which UL does not have. Expanding without getting in to the source of the problem will make things worse.

Getting other troubled airlines as examples was a good thing. We can learn from their mistakes . BA is well on its way for a recovery and Air India is getting there (slowly) They both had to cut capacity and had to downsized which are working quite well for them. The solution to any problem is to first admit there is a problem and to take the hard steps to make it right.

Any airline can regain market share if they offer a quality product at a cheaper rate than the competition. Do some reading and get the facts write before you write.

19th Oct 2009, 18:15
Agree with 312.

Kflyer , sorry doesnt make sence to me .

All the best for UL anyway.:ugh:

20th Oct 2009, 02:24
If ABE is not owned, does it mean UL does not have any aircraft under ownership now ?
Who says BA & AI are on the way to recovery ? Not at all. AI would have been already bankrupt if not for the government loan agreed last week and BA is in the red 'as usual'. The airlines that are doing well are Ethiopian, Air France, RJ, Emirates and LAN. The ones that are recovering are MH, Kenya, Air New Zealand, the bunch of Chinese carriers and KLM to some extent. AI is in a historical financial grave.
I've not mentioned that UL should expand, but it should not downsize. Keep the current network and address the losses, there is a lot that could be done.
We need not to get into a battle for this.

20th Oct 2009, 08:47
Since some of you have mentioned geting a new CEO y not concider Gen Fonseka for the Post.

If Gen Atygala was made the CEO during late 80 s , I feel Gen Fonseka could do a good Job .That could leave President not taking anymore aircrafts for his personal trips due to safety reasons( IF you know what I mean ) :ok:

Have a Go on this Chaps!!!!!

20th Oct 2009, 10:43
Aye aye justiceman. I think I know what you mean.

20th Oct 2009, 14:50
I too believe that the only way Srilankan Airlines can survive the present crisis is to increase frequencies to key destinations. Thereby generating more revenue.

With no Government bailout and no investors, this is the only option left for the airline.

The airline is over staffed ... no doubt about that! The Management has to continue its effective cost cutting measures and open up routes that are viable for the airline. The expatriate pilot contracts have to be terminated, A320 utilisation has to increase, top management benefits have to be curtailed and the lucrative Indian destinations have to be re-opened.

So far, the management have been poor decision makers. The biggest blunder they made was to reduce flights to Indian destinations.

Flying Srilankan Airlines is not cheap. The Middle East Carriers cannot be competed with. But to survive - they have to remain in the market.

20th Oct 2009, 16:42
Agree with you hands down, wetdrops. But no, UL will have to keep fares low unless the product is improved. I was told that expat pilots now get a lower wage, if this is true I believe they need not to be laid off ?

20th Oct 2009, 18:04
KFLYER2, Do you really think just because expat pilots get a lower wage, they should be working here when there are hundreds of local pilots waiting for years to start their career??? Do you really think thats how it should be??? Also What you mean by a lower wage??? Compared to whom??? their previous wage??? Will they work for a lesser wage than a local pilot??? I think we should learn lesson from India (Atleast in this case as they have given a good example) and singapore...
I'm sure you are aware of that recruiting expat pilots is against the law in this country providing there are suitable local pilots to do the same job...So I really dont know why they still keeping them. Especially with the Mahinda Chinthanaya!!!:confused:

20th Oct 2009, 19:28
@<hidden> When you wrote about ABE I thought you knew the facts. It looks like you wrote what you assumed. This is the issue that I'm talking about. Before you write ( on this forum or your blog) you need to do the proper research and get the facts RIGHT.

Well for the recovery of the airlines. AI and BA are recovering (but slowly) eg AI is switching most of its operations to 777s and getting rid of its excess fleet. BA is reducing the fleet and asking staff to work for free.Recovery from troubled times cannot be don overnight. It takes a lot of time and careful planning.

Some of the airlines which you mentioned eg AF and Emirates have differed deliveries and cut down frequencies and routes (a little bit of research you would have found it your self). So you can't call them as doing well. If they were they wouldn't have done that , now would they ?

The whole industry is not doing so well but. its getting better. Till it is, the best thing to do in my opinion is to run a lean and mean operation ( although I'm sure you will once again repeat your self saying downsizing is bad and market share will be lost bla bla bla....:ugh:)

21st Oct 2009, 01:16
thats a funny comment!!!!

Heard the new Chinese Aircrafts will be given to Mihin Lanka.So will the A320 Pilots fly turbor props ? or the government will make the Airforce guys to fly them.Then there will be excess Pilots on A320 isnt it?

21st Oct 2009, 03:17
UL312, sorry mate, it's you who are mistaken. Find the right facts. BA and specially AI, are through heavily turbulent times. AI is going to sell its fleet of 77Ls. And replacing 747s with 777s is not going to do them any good when they launch routes such as DEL-JFK-IAD. Like I said earlier, if not for the government bail out they would have already been history. Taking AI as an example of an airline recovering is hilarious. Where and when has AF and EK differed deliveries ? They have not, but even if they did, it does not mean they are doing bad. An aircraft differing does not come at airline's inability, but also because of a lack of a demand which is not the carrier's fault. And where have they cut frequencies ? From what I know both have increased frequencies and EK itself increased India to 182 weekly flights and launched a couple new destinations.
Re ABE, I was under the assumption that UL had at least one aircraft under its ownership.
Like I said earlier, we need not to get into a battle for this.
Plus, if you mean a lean operation, then expanding is a must because UL is overstaffed but cannot lay off either. Why don't you understand that UL cannot regain its market share if lost once ? Plus which other destinations are left to be cut ? Please present us your plan.

21st Oct 2009, 04:18
@<hidden> AI is fully owned by the govt. So they will bail them out. Returning the leased 77Ls back to united and selling the older A320s and replacing the 747s with 777 is called downsizing.

UL have also been bailed out by the govt in the past.

Differing planes by major airlines ! what do you call that ? EK is an exception. Its sitting on a huge cash reserve (as well as a dwindling but still large oil reserve) .Its got huge govt subsidies and also has their unconditional support. It cannot be compared with the others. Same goes to Etihad and Qatar.

About ABE: the problem is, your writing evolves around your assumptions. Assumptions can be wrong and it can send out the wrong message if you write based on incorrect and unconfirmed facts.

So your solution is to expand the airlines because its over staffed ? that itself explains how pointless your theories are. This is the real world son ! Some staff will have to go , whether they (company) like it or not. Otherwise everyone might loose their jobs.

There are many airlines which have downsized and returned back to their previous glory. Its a matter of having a good fail safe plan. No matter how you say that It cannot be done "using you *expert* knowledge", IT CAN BE DONE.

21st Oct 2009, 07:11
You call me not knowing the facts when you in fact do not. AI did not lease 77Ls from UA, that were the 772s. And AI is not selling any A320s either. AI currently does not have any proper business plan and is not on its way to recovery like you say.
The unfortune is, UL312, the UL management seems to be thinking along the same lines or even worse. No point in trying to explain it.
Downsizing could have worked, five years ago, but not now. Competition is fierce, specially in this part of the world. If you go out, that's forever.
What should be done is reducing and curtailing the costs, not the operations.
After all, what else has UL left to downsize ? Better close down all the routes and the company itself. End of story.

21st Oct 2009, 07:30
Once again a bit of reading would have saved you a lot of humiliation.

Air India to sell older A320s and return leased aircraft (http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2009/06/04/327376/air-india-to-sell-older-a320s-and-return-leased-aircraft.html)

21st Oct 2009, 10:56
Hey guys just hang on to your horses and stop this bickering ! There's no point in getting your knickers in a twist over comments made over a rumor network !

KFLIER you had put in some good and thought provoking comments so let's continue from there - may not be gospel truth as we all know......even the gospel is being challenged these days, mate so who cares?

As for BA and AI recovering...........well UL312, that's way off target brother. Just take it easy :=

21st Oct 2009, 12:33
If the management is serious about getting things done, then there's a great chance for them as GF is selling out its A340s. These machines are a bit old ( MSN 100s range ) but not old as ADA, ADB and ADC and would be available at very cheap lease rates. An excellent chance if they want to expand. They are wanting to resume ZRH, which I know. Leasing one and reshuffling the European network is a good thing. Finances won't be a problem thanks to the leaseback of A330s.
However, anybody got details on what's going to happen to pilots flying for MJ ? If I'm not mistaken, MJ is going to get a 737.

22nd Oct 2009, 14:55
From the above posts I see (as usual) that where there are 10 pilots, there are 15 answers! Yet "Ours is not to reason why but our is just to sit and fly" We can't all be CEO's . It will be case of all Chiefs and no Injuns. When the times are tough the tough should get going. I agree with Moderate, don't feel when you got to think (and don't think when you got to feel.) Bickering gets us nowhere.

Have we got the 'Mangement' we deserve? Have we the thinking pilots done too little too late. Where is the ALPGSL? Should our thoughts be funneled though them?

By the way prural of aircraft is aircraft!

23rd Oct 2009, 01:49
So who will fly the new chinese planes.?

Heard they are brand new with 52 Seats ( around 10 rows ) and dont know whether they are made to the chinese specs ( they are short) of having close together.If Yes, then Mihin can remove every other row to leave some room for |Sri Lankans specificaton because We are Taller than the chinese.So Mihin will ended up with 25-30 seats ...

hmm then again it will be loss of taking 25 pax eachtime.Back to Sqaure One.Good point to get away from all the Mud in the Parliment though... ( Blame the Chinese Manufacturer)

23rd Oct 2009, 02:35
Aren't they supposed to lease a narrowbody Western jet reportedly from a Malaysian company ?

23rd Oct 2009, 03:11
The Chinese turboprops are going to be used by the air force for internal flying. I believe that Sixty seater a/c are too big fo such an operation.

23rd Oct 2009, 13:40
I think they are going to get MA-60s. If so, no big deal as they are simply a different derivative of An-26. Sixty seats are fine for Sri Lankan domestic ops, only problem is that the operator doesn't have an AOC.

23rd Oct 2009, 14:00
...............No TCAS, No GPWS and No Insurance.

You and I will be operating in the same airspace. A case of public safety!

Check out 'The Civil Aviation Bill (Feb 2009)' in the CAASL website.

Its all there in black and white.

23rd Oct 2009, 14:53
Has UL been barred from flying to MCT ? ? ?
SriLankan Airlines barred from flying to Oman (http://www.lankaeverything.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=757:srilankan-airlines-barred-from-flying-to-oman&catid=24:business&Itemid=150)

WY however today cancelled their planned CMB launch following repeated denyings from GoSL at the last minute for landing in CMB, probably because Hill is the CEO.
Oman Air shelves Colombo launch | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/oman-air-shelves-colombo-launch/)

25th Oct 2009, 21:15
Hey Kflyer Y silent? , Are you looking @<hidden> the Sky and munching a Sandwich.Wake up man, CEO of UL has said he will not let UL crash.Give us your views.

25th Oct 2009, 21:52
hi , i had just completed my commercial pilot training from canada looking forward to fly in srilanka .
can u please advice me what are the requirements for low timer and if there is any hiring happening.

26th Oct 2009, 05:55
Looks like a request for a re-routing is coming up.

May be a good bye to 123.95

Dispute over Oman Air takes a nosedive (http://www.sundaytimes.lk/091025/News/nws_02.html)

26th Oct 2009, 10:36
Shame on UL management. If the airline cannot keep experienced staff, it's their problem. What's this nonsense of always blaming others on your faults ? When UL made a loss, it was blamed on EK and QR. This shows nothing other than the fact that the management is incapable of running the airline. Why don't you guys throw these people away ? Seriously, they are giving a shame to both the airline and the nation. I had great respect for UL and the workforce for being the greatest South Asian airline. The workforce is still as great, but not the management.

26th Oct 2009, 11:48

How can we throw the management, as these guys are sucking on the politicians. UL management, once you are in it. You are in for life.

26th Oct 2009, 12:04
How come people are sooo gready for Power and for perks.

y cant they leave with dignity and intergrity !!!! Shame on the Management and the CP s .. the tradition still exists, after all these are the same guys who used to shout some time back on then CPs ...Glad we left ...:ugh:

We cannot tarnish the international reputation and breach the Agreements we have signed.After all these clowns should remember that this is ICAO rules and not MRP rules.....

26th Oct 2009, 13:27
Clearly a case of cutting the nose to spite the face !

It may not be 123.95 that you may have bid good bye but the whole region, if the brotherhood of the ME is also challenged recklessly. UL will be flying over Egypt or East Afgan lands to reach the West (that's if they can afford it ).

It's childish to try and bloody the nose of Hill:p when he was clearly not at fault for damaging the ego :\ of a pack that demanded seats at the 11th hour (like getting seats on a Sri Lankan bus) or by creeping through the window to reserve the seat! :=

This is what happens when sales reps and politicians try to run airlines.

26th Oct 2009, 14:03
I really do not have a good knowledge on Mid East FIRs, but can't you directly go to Africa and then reach Europe via Turkey or to take the route over Russia by directly cruising over India ? Is 123.95 L223 ?

26th Oct 2009, 16:36

Why don't you take an Atlas out and have a look? Via Oman is the shortest route to the Middle East from SL. I suppose you could get to Europe via India, Pakistan and the Gulf. In the old days it was India Post that delivered the mail by camel to the ME Two sides of a triangle is longer than the third side! It will bleed UL white. All because of an ego trip.Para and his henchmen should resign.

26th Oct 2009, 20:05
hey aryakethan, im also in canada doing flight training..whereabout do u live in canada? did u get your MIFR as well?

27th Oct 2009, 01:43
I know it. I said if you were blocked.
However I don't think an atlas will help unless I have the FIR airway charts.

27th Oct 2009, 04:56
Anyway the point to be made here is that UL cannot afford any diversions and added distances due to some issue of ego. Several low cost operators are at our own door step today which is good for the passengers but not the National or premium carriers. Any additional cost would only make UL go down faster.

For the Mid East, little SL is not worth a second glance.........look at their local papers and you would see the white man is still their god.........all high posts and great breaks go with the words 'Westerners preferred'. So who knows to what extent they would play ball with EU to punish SL govt ? We certainly wouldn't know. We need all the friends we could find these days and we can't punish a White man :cool: who works in the sand pits !

UL knows how to dig its own pit for sure. They still hang on to 40 :confused: expats whom they can easily do without these days. These are additional expenses for the company as well as the country but who cares is their attitude as long as the commission for the management is good. No one would leave the management on their own free will (unless you happen to be a gentleman, and one was I hear) because the allowances are just too good to let go. It's akin to the proverbial monkey that slips its hand in through a slit to grab some food and is unable to pull the hand out with the grub - just let go the grub and the monkey is free, but it's a monkey, remember? Greed is greater than honor !

27th Oct 2009, 17:20
The tiff with SriLankan and Oman Air will definitely be solved. Oman Air is going to get their way for sure. If Muscat FIR is closed for SriLanka, all Srilankan and Mihin Lanka flights to the ME will be going round the world to get to thier destinations.

The Presidents pet airline, Mihin Lanka with its A320 may have to glide to its destination in the ME. Once the President and the government is made aware of its A320 range, Oman Air along with Peter Hill will get what ever they want. All Peter has to do is to fax the A320 Performance info to the right people and it will be all resolved. A no win situ for 4R.:sad::sad::sad:

First officers will love this, as they will get more hours to log. This will also lead to our great flight ops management to increase the hour requirement for command upgrade, as they think way way ahead to spank us.:E

27th Oct 2009, 17:53
Just heard 1 of the A320 Captain was found murdered at his home. Any truth to this?

27th Oct 2009, 19:43
Yes they are looking for you mate :ooh:

27th Oct 2009, 19:52

SriLankan CEO optimistic but employees losing hope | The Sunday Leader (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/?p=220)

28th Oct 2009, 02:22
@<hidden> LOVE UL Great idea. Someone should tell it to President.
UL management has to be thankful for having a good staff that has not yet taken the struggle to public.

29th Oct 2009, 13:46
Unfortunately, a performance sheet would mean little or nothing to the present bunch of jokers in the Ministry of Aviation or the DGCA for that matter.

The fact that the staff had not gone to the papers with their story is true. They have been holding on ......after having so many discussions to educate the the guys at the Ministry and the Directorate but nobody wanted to listen as there would be too many casualties on their side in terms of relatives, friends and henchmen. The story may hit headlines soon when it gets closer to election time? Maybe discussed in Parliament? Let's hope, for the benefit of the country, its people and the staff who have the most to lose but have been so :oh::oh::oh: upto now except the few brave:cool::}:cool: types who are prepared to blow (the whistle, that is) rather than suck! They are the real heroes here and have lost a lot due to their straightforwardness.

29th Oct 2009, 18:35
hey guys, if the management in UL sucks, then how come the employees dont go on strike or something? I'm guessing there is a pilots/flight attendant unions, so if both groups go on strike, the mgmt HAS to surrender and meet your needs, no?

Maybe this might tell mgmt something and hopefully useless people in management will get fired or something..

do you guys think its a possibility??

30th Oct 2009, 06:38
Because Its a Mafia Boy !!!!

31st Oct 2009, 16:19
If this Aircraft yet to be certified by all the Western Countries and Have so for involved in few Accidents and Incidents? then Can we allow our CAA and the Ministry to purchase this for Operation in Sri Lanka.?

the Cut:= must be good !!!!!!!!

If a Dodgy Guy Like President Mugabe refused to fly on MA60 , then can we fly on this once they start Operations in Sri Lanka.?:E

1st Nov 2009, 01:21
Employee, public and personal views on Srilankan Airlines and it's CEO!!

SriLankan CEO optimistic but employees losing hope | The Sunday Leader (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/?p=220)

2nd Nov 2009, 02:20
The MA 60 had a 'up market' version called MA 600, which touted better performance and reliability .. and still nobody wanted it, even when China offer 'buy two, get one free deals'.

By the way, a famous operator of the MA 60 managed to 'under shoot' the runway once and 'overshoot' the runway the next time, and blaming the runway for the error. And for every plane that was shot on the runway, they got one replacement FOC. Now that is the kind of killer deals we need in Paradise.

Come to think of it, Paradisians' are more intelligent that Uncle Bob (Mugabe) and we know a think or two about technology, and Robert Mugabe is mad to ground the MA 60 :E :E

My take would be, MA 60 is a politicallly appeasing deal, with no % involved, just to make China happy, and help Chinese aviation manufacturers chalk up some sales, even though it could end up hurting the safety standards of Sri Lanka as a whole, when we fly uncertified aircraft (errr ... does FAA/JAA certification really that critical ???)

2nd Nov 2009, 04:58
To put an end (hopefully) to this argument;

1. Beggars :{ can't be choosers, financially this could be the best deal and such deals DO NOT come from the West :cool: !

2. GoSL made similar deals with the Chinese many moons ago for the SLAF and some of those are yet in service and were the real work horses throughout the period of turmoil :ok:.

3. Even if the the Chinese aircraft were the best in the world would you believe that the FAA/CAA would readily grant them the status and approval they deserve ? NOT A CHANCE :=.


8th Nov 2009, 13:44

The story that's floating .. one SEA country got blacklisted by EU for the local CAA allowing the said country to let the operators fly 'uncertified' aircraft, and consequently, that country airlines had to use code-shared flights for most destination.

Second case - another SEA country was more or less 'gifted' the same modern chinese planes, with P&W engines, though two minor runway excursions by the MA60 showed how structurally safe the rest of the plane was, resulting in their CAA being speechles when confronted by FAA/EU for safety monitoring ..

And now that country has been downgraded by FAA for 'unsafe' operations/unsafe aircraft in operation, their national airline of that country is crying foul at their competitor who procured, placed in service, and proved more things which are unprintable. And yah, even our miserly cousin on SAARC, Nepal, refused the offer of buy two, get one free offer from CATIC.

It is not about whether it is European or Eastern, but the tin-can is not fit for flying pax. Same goes for the AN 26 - 32, which fly pax, but are not certified, and that places Paradise in the same league as ... how about Africa ???

PS: above is my 2 cent observation, though others may beg to differ, that, sticking a western engine into a AN 26 and calling in MA 60 or MA 600 makes it a whole new bird.

8th Nov 2009, 13:49
just an idle thought ...

while working out the cost of purchase, and amortization, a DHC-8, for example, or an ATR, with a few years of use, (there are a lot of these idling around with the lessors .. ) and selling them off, will still work out cheaper than the chinese MA 60s, considering the resale value, and with the severe weight restrictions of the MA 60 ..

Sorry, I cant figure out how cheap purchase works out to profit, when running an airline.

On the other hand, people like air force dont care about cost of running, as long as the job gets done.

9th Nov 2009, 04:51
A brand new ATR72 will cost only a couple more millions than a MA60 and a used one will cost the same as a MA60. For which you will get pretty much more safety and far better economics. But it won't help you politically.

9th Nov 2009, 05:58
kflyer2 ...

A colleague of mine was working out the mathematics of a leased DHC 7 - which more than offsets it extra pair of engines with the excellent STOL and all weather op, or a DHC-8-200 or 300, and that still came to less than the cost of MA 60, training for crew, cost of being blacklisted by EU/FAA for operation of a JAA/FAA uncertified aircraft .. especially consdering the loads of Dash 8-300's in the market, apart from ATR 42/72s in the market.

But, know the Chinese, they seem to be using their influence to push down the MA 60 and soon to be available ARJs, so they can have 'many happy operators' world wide, and may gift the planes FOC .. or give it as buy one - get one free.:E :E

web author
10th Nov 2009, 14:09
Dear ecureilx

1. I'm afraid your post is a bit too intelectual for this forum. This is the SriLankan Airlines forum where we generally bitch about the management at UL and provide bits and pieces of misfortune that come upon our fellow countrymen and then revel in joy that they are suffering.

2. Your replies are to Moderate and to Wetdrops.

Go view their profiles. See the posts that they have made. They both bitch about kingfisher and India. They both ask about Korean Airlines. They both implore the management of UL (who they presume, are reading these pages for advice on how to run ops) to get rid of the expats.


Buddy, the two of them are not the Wright Brothers or Red Barons individually either. They barely maintained straight and level when they were at UL. So dont expect much in terms of substance, in replies from them:ok:

For clips and links to the misfortune of UL, spite toward Golden Key, Hatred to DP and PK ? they're the boys.

Blue Skies pal

10th Nov 2009, 18:17
Heard there was an Internal argument during a Management meeting at Katunayake.

Was the HR lady involved ,, there was something to do wih the Pilots allowance and the HR ?

Can somebody get us an Update .....

11th Nov 2009, 09:00
Hey guys and gals, some maniac calling himself the WEB AUTHOR has gate crashed on us just to announce who is who on this forum! He has made no other contribution here :D. For this character to know who is who, for sure, he has to be the squid :confused: ? Well, chum if you had taken similar interest in reading the thread properly you may have seen that some of us here are opposed to the mentioning of names! Did you miss that in your indecent hurry :rolleyes:?

So when it comes to intellectual sparseness, we all now know where it lies now ! Please re-read and re-learn these subtle values and try not to mention names here even if you are confidant of who is who - as that is certainly not the priority here.

The claim that other Pilots can't fly straight and level (as well as me!) is as old as aviation itself as is sung by retards these days :{. Those two guys can certainly fly well and perhaps much better than you. Can we please see your abilities other than the petty contribution here :ugh:? Your profiling expertise on this thread shows that you have got your knickers in a twist.

By the way did you mention GK?! And shouldn't that great robbery be denounced ? Or were you one of those canvassing types for GK who managed to get the cash back :\?!

Next time please try and contribute something sensible here mate ! You could even ask someone else to give you the words..........since you don't have it.

11th Nov 2009, 15:04
again this forum is drifitng away to attack personal individuals.

Please do not publish peopls name other than the people who are not involved in Flying... Outsiders, poiticos are welcome but not flyers please.

Has anybody seen this [email protected]<hidden> ? has he been bought by the UL management by giving away free tickets to keep his mouth shut:mad:....

We are waiting for Kflyer.... come and say somethng ........

12th Nov 2009, 01:41
I am here. And they cannot buy me by giving me anything.

12th Nov 2009, 04:57
hey guys, I was wondering if I can get a hold of the Director of Flight Ops in UL.. A contact number or email address would be highly appreciated..

basically I want to know what the hiring requirements are and if any considerations can be made with respect to the flight times and aircraft experience...

any help will be appreciated!!

12th Nov 2009, 11:37
@<hidden> web author,

No contribution of any substance from you, No protocol, No etiquette and No decency!!

Keep the names out! As for the two individuals that you have named, I hear otherwise!

I personally look forward to reading intellectual contributions and views on this forum, and in this particular thread.

But I certainly don't appreciate your comments and your attempt to sling mud or shit at individuals!

13th Nov 2009, 04:44
QR will be launching 3rd daily CMB in Summer '10 .

13th Nov 2009, 16:25
Where have you been? :ok:

14th Nov 2009, 01:54
Right here, but haven't been replying since the discussion was not active.

14th Nov 2009, 02:46
still think UL should expand, streamline bla bla bla....... :p

Thought you left the country! comming colors No good hey!!!!

14th Nov 2009, 05:18
@<hidden> Of course yes. But they will not.

17th Nov 2009, 04:25
Newspapers recently carried several articles regarding Srilankan Airlines taking decisions to fly to more destinations. This was revealed after CEO's visit to the World Travel Mart.

This indeed is a positive step, but is it also not standard practice by many airlines to capitalize on peak season travel during the months of Nov and Dec??

It will be interesting to see if the increase in frequencies/destinations will be sustained during the first quarter of 2010!

17th Nov 2009, 07:08
@<hidden> as per what I've been told, goes into action from Dec 2010. Ie Winter 2010/11. And apparently, not a concrete plan.

24th Nov 2009, 11:41
Silent Y? :\

30th Nov 2009, 03:59
Just a thought ..

Wouldn't it be better to upgrade the Navaids available, and also work to make the 'takaran' airport more towards International Standard ?

While it may have been a top class airport, in it's heyday, the Budget Terminal in Changi seems more brighter, more spacious, and more nicer - if you overlook the missing air bridges ..

Is CMB on CAT II ? Or CAT I ?

5th Dec 2009, 13:14
Heard From Freind In The Ul...

Sri Lankan Has Asked For Rs 250 Lakhs From Peoples Bank And Rs 250 Lakhs From The Central Bank To Pay Only The December Wages For The Staff?

So Rs 500 Lakhs Loan To Pay The December Wages,,, Is It Dat Bad?:ugh::=:{:confused:

7th Dec 2009, 14:57
Mihin adds ex-Deccan A320
Mihin Lanka adds new A320 | Airline Industry Review (http://www.airlineindustryreview.com/mihin-lanka-adds-new-a320/)

8th Dec 2009, 10:59
Rs 450 Lakhs and gauranteed entry to UL for his son as a Pilot:ok:

8th Dec 2009, 19:14
Why does he stil want to fly? isnt Rs 450 lakhs enough?

9th Dec 2009, 02:35
Well, the prestige of flying maybe too hard to resist .. and, the dream of heading the national carrier ..

With Wings, it is more prestigious to head the National Carrier .. I guess :mad::mad:

19th Dec 2009, 02:42
The said loan was obtained to pay employees at Srilankan Airlines a 13th month incentive bonus.

What is the Management at Srilankan Airlines thinking?? The Airline posted a huge financial loss recently, severe cost cutting measures are in place, employees above a certain grade were requested to forgo up to 3 days pay, assets were cashed in to keep the airline afloat, recruitment,CCQ courses, salary increments were all denied stating the airline's bleak financial status ... And now this?????

Corruption galore at Srilankan Airlines!!! :E:E:E

And here's what the newspapers had to say about it ....

?Sri Lankan Airlines? Pay Bonuses only to the Local Staff (http://www.lankaeverything.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1755:-sri-lankan-airlines-pay-bonuses-only-to-the-local-staff&catid=24:business&Itemid=150)

21st Dec 2009, 06:57
Short term thinking based on a jittery election for the ruling party and another nail in the coffin of UL.

Well guys you have limited or no options anyway so let's just take the 13th month and still vote for a party that could STOP corruption and show is a better tomorrow where UL too may still have a chance of survival.

Do not be foolish in voting for cheap gimmicks

21st Dec 2009, 09:47
i agree with moderate take the 13th and vote for a man that hopefully will instigate discipline to our society.

hope that some of it tricles to the airline. we can see the cats fly off.

remember that your vote if for yours future, unless you are a moron and like to peddle with these hooligans.

TG should see what our guys at UL are up to no!

Thai to investigate exec chairman in excess baggage row
By Greg Waldron

Thai Airways has launched a probe into allegations that executive chairman Wallop Bhukkanasut did not pay for approximately 260kg of excess luggage on a flight from Tokyo-Narita to Bangkok.

"The investigation will focus on the people involved in this," says a Thai Airways spokeswoman, who adds: "This could be considered a loss incurred by the company."

The investigation will be conducted through interviews, she says.

According to various media reports, Bhukkanasut and his wife allegedly failed to pay for the excess luggage, and also routed it through a special channel to avoid paying taxes and fees.

The scandal has resulted in calls from the public for Bhukkanasut to resign.

The findings of the enquiry are expected in three weeks, Thai Chairman Ampon Kittiampon is reported as saying in Thai media.

The national carrier has posted losses in recent times, but is now embarking on a financial turnaround plan led by its new president Piyasvasti Amranand.

3rd Jan 2010, 01:03
Sunday Island 03/01/10

The delay in selling Kotelawala’s shareholdings in several companies, including Seylan Bank, to raise big bucks has also come under flak with Ms. Hapugoda saying the Central Bank has not been able to go beyond a 100,000 rupee repayment so far.
"What about the assets and properties of Golden Key Deputy Chairman/CEO Kavan Perera and other directors who were equally responsible for the debacle?", she asked. "Those in authority talk of only Kotelawala’s wealth".
"It was the Golden Key Deputy Chairman/CEO who was directly accountable for the investments of depositors", she noted. "But, no action has been taken so far to seize his assets in terms of the law".
It transpired in court that a female director, who is still on remand, owes the company 144 million rupees on a credit card given to her by Kavan Perera, Ms. Hapugoda said. "She had also travelled to Australia with him many times".
The CID found gold jewellery worth millions of rupees in Perera’s office safe, she said. "Why cannot this gold also be auctioned to raise funds to settle depositors?"
She said that even after some directors were released on bail, the Central Bank is still struggling to raise funds to repay depositors. "There was only 700 million rupees available at the time the first part repayments began".
"After the second round with a maximum ceiling of 100,000 rupees is completed, there won’t be any more money left".
Ms. Hapugoda said that a fresh order to seize the assets of directors will be sought when the case resumes before the Supreme Court on January 13, 2010.

Golden Key takes its 11th victim

Jan 6 (BL) Nearly one year after the Golden Key Credit card fiasco which caused a ripple effect in the country’s banking and finance sector, over half a millions depositors around the island are still without recompense. President of Golden Key Depositors Association, Anusha Emmert, told The Bottom Line that so far 11 depositors had lost their lives in the aftermath of the Golden Key scandal, directly or indirectly impacted by its fallout. more.. (http://www.thebottomline.lk/2010/01/06/news2.html)

http://www.island.lk/2010/01/03/images/back.gif (http://www.island.lk/2010/01/03/news.html)

9th Jan 2010, 04:07
Talking of GK and its victims, it would be fair to say that those parasites that cheat and live on others had all the comforts they dreamt of for a short time but then....the wheel turns and see now what had happened, their families and loved ones are all affected and has made it a living hell for them.

The old saying "what goes around comes around" is very true and it's not restricted to cheating only........should have been a good lesson to other family members too. But did they learn anything by it ? Doubt it. So they would have to burn their own fingers too.

The repayment scheme for GK victims is another gimmick before elections. So use your vote wisely and vote for one who has so far had the least exposure to corrupt politics !

Forty years in the cesspit is not a person whom anyone can clean up.

10th Jan 2010, 04:40
Finally somebody has something good to say about UL on here!!

SriLankan Airlines: The Treasure Of Serendib! — Trip Reports Forum | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/trip_reports/read.main/162285/)

It is sometimes embarrassing to read all of the constant bitching, moaning, backbiting and mud slinging on here. :ugh:

Hopefully UL will one day fully realize its full potential as the airline that we all know that it can be. Congratulations and well done to all of the crew and ground staff involved on this flight for keeping the UL, and most importantly, the Sri Lankan flag flying.


17th Jan 2010, 07:15
Now you're going to lease A340-500s. I suppose that's the last thing needed. And that alone for the A330 compatible route to Melbourne. Doesn't UL Chairman's advisor really know A345's economics are disastrous ? What next ?

17th Jan 2010, 16:16
by Just About Anything (sachtheone.*************)
http://www.thesundayleader.lk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/k-62-300x154.jpg (http://www.thesundayleader.lk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/k-62.jpg) photo by flickr.com/photos/teller

Is how they should have named Sri Lankan Airlines. Let me tell you about my journey back to Japan yesterday, and you will surely agree with me.
To begin with, my flight was scheduled to leave at 11.50 p.m. which was supposed to be a direct flight to Japan. Having lived in this Paradise Island close to three decades, one thing I’m accustomed to is that nothing really works the way it is supposed to, so I arrived at the airport three hours earlier, just in case.
And of course the first mess up of the day started as the flight was delayed by an hour or so. But that is customary, as I’ve mentioned a couple of lines ago, so I just took a seat in the area just before the check-in counters. I was with D and his family, so it wasn’t boring.
Now, though the flight was supposed to be direct, the screens on the wall said it will go via Male (Not male in the sense opposite of fairer sex, but the island Male. I always wondered why they couldn’t write it as Maley, or with that little dash above the e. Oh well, who cares) and the flight was delayed.
WTF, was my first thought but then again it’s something I cannot change so I stopped worrying about it and started concentrating on a particularly hot chick who was seated in a distance seat. Lucky I have a good eye sight. So then after some time, at about 12 midnight the screen changed saying the check in counters were open; thus we proceeded to the counters.
Strangely, there were no people there and the her majesty who was at the counter barked (I mean no insult to the good old dogs here, by the way) at us saying we were too late and cannot be let in.
WTF, was again my thought though I had no idea that it was only the second of many such thoughts to follow in the following hour or so. And she thoroughly denied that the screens displayed any information about flights getting delayed. Third WTF.
However we finally came to an agreement and she agreed to check us in for the flight that was going to depart in twenty minutes according to her.
Now, I was allowed 30 kilos plus additional 7 as hand luggage. But since I did not want to carry the hand luggage I put it inside the other making it close to 37 in total. Now her majesty sees this and;
You’ll have to take out 7 kilos
Umm… why? I’m not over, am I?
No, but you have to put the 30 and 7 separately. Take 7 kilos out and put it in your hand luggage!
Another WTF.
Oh sorry. I thought they both go in the same plane. My bad.
Seriously, it’s like that old story where the guy traveling in a cart carried his back pack in his hands as opposed to putting it on the cart, intending not to give extra weight to the Buffalo. Her majesty was full of wisdom like that. As the plane was supposed to depart soon I didn’t want to waste my time arguing so I put 7 kilos in a backpack and allowed her to fulfill her wish.
Then we proceeded to the emigration counter. Now his majesty at the counter wants to know why I travelled to Indian a decade back, which passport I held at that time, and why I went there. Another WTF. All the while, he punches keys at a frequency of one key a minute. When the plane is supposedly due to leave in a few minutes. WTF #… well I’ve lost count. I was like, OK, go on asshole; let’s see what’ll happen if I miss the flight. Then after some more minutes we finally arrived at the departure lounge.
And know what? The plane that was supposed to departure in a few minutes, which was so close to depart that we cannot be let in, was calmly sitting there while still being loaded. WTF, again. Finally it left this Land Like No Other after another hour.
Oh and almost forgot. We finally got to know, after the pilot announced, that it was a direct flight after all, as opposed to the information at the airport. That was a relief, but still it was worth another WTF – passengers getting to know where they are going only after boarding the plane. That is unheard of, I’m sure.

17th Jan 2010, 16:41
Hows the service, are the cabin crew cute

18th Jan 2010, 00:52
BigJetJumbo :}

That's funny mate! HEHE

First thing I notice whenever coming back to Lanka is how rude the customs officers are. They are soo busy gossiping to each other they dont have the common decency to look at you or greet you. :mad:

But in all fairness, in regards to your ordeal with the baggage, there are certain limitations on how much kg's the luggage can carry. It's 32.5kg from the top of my head due to work cover safety for baggage handlers ->i.e. stress on the back etc.

Anyway guys, any news on the cadetship??:\

18th Jan 2010, 01:10
BigJetJumbo, UL460 operates on CMB-NRT-MLE-CMB. However it used to run CMB-MLE-NRT.

Edit: You mean UL454 ? The Friday one ? In that case, it never has had any via stops anytime in the history.

18th Jan 2010, 01:26
Alright, just realised it's been written by someone else. Anyway, why are they looking at leasing 345s ? I thought there was no considerable cost achievement over the 343s, or is there ? In any case, you can find some used 777s at a far lower rate with a lower fuel burn. Or given the training advantage, you guys could have ordered the 350 and leased 332s/333s as an interim measure.

18th Jan 2010, 02:22

I am not with UL, or a proponent of their plans.

As for your questions re: A345 ..

1) There are a few A345 available, at rock bottom lease rates
2) A345 (especially the HGW version) are already kitted out in excellent interior, and are available for wet lease, as most available on the market were kitted out for 3 class layout.
3) Can seat 50 odd passengers more than A343
4) Can fly non-stop, for longer range, and faster than 343
5) Gives the chance to open up SL-US (subject to the slots still being available)
6) There is a higher fuel burn, compared to A332/333, but with the current low JetAv prices, does not matter much

As for your suggestion for opting for A332/333, A332/333 requires ETOPS rating, especially if it is non stop CMB-SYD or so for a smaller airline, A340 series works out better.

777 ? Those available on the market are non-er models, and would again negate the cost benefit with ETOPS issues.

And to book the A350 .. ?? haha

We can all dream .. right ??? :E

Neptunus Rex
18th Jan 2010, 02:46

It's confusing, I know, but in Airline parlance a 'Direct' flight is one where you get on an aircraft at Point A and get off at your destination Point B, not having changed aircraft. That aircraft could make intermediate stops at Point X and Point Y. To fly from Point A to Point B without an intermediate stop is a 'Non-Stop' flight. It is a bit of spin, just like the real estate agent's 'ocean glimpses.'

18th Jan 2010, 03:26
Thanks for your comments.
But, the 345 has a 21% high fuel burn than the 77L and more the same for 772ER. There must be quite a few 772ERs available at SQ ( derated to 772A ) at considerably low prices.
As per your points, if they wet lease ( unlikely ) it will come with F - which UL will have a hard time selling.
3. Not really. More or less the same. It cannot seat 50 more. May be 20 or 30 ? And in any case, 50 more will mean the aircraft will make money only on a couple of routes as LHR and MAA etc.
5. Not the slots, but will never be profitable. Not at all with the 345.
6. Even with the ETOPS maintaining, the 777 will still save you some $7 million per year than the 345.
In any case, the 332 can easily do the SYD flight.

In my opinion, the 345 will be be a waste of money for UL.
1. Higher costs
2. Lease rates would still be higher than the 343
3. Given the current trend, you only will be able to sell it for scrap in the future.

The competing 777 and 330 both will provide excellent costs that will offset the lower 345 lease rental. However the 330 is too small for a flight such as LHR and 777 will need crew training - but I believe the 777 will still give an advantage in longer term. In any case, use of 345 on the a route like CMB-CDG-MXP-CMB would only further increase its costs.

18th Jan 2010, 03:29
Thanks for your comments.
But, the 345 has a 21% high fuel burn than the 77L and more the same for 772ER. There must be quite a few 772ERs available at SQ ( derated to 772A ) at considerably low prices.
As per your points, if they wet lease ( unlikely ) it will come with F - which UL will have a hard time selling.
3. Not really. More or less the same. It cannot seat 50 more. May be 20 or 30 ? And in any case, 50 more will mean the aircraft will make money only on a couple of routes as LHR and MAA etc.
5. Not the slots, but will never be profitable. Not at all with the 345.
6. Even with the ETOPS maintaining, the 777 will still save you some $7 million per year than the 345.
In any case, the 332 can easily do the SYD flight.

In my opinion, the 345 will be be a waste of money for UL.
1. Higher costs
2. Lease rates would still be higher than the 343
3. Given the current trend, you only will be able to sell it for scrap in the future.

The competing 777 and 330 both will provide excellent costs that will offset the lower 345 lease rental. However the 330 is too small for a flight such as LHR and 777 will need crew training - but I believe the 777 will still give an advantage in longer term. In any case, use of 345 on a route like CMB-CDG-MXP-CMB would only further increase its costs.

18th Jan 2010, 03:49

Not to get into any argument about twin-vs-quad, but ..

Somebody somewhere has done the mathematics, to find the 345 not exhorbitantly bad as painted .. it may be a gas guzzler, but, not so bad enough to make every flight a loss ..

Statistics are statistics, but, it is beyond comprehension that EK continues to fly their A345 on DUB/SYD sectors, as well as EY, and SQ find some money to be made, and that money is still profit, compared to parking the plane in VCV or elsewhere .. And SQ, at 65% load factor in the ULH flights are still smiling enough to incur the high cost of extended crew and extended night stop for the crew (as dead heading ULH crew is still not acceptable, and the crew rotate back after approx 3 days of rest) ...

And, coming back to 330/343/772, well, there aren't many in the market anyway, and, compared to the relatively young 345s, most of the 332/343/772 in the market are old hacked birds, due for the C check ..

Oh, I did forget something about not going the "Boeing Way" - crew training. Airbus wide-bodies have a common cockpit rating .. Introduction to service will be much faster. And, who knows, our good neighbor would have brokered a deal to off-load their 345s are more than preferential terms ..

And, as for profitability, though common sense says you dont fly ULH aircraft on short sectors, SQ was rotating their 345s to CGK - flying time around 1 hour, and I once flew a 747 SIN-KUL - flying time less than 45 mins ..

18th Jan 2010, 03:55
kflyer: do a search on PK's 772LRs. While they were built to fly ULH, they ended up flying the more humble shorter routes, primarily because, at high altitude, the fuel being uplifted severely weight restricted the load even on hops from Karachi to Europe.

And, while everybody talks of the cost savings of Twins, especially when it comes to 773ER/772LR, nobody mentions the cost of maintenance, and, even a replacement engine needs a AN124, compared to a regular freighter for most other aircraft ..

18th Jan 2010, 15:05
I appreciate your valuable comments. However, unfortunately the 345 and 77L are two totally different animals.
SQ is using it on shorter legs in order to get a higher utilization. Each and every airline that had 345s are replacing them with 77Ls, except for SQ. EK had wanted to get rid of them for sometime, in favor of replacing them with 77Ls.
The 77L burns 0.032 L per seat/km as opposed to 345's 0.038 L.
PIA flies them on longer-hauls largely because they cannot make money on ULHs.
The 777 clearly has a direct advantage, in maintenance as well. Given it is far more reliable than the competing 345s. The GE90, even with ETOPS, is one of the most reliable. And keep in mind, the quad vs twin doesn't make costs much different. 772ERs available are old - I agree. However I believe they will still have a higher resale value than the fast-decreasing in value 345s.
As per the engine delivering, well you know, you rarely need to change one in service.

18th Jan 2010, 21:11
KFlyer my friend you always come up with weired theories with no or very little facts.

1. UL is not equipped for Boeing and there is a significant cost of introducing a new aircraft type. The 343/345/332 can be flown by the same crew member with minimum training. And UL is already certified for airbus maintenance.

2. I Agree 100% on the rock bottom lease prices for the 345s which will save a hell of a lot more then 7mil for the airline if they can fly good loads.

3. 777L although it has the range it is very heavily weight restricted ( do a bit of reading and you will find the answers) when flying longer routes.

4. I really don't think UL will get the 345s. So stop blaming and spreading rumors and ask your mole in the company to give you good and valid facts.

5. Filling up first and business class. Well if you offer a good product people will come.

Just a note about the two trip reports. The first one was spot on he covered everything (good and bad) and I think he did give a very clear picture of how things are. The second person just wanted to bash UL. UL asks the pax to come three hours early, if he/she was late its not ULs problem.His/Her weight was high so it was not ULs fault again (32kilo bag limit is a safety regulation). He wanted to goto NRT direct and he did (regardless of what the sign boards said). AKA he got what he paid for.Immigration has nothing to do with UL. Usually Sunday leader articles are better than this. This was just a lame attempt.

19th Jan 2010, 01:20
1. Think in the longer term. There is no benefit whatsoever by leasing in some 345s, as these birds have a very fast declining value. A 332 could have been far better. I am not saying UL should buy 77L, it's a waste without any Ultra Long Haul routes.
2. I agree on this, hands down.
3. Not at all. It has a MTOW of around 335 against around 368 for 345. Which is not a big difference given the 21% fuel burn. However, in any case, unless CMB's runway is not extended both of these types will have a hard time taking off with full load.
4. UL Chairman did, to a popular aviation magazine. Is he a mole ? I've got no idea.
5. That is up to UL management and I do not think the current guys will do it.

There's no point of arguing on this here. All of above numbers are true facts and it is a popular fact that the 77L is far better than the 345 on any mission. My point is that, even at very low rates, a dry lease of these aircraft will be a waste of money, as they will have a very low resale value. It does not appear that UL has a roadmap for future fleet, otherwise they'd have at least signed a MoU for the A350 by now. If you wet lease the aircraft for a year or two, that's a nice thing. But I know for sure that our UL pilot friends are gonna oppose it.
However, if UL is gonna REALLY get them - I may say, go for it as something new is better than the 343s.

19th Jan 2010, 02:38

As for the 773ER/772L not needing an engine change .. Don't ever believe what you read on the net. Not every airline wants to go around bleating about their AOG, and the cost of chartering an AN124 to fly in a new fully assembled engine is not something everybody wants to boast about, never mind the cost of getting a half disassembled engine using an Il-76 or 747, and re-assembling it back. AOG-> Money Lost-> Bad for business. Let's say .. only the popular IFSDs get reported, and while the GE-90 is reliable, with a twin, one engine missing is half your power missing, while on a quad, an engine missing is only 25% missing, and the rest can spool up to get your behind-side to terra firma. And if you have many copies of the same aircraft, nobody notices you replaced plane A with another copy of plane A, and when you have fewer of the identical planes, then it not only becomes a mess, it is costly, bad for PR, and more than often, passengers become vile and blood-thirsty.

And only the cargo boys know which carrier is running helter skelter to ship in a new power-plant, or borrow from their 'partners' .. And again, for the engine being rarely in need of a change .. unless there is a 100% reliable engine, does not matter .. even one engine failure is good to ruin your pleasant day ..

For the long term stuff .. let me say, another semi-private non-Indian Asian Airline with close to 30 plus air-craft, and backed by enough liquid cash, could not find enough money for even placing a financial commitment for fleet of 773ERs, though they were more than interested in the so-called statistics, and instead are fully using their quads and adding more quads. Life is not so rosy as everybody would like it to be .. and considering UL's cash reserves, we got to live with what we can afford, and dream of a Rolls Royce .. but in the meantime, get around in a fairly decent Japanese car ..

Now where does that place UL, and what kind of Line of Credit do we have ? And in today's world, how many financial institutions are going to back a 'national' carrier ? Even AI has more than enough problem trying to find financing .. now don't tell Sri Lanka is much bigger than India, though that is what we like to believe, but, with 1 billion people, and more than enough cash, if AI struggles .. If you have been to India, and watched the number of aircraft flying in and out of airline like BLR, you will know what I mean ..

1) When leasing, it does not matter what the declining value of the aircraft it. The bird belongs to the lessor .. And, more than enough carriers have had the pleasure of flying gas-guzzling aircraft, to fill in capacity, and never regret about it.

3) As for the 'statistics' driven by arm-chair critics, well 772Ls brawn has .... let's not digress .... And numbers are numbers, and for the near future, CMB's sole runway will not be extended, atleast for the next few years, and unless somebody can perform a minor miracle and get a 'fly in runway - fully assembled and ready to use .. ', if such a thing exists ..

And again, as for migrating to a newer type, well, it is not a open and shut case. Best case, it will be painful, and with zero experience in maintaining, I will easily guess atleast a 2 to 3 year gestation period, if we are still making money .. And, if we still get through that, well, it would be a miracle. Large airlines have taken almost one year plus to introduce newer types, even with their experience and funding. Where does UL sit in this equation ?

PS: As for the trip report .. I didn't get to read it fully, but the UL bashing guy needs to get his head examined. Airlines are to make money, and while most passengers never make noise about having to pay for more than 10-15 kg on LCCs, and the nett fare becoming more than a regular carrier, they will whine like nobody, when a regular carrier checks on weights, after the generous allowance.. There have been more than a few incidents of aircraft departing a south asian country, where lot of things went wrong to the extent of near tail strikes, because, 300 pax X 15 KG of hand luggage = equates to a lot of drama for the flight crew up in the pointy end of the pressurised flying canisters .. Those guys who 'sneak' in a more than few extra kilos are not only endangering the lives of themselves, they are also trying to murder the fellow passengers ..

19th Jan 2010, 02:48
kflye2: the specific Asian Airline I quoted .. have their own flight training schools, and in terms of passengers carried and routes, are almost 10 times more than UL, and their planes cross the Pacific daily .. and, while the 'aviation' analysts recommended they get a dozen of the must-have Twin Jets, they could not find financing for even 2 brand new .. :{ :{

Though I would have loved to see their logo on newer jets, and also on the 'still born' A350s and 787s, reality bites ..

19th Jan 2010, 05:05
Well, ecurelix, I respect your opinions but from an operations perspective, the 777 is really a far better aircraft than the A340. But let's stop this discussion here to avoid it becoming a quad vs twin and then an A vs B battle.
In any case, the 345 would be nice for UL - IF they can afford it.
What happened to 4R-ABE anyway ? Scrapped ? So, UL now has a fleet of 12 a/cs ?
Re CMB, airport.lk posted a notice saying CMB was selected as an emergency destination for EK A380s. Surely the 380 can land in CMB's 45m wide runway. But will they really need to do so ? Anyway, let's think it is because all their Australian 380s fly over CMB.

19th Jan 2010, 11:22
I am with a nother Operator flying Big Birds, and i was not on that Flight , a buddy of mine forweded the article and thought of letting you guys know ........

Anyway Hope there will be a rainbow !!!!!!!!!dont walk on thin lines ....

21st Jan 2010, 19:10
Half rate Air fare to those who are flying to SL to vote for Mahinda

(Lanka-e-News, Jan. 21, 2010, 7.15PM) The Sri Lankan airlines has offered special concessions to Sri Lankans in Italy who are coming to Sri Lanka to vote for President Mhainda Rajapakse.

This concession is available only to the Sri Lankans in Italy flying to SL on the 23rd by SL Airlines. It is learnt that the air fare from Italy to SL and back is Euro 650. But to those Sri Lankans who are coming to cast their votes for Mahinda Rajapkse is only Euro 300.

According to Reports reaching us from Italy, the Govt. has instructed the SL Airlines agents in Italy whom the Govt. trusts to grant this concession only to those who are sure of voting for the President.

26th Jan 2010, 05:50
So how would this airline ever make money?

Purchasing new aircraft need not be even discussed!

But we should all give credit to those who have lately come into this forum and are now providing positively with their learned contributions. This thread happens to be one of the best in this forum so keep up with the good work guys instead of resorting to the petty name calling we had previously.

Excellent work, we are proud of you.

28th Jan 2010, 08:39
We had Mihin in the first 4 years .... so get ready for a another in the second 4 years now... probably Basil Air or Gota Air ( Goat Air )

4th Feb 2010, 09:50
Heya Boys, can you enlighten me on what the requirments are for junior fo direct entry?


4th Feb 2010, 10:08
Re: the comment about Mihin air ..I firmly insist you withdraw your comments. . :E :E

(because .. News has it that the next toy will not be planks, but rotary wings .. so there you have it ... )

17th Feb 2010, 13:08
a violation of the ANR is clearly noted in the annual report of 2008-09 page 37.

"Poaching of Staff by Other Airlines
SriLankan’s staff continued to be in high demand by
other Airlines, especially those in the Middle East, India
and Southeast Asia. The Airline’s training programmes continued to train young men and women to fill these vacancies.
However, the downturn in the global air transport industry
resulted in levels of poaching stabilising considerably. It
is a measure of SriLankan’s reputation as an employer
of choice that a number of former employees sought to
return. However, the Airline took a decision late in the
year under review to halt all such recruitments" end.

23rd Feb 2010, 17:03
Wonder what they call it when UL poaches pilots from other airlines! :confused:
With the grand response to their advertisement for pilots (at a much reduced package) it would soon be that UL may have to follow suit after elections.

It may then dawn on all of them that UL had chosen to shoot itself in the foot with its so called freeze?

27th Feb 2010, 21:53
No Google Or Gmail For 'Srilankan'
Saturday, 27 February 2010 21:37
Lanka News Web states employees of 'Srilankan' Airlines have been barred from accessing their personal e-mails and the Google search engine on their office computers.
According to Lanka News Web security cameras have been installed at all entrances and access routes to Katnayake office of 'Srilankan' Airlines. These measures have been taken, according to Lanka News Web, as more than 50% of the employees of the Airlines were acting against the government.
Lanka News Web also states that 'Srilankan' staff had been paid their salaries during the last few months after taking an overdraft from People's Bank. However, there had been US$ 132 million in the airline when 'Srilankan' Airlines was handed over to the government by the Emirates management point out Lanka News Web.

28th Feb 2010, 07:08
Thats no problem. As long as there is access to porn.


28th Feb 2010, 14:25
So does that mean hands are tied at UL as well,,, sad to see...

No wonder some senior drivers protested of a cetain issue, and the CEo was told off recently for the attitude of some pilots...

24th Mar 2010, 11:17
Silankan Airlines recently posted an advert in the Flight International magazine for type rated A320 First Officers. The requirement - 500 hrs on type and valid license accepted by CAA Sri Lanka.

I feel sorry for the 90 odd ATPL/CPL holders, who are Srilankan citizens, and cannot gain employment with the national carrier. The advert is clearly to attract expatriate pilots into the airline.

Why this indifference to our own??? I simply cannot understand!!!

27th Mar 2010, 00:28
hmmm sad scene, may be they encourage expat/srilankan dual passport holders to apply as wel....who are in the airline already.....

29th Mar 2010, 08:03
All Female Flying Crew Makes History At Srilankan

SriLankan Airlines’ lady pilots have quietly revolutionised aviation in Sri Lanka, with several international flights being carried out by all-female crews.
Captain Anusha Siriratne and Junior First Officer Madini Chandradasa were the first all-female crew, operating a flight from Colombo to Trichy and back on November 1, 2009. Each leg on an Airbus A320 aircraft took one hour.
They repeated the feat on New Year’s Day 2010 by flying to Karachi and returning, also in a twin-engined A320, with each flight taking three hours and 40 minutes.
The airline currently has four women among its 189 pilots, the others being Senior First Officers Chamika Rupasinghe and Roshani Jinasena.
SriLankan’s Head of Flight Operations, Captain Druvi Perera, said: “These flights by Capt. Siriratne and Junior First Officer Chandradasa are a milestone at SriLankan Airlines. SriLankan does not discriminate between men and women in its recruitment for any post, including pilots, and it was simply a matter of time before our lady pilots made history with an all-female flight.”
“Of course, the all-female crew flights are no different to those operated by male pilots. At SriLankan, where safety is of paramount importance, what matters is not a pilot’s gender, but his or her experience, training, and expertise,” added Capt. Perera.
Capt. Anusha Siriratne, 34, is at present the first and only lady Captain at SriLankan, and has been flying since 1998. She has flown aircraft such as the Lockheed L1011 Tristar, Airbus A320, A330, and A340. But she is adamant that there is nothing special about an all-female flight crew.
“Women took to the air only a few years after the Wright Brothers invented the air plane, and some have been pioneers in aviation, although there have been fewer women flyers than male ones. Many airlines around the world have women pilots, and there is absolutely no difference between the flying of male and female pilots,” said Capt. Siriratne.
She has been making history since becoming a Junior First Officer a dozen years ago, becoming the country’s pioneering First Officer in 1999, and then being promoted to Captain in 2008. She and her husband, Capt. Hemantha Siriratne, are also the first husband-wife duo to be Captains at SriLankan. A past student of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya and of Ladies College, she is also a perfect example of a working mother, with a six-year-old daughter.
Junior First Officer Madini Chandradasa said: “Flying for our National Carrier has certainly been a rewarding experience. The senior pilots at SriLankan possess a wealth of experience which youngsters can learn from. But I must say that there was no difference in flying with a male Captain, and flying with Capt. Siriratne, who is greatly respected in the airline and has served as a role model for other women pilots.”
Madini, 22, is a past student of Visakha Vidyalaya who joined SriLankan two years ago.
All four lady pilots trained in SriLankan’s Cadet Pilot Training Programme, which has launched the careers of hundreds of pilots over the last three decades who have gone on to distinguish themselves both at the National Carrier and in other airlines throughout Asia and the Middle East. Entry into its Cadet Pilot Training Programme is especially competitive, and most cadets today possess university degrees, as well as experience in flying light aircraft and small commercial aircraft.

31st Mar 2010, 12:55
now now now howmany times we have seen this add in the newpapers, week after week,,,,, what do they expect........ cheap publicity ???????????????/

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