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4th Mar 2009, 06:19
hi al

have some question on the above;

1. what is the pressure in the absolute manifold indicution pressure system given in?

2. what is the boost pressure of the of the induction system given in?

3. how can vibration be reduced in a internal supergcharger?

4. what does the manifold pressure gauge messure in a internal supercharger?

5. With an internal supercharged engine at a constant RPM the initial increase with altitude is due to?

6. When the power lever is fully advanced at sea level, the throttle butterfly of an engine with a sea level boosted internal super charger would be?

1. During normal advancement of the throttle of a turbo charged engine, the manifold pressure rose excessively, this could have been caused by?

2. What will be the affect on turbocharger operation of a significant leak downstream of the exhaust gate?

3. The manifold air pressure of a turbocharger engine is controlled by?

5. Turbochargers are prone to bootstrapping this tendancy is reduced by?

6. When a turbocharger engine with a automatic waste gate control is stopped the waste gate will be?

7. On engine starting the waste gate will be in what position?

8. A turbi charger is operating at full throttle an d at sea level the turbocharger RPM will be?

9. The waste gate of a turbo chargerd engine sticks in the descent this may cause?

10. Aircraft fitted with a turbocharged engine driving a constant speed propeller is climbing at constant RPM and MAP. cylinder head temperatures can be expected to?

thank you

4th Mar 2009, 15:35
I'll do some-

1. You can probably have a gauge in any units you can afford, I've always seen inches of Hg.

2. I've never seen a separate gauge for the boost pressure (985s, 1820s, 1830s, 2800s.) All you are worried about is MAP, not how you got there.

3. I'd say by balancing it (but I'm not an A&P.)

4. Manifold pressure

5. Increase in what? Prop governor is holding the rpm, MAP drops about an inch per 1000 feet.

6.Are you talking about an engine that is boosted just enough to get back to sea level performance at a higher elevation? (I've heard the term "turbo-normalized" but never "super-normalized.) If you push the throttles full forward the carb is going to be wide open. But if you've got any sort of supercharger, I'd think you'd have enough boost to overboost the engine at sea level. So you wouldn't be going full forward with the throttles.

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