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FFG 02
25th Feb 2009, 04:21
Pilot killed in plane crash - The Age

* Mex Cooper
* February 25, 2009 - 3:15PM

A pilot has been killed after a plane crash in Shepparton in north-east Victoria.

The small plane landed in a private paddock and caught fire north of the runway at the Shepparton Airport about 2.30pm, according to a Victoria Police spokeswoman.

An Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman said paramedics went to the scene but the pilot had already died.

There were no passengers in the plane.

Thoughts go out to those affected by this tradegy.

25th Feb 2009, 04:41
The pilots name has yet to be released, but this is incredibly sad. A huge loss to the industry.

RIP mate.

I still can't believe this.


25th Feb 2009, 04:46
This is aweful. :eek:

One of the true gentlemen of the industry, and a good friend! Fly high mate! :sad::(

25th Feb 2009, 04:52
Exactly my thoughts, FoxtrotAlpha18.

25th Feb 2009, 04:57
Yeah, agreed Harley. Good point...:oh:

Let's just let the dust settle folks before commenting further...

F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! F#ck! :{

Walrus 7
25th Feb 2009, 05:19
Gravely worried. Can someone please PM me with the man's name?



25th Feb 2009, 05:25
Please dont tell me this is a certain very well known pilot from Shep. Could someone please PM me. Thanks

25th Feb 2009, 05:34
Tragic.... a real gent and a great mate....

Walrus 7
25th Feb 2009, 05:35
Thanks all those who sent me the name. I was hoping you all weren't going to tell me that. But I suppose it's tragic no matter who it was. This one makes me feel like crying.


chimbu warrior
25th Feb 2009, 05:45
Would also like someone to PM me his name.

Hope it is not someone I know very well....

25th Feb 2009, 05:54
Likewise, Please.

The Stooge
25th Feb 2009, 05:56
Would also appreciate it if someone could PM me with the name. Spent my early ppl and cpl traing days at Shepp so know a few of the guys. Thanks

I spy
25th Feb 2009, 06:02
Please, would someone PM me the name too?

I have such a lump in my throat, I'm unable to speak:{

25th Feb 2009, 06:07
Please all be carefull PM'ing the name unless you happen to know the recipient - especially to new members!!



25th Feb 2009, 06:15
got the phone call a little while ago.... tragic news to the community.... he was a truly skilled pilot.

25th Feb 2009, 06:17
I don't want to be crude, but if you have half a brain you would know who this was. If you still don't know and I mention the words, Aviation Identity, you'll work it out for yourself without the need for PM'ing and reducing the instances of those crude reporters using this forum for a fact finding mission.

As for you Mr. One Post wonder asking for the name to be PM'ed, if you were any kind of reporter you would already know.

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25th Feb 2009, 06:33
Plane crash | pilot killed | stunts | Shepparton Airport (http://www.theage.com.au/national/leading-pilot-peter-pip-borrman-killed-in-plane-crash-20090225-8hmh.html)


I spy
25th Feb 2009, 06:42
Tom and now Pip........Australia has lost two of it's finest, in such a short time.:{

I am deeply, deeply saddened.

Can anyone vouch for the accuracy of this statement:

"The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will not be investigating the accident because the pilot was performing aerobatics at the time of the crash in an amateur-built aircraft."

What about the Vans RV4 that went down near Clyde in Feb 2007??? They investigated that....

25th Feb 2009, 06:48
My latest edition of Australian Aviation seems to be staring at me on the desk. It was in this aircraft Pip was taken. Doing what he loved.

25th Feb 2009, 07:41
This is absolutly tragic....another one of Australia's finest gone in just a few weeks apart....... Totally speechless......:sad:

RIP Pip.

25th Feb 2009, 07:53
Great Man, Great Pilot. Doing what he Loved
RIP Pip.

25th Feb 2009, 07:55
First met Pip, (and Tom Moon) when on the Air Shows in the Outback circuit. As already mentioned by others, Pip was an absolute professional and always the gentleman. When you stopped over in Shepperton, no matter how busy Pip was, there was always a ride to town or a vehicle to use. Kwaheri sana rafiki!

25th Feb 2009, 09:03
great man, and a fantastic role model. i still cant believe it..:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{

25th Feb 2009, 09:07
On behalf of the FunFlight team, condolences to the Borrman family and members of the Goulburn Valley Aero Club at Shep.

On FunFlight days in both 2007 and 2008, Pip volunteered to travel to Tyabb and put on his special kind of display for the kids there. The photos of all the children standing around him and the edge all throwing their hats in the air are some of the best I have seen. Pip, we'll miss your contribution.

On a personal note, I was fortunate to travel in convoy (well, as much as is possible with an edge) from Perth to Melbourne with Pip following the first Red Bull race. In 35+ degree temperatures and bumpy as conditions, while the rest of us were looking for smooth rides up top, Pip was chasing camels across the Nullabor. Stopping off at Shep to have Pip make a cuppa and operate the bowser for you will be sadly, sorely missed.


The FunFlight Team.

25th Feb 2009, 09:40
I never met Pip, but seeing a few of his displays first hand- they were truly inspirational.


25th Feb 2009, 10:01
Pip, you were just a real nice guy who loved all things aviation and an inspiration to many.

Tailwinds and blue skies.


25th Feb 2009, 10:30
I first read this news a few hours ago, fearing the worst...

Such upsetting news, a true gentleman, who touched me with his kindness and complete unselfishness. :{
Sad news indeed... :{:{:{

25th Feb 2009, 11:01
Seriously??? :eek::sad:



25th Feb 2009, 11:21
Condolences to his family.

Kulwin Park
25th Feb 2009, 11:37
RIP Pip .... the airshows & motorsport events where you dsiplayed will never be the same! :(

25th Feb 2009, 12:17
I was privileged to know Pip, to work with him at airshows from Victoria to outback Queensland over more than a decade, and to count him as a personal friend. He was the ultimate professional in his approach to flying and a thoroughly nice bloke.

He was also immensely proud of his son, a Hornet-driver in the RAAF.

I saw Pip fly on many, many occasions over the years. In later times, when he got his commentary system working efficiently, I was always amazed at how totally un-stressed he always sounded, no matter what crazy gyrations he put his iconic Edge through.

Pip knew there was an element of danger in what he did, but he always took care to be as safe as possible. He was really looking forward to taking the airshow circuit by storm with the presence of the big, noisy Samson, once he had it sorted out. What a tragedy, then, to be taken from us while working it up.

I can't believe he's gone.

Pip, Skip & Philthy. Bundaberg, 2007.

Goodbye Pip. Airshows won't be the same without you.

25th Feb 2009, 20:40
Sad day for all who knew him.
Pip's infectious enthusiasm for flying and all things sky rubbed of on everyone who he came in contact with.
My thoughts go to his family.
Blue skies Pip

25th Feb 2009, 21:02
Pip Borman was killed in the crash of his new plane at Shepparton, Australia whilst practicing for the Avalon Air Show.

So sad.

Didn't see the other topic sorry.

Critical Reynolds No
25th Feb 2009, 21:15
I hope they can organise an F/A-18 in formation with his Edge. With either one performing the "missing man" in the formation. For his funeral and maybe Avalon? Who can get the word out?

25th Feb 2009, 21:41
Video here of Pip in his Samson taken very recently.

YouTube - Samson2 mpg (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkS-ZQUT7kA)

25th Feb 2009, 21:53
Although having never met Pip, I always looked forward to his high energy displays and commentry

so deeply saddened



25th Feb 2009, 22:07
Having met Pip on many occasions and seen first hand his love of aviation and what he did, I can only express disbelief.

As has been said, he was a true gentlemen, always willing to have a chat over a cuppa.

You will be sadly missed mate!! RIP

25th Feb 2009, 22:39
RIP Pip.

From his "extended family" i.e. Us lot;

We all hope that your Family be given, the space needed where and when it is required.

That your Family and many close Friends, Grieve well.

Here's to Pip: What a Champion of a bloke, and a great Aussie.

Time Bomb Ted
25th Feb 2009, 22:52
RIP mate.

Thanks for all your help and guidance over the years. We will miss you.

Time Bomb Ted

25th Feb 2009, 23:31
I just turned over the March page of my Australian Aviation calendar... there's Pip in the Samson in all it's glory...:(

26th Feb 2009, 01:27
I did not know Pip but had spoken to him and admired his flying displays at many airshows over the years. He came accross as a great bloke and an gifted pilot.
It seems almost unbelievable that so many highly skilled and professional pilots have been taken from us over the last couple of years. My condolences to his friends and family. RIP:(

26th Feb 2009, 05:17
Whilst I never met Pip, I had the distinct pleasure of watching one of his flying displays.

A a great pilot, and by what I have read here, a great bloke.

RIP Pip.

26th Feb 2009, 05:51
Had the pleasure of meeting Pip just a few weeks ago when he was in town performing for Skandia week. I had just got back from a nav late in the afternoon and was surprised to see him parked near the bowser.I popped over for a chat and he intruduced himself and was more than happy to answer all of my stupid questions about his aircraft, he seemed to have just as many questions about me and how i was going with my flying as i did about him.

What an absolute gentleman, and what a take off when he departed for his routine over the bay - absolutely awesome.

Another cool memory was at Avalon a few years back, There were some bogan petrol heads right up on the fence next to me making burnout gestures to all of the aircraft taxiing in after their performances (Not sure what they were expecting???) and no-one was giving them any notice until Pip saw them as he was taxiing in and he pulled right up close to the fence, stomped on the left rudder and gave it the fat - probably as close to donuts in an aeroplane as you will see.

Always a crowd pleaser and a showman. RIP.

26th Feb 2009, 06:41
Rip Pip.
I will miss your displays. :(
Now you can fly higher than any of us....:ok:

26th Feb 2009, 07:51
Met Pip a couple of times at various airshows. Absolute champion of a fella and very nice to chat to.

He even requested a bit of my photography work for himself from one of the airshows he so wonderfully performed. I got a copy signed for myself which is still yet to find a place on my wall.

RIP Pip, you will be missed.

26th Feb 2009, 10:28
Will check papers, but anyone know date/time/place of funeral?

26th Feb 2009, 12:43
Having trained with both Tom and Pip, it saddens me greatly in the knowledge that they no longer dazzle us in the skies above. To lose both in such a short time is devastating to all involved with aviation in Australia. They were the showcase of many airshows around the country. They both will be sadly missed.

I too will watch the papers for the funeral, but if anyone has details please PM me or post for all to see. Will be a large turn-out, considering he was a true master of his craft in the air, and a gentleman on the ground.

RIP Pip..


26th Feb 2009, 13:11

I don't think I've been to an airshow without Pip being there. 'Twill not be the same. Amongst other things I'm really losing interest in going to YMAV.

"Great show Pip, cheers."

(He will not now get the opportunity to figger out the difference between Philthy and I on the radio...)

Feather #3
26th Feb 2009, 22:57
I'm just flabbergasted!!

Unbelievable and so sad for his wonderful family.


G'day :(

27th Feb 2009, 22:28
Pip's funeral is likely to be in SHT next Thursday or Friday at this stage .(Victorian Coroner is still under pressure with bushfire victims)
Will advise when exact details known.

the wizard of auz
27th Feb 2009, 23:14
For those interested, Here's a video of Pip playing in his Sampson.
R.I.P Pip.
OK, seems the new button is broken. here's the link.

28th Feb 2009, 07:40
Wiz, thought you were only 2 hours behind over there, not 2 days behind, which is coincidentally when I posted that same Youtube link!

Whilst the lost airman formation idea would be a great one for Avalon and a terriffic send-off, unfortunately the Edge is in pieces in the engine shop at the moment.

the wizard of auz
28th Feb 2009, 07:43
D'oh....... I didn't realize it had been posted already. :bored:

28th Feb 2009, 09:22
Was it the sampson that went in? AAP (and we all know how accurate their reporting is.....NARF) said it was an ultralight????

28th Feb 2009, 10:14
Yes it was the Samson, the Edge is in for repairs and the Samson was in practice for it's public Debut at Avalon.

the wizard of auz
28th Feb 2009, 10:16
Is there any info on what the cause was?.

1st Mar 2009, 03:17
To the moderators.

With respect, there have been some other threads started on this subject and then closed by the Mods. However considering that we are discussing a friend who has been an Ozzie Icon for many years, I suggest that the title might be better reflected by using other words. This is not about a "crash" but about a person - the title would be better if it reflecting that.

1st Mar 2009, 04:10
Not an Aerobatic pilot, just an old aggie, with lots of time on radial engines. Those engines will run all day at 75% pwr, but you cannot horse them around. Set power, work, then land. Anyone that has driven a 985 or 1340 will tell you that abrupt increases in power setting will flame out the engine,(yeah, I know, its a piston engine), but it will happen. So, perhaps it happened right at the time that Pip needed the power. It should be remembered that this was a relatively new airframe with limited pilot experience on type. I take absolutely nothing away from Pip, having met him several times, but we all need to remember that we work in the second most challenging environment known to man, and that you can never under-estimate the laws of gravity and combustion. I trust that no-one will find this post offensive, but there needs to be some balance to help all of us to learn from this tragedy..... Vale Pip, you touched my soul with your rhetoric when I most needed it, and for that I am eternally thankful. The most challenging is the sea or your mother/father-in-law:}

1st Mar 2009, 07:46
Wiz, it has been reported widely by many witnesses that some kind of engine spluttering and or stoppage happened during a vertical maneouvre from which there was no chance of recovery even for someone as skilled as Pip. Personally I'm leaving it at and put it down to a very unlucky event. PS some very interesting maneouvres in the video if you look closely. Thanks to the author for posting.

2nd Mar 2009, 02:59
Used to stand out the front of Gawne's and watch Pip (normally while I was meant to be studying). An amazing pilot and person.

Lets hope this doesn't re-ignite the 'SHT airport needs to be moved' debate.

His antics will be sorely missed. RIP Pip.:ok:

2nd Mar 2009, 11:50
Yet another reminder to us all that no matter how good we are as pilots, something can always happen at a critical point. And yet our love for flying far out weighs that. RIP Pip, another fallen legend that wouldnt have changed a thing:ok:

2nd Mar 2009, 14:32
** yet to be confirmed - check Wed funeral notices **

St Brendan's

2nd Mar 2009, 18:46
That's confirmed as being on Friday, 10.30am at St Brennan's Catholic Church.


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