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capt waffoo
15th Feb 2001, 20:36
I've long been intrigued by imaginative waypoint names, the blessed real ale drinker who gave us the Abbot arrival at STN for instance, there's an Ering, a Crabe, a Koley and a rather optimistic Samon in the North Sea, boredom can be staved off with a Komik, Beeno, Dandy and Busta and petrol heads can console themselves with Rolls, Royce, Emgee abd Singer. Our great Naval history is remembered at Hawke, Benbo, Drake and Hardy, tho it seems a bit harsh that you have to have a five letter surname to qualify. After all, what chance for Sir Cloudesley Shovell?

So what are your favourites?

Mine is the incredible Asole, yes, really! just east of Addis Ababa. Now how the hell do you say that on the RT?

daft fader
15th Feb 2001, 23:23
The one our dear American cousins don`t like reading back is DIKAS for some reason. I amuse myself sometimes by insisting that they do read it back but they usually spell it out or say "that other point"

16th Feb 2001, 01:17
try to tell your PAX to take it easy, as you're just about to enter the hold at RILAX! (N of ZRH's unique A/P...)

... cut my wings and I'll die ...

16th Feb 2001, 02:15
My favourites:


Arrival points in to an airfield in NY, in order ( thanks "Flying" mag! ):


yes, really. Thanks to Rich Collins for finding those, made my day....

16th Feb 2001, 02:43
ROLLS-ROYCE has been purchased by two german car manufacturers a while ago, this including the rights to the name ROLLS-ROYCE. So doesn't everyone agree it's about time to transfer these points to some more appropriate location in Germany (close to EDDV perhaps, where Volkswagens new A319CJ is based)?

Eff Oh
16th Feb 2001, 04:47
Spanish FIR:-
Perhaps one follows the other! :)
Swiss FIR has ROLEX now is that advertising or what??
Also TULIP and CLOGG, HELEN and WOODY in the Dutch FIR.
London has, over English Channel:- DRAKE and CRABE, HAWKE and LIZAD. Who could forget the old NOKIN near Manchester. (This again is perhaps connected to the first 2 in the Spanish FIR!!) :)
Finally the Scottish FIR has TARTN,BRUCE and SMOKI!! :)
Keep 'em coming.
Eff Oh :)

16th Feb 2001, 21:33
I seem to recall that near either Diego Garcia, or Guam, there were the two waypoints WATTA and BUMMA

They MUST have been bored.


Sick Squid
16th Feb 2001, 22:52

It was Diego Garcia, that military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and there used to be 3 of them, obviously thought up by some bored, lonely, pissed-off GI...


Sick Squid

17th Feb 2001, 01:57
Out near Belfast there is a real nice one. Aircraft using the airway over the BELfast VOR will soon find themselves proceeding to RINGA -- Hence, we have RINGA BEL. Those Irish (Bless 'em!!)

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17th Feb 2001, 21:50
Always laugh at ARFUR and DALEY going into MAN....

Loud and proud
May the noise be with you!

18th Feb 2001, 05:21
HOKKE near Montreal (guess they'll have to change it now they've sold the Canadiens)

BUSHY and BORED south of Oakland

FUNDS BREWS and POWDR in the vicinity of the Mile High VOR in Denver.

They get to you after a while. I'm looking at a sequence down one airway consisting of MYGAL JACKY KORKS CELIN KMART

She does what in K-Mart?

18th Feb 2001, 09:31
Years ago enroute to NRT from SIN in a 707, noticed that the F/O was looking very intently at the chart, and asked me where "burningtoe" was. This was in the days before unified five letter designations. After listening to the Naha controller for awhile, I explained that was southern US slang for "bonito", which was the outbound fix for the USAF fighters.

Flying Lawyer
18th Feb 2001, 18:41
Some years ago, the Wang computer corporation instructed all their telephonists world-wide to answer calls with "This is Wang London/Wang New York/wherever. How may I help you?"
The instruction had to be withdrawn following complaints by staff at the Cologne office.

19th Feb 2001, 16:51
Siemens used to have an office in Staines (5 miles SW of LHR), the telephonists had to tread very carefully around that one...

I think they moved eventually.

19th Feb 2001, 19:29
There used to be a waypoint in the middle of the West Australian desert called GAFFA. (If it's still there, I wasn't able to find it last time I looked on the High Level chart.) You have to be an Oz, (or been out there and seen the countryside 'beyond the Black Stump'), to appreciate the humour of this name, which in the original was 'GAFA', (='Great Australian F*** All', a pretty accurate description of the country 'Outback'.

Before the adoption of the five letter waypoint system, they had another waypoint west of Mt Isa on the Sydney-Darwin route, (and over very similar country to 'GAFFA'), called 'PARADISE'. We used to take great delight on telling the pax they were 'passing over Paradise' and showing them the map to prove it when (invariably) some smartarse queried it.

Boss Raptor
20th Feb 2001, 15:14
In West Africa we have 'BONGO'&'PINGO'...always amuses me but there again I think Lenny Henry's 'Gadanga' is a wonderful all purpose greeting for use in Africa!

Sick Squid
20th Feb 2001, 16:19
Ahh 7x7, you set my memory in motion now with GAFFA....

Wasn't there also an Ozmate Air-to-air refuelling route on some of the Jepps, with the points REFIL EXXON and FILUP on it?

Twe're long nights, P4 on the 744!

Sick Squid

The Guvnor
20th Feb 2001, 22:52
Strange, no one has mentioned PRUNE in the Caribbean...

A Very Civil Pilot
20th Feb 2001, 23:13
NEDUL and THRED on the way to Jersey.

Capt Claret
21st Feb 2001, 05:40
There used to be a waypoint in W.A. called MESUX until someone complained about it. MESUX was renamed ROSIE after the complainant's cat, as I understand.

In the N.T. there are two waypoints, KARSI & DUMPA. I have yet to fly with anyone who appreciates these two points, mainly because none of them know what a KARSI is. :)

bottums up !

EGCC Rwy 24
22nd Feb 2001, 00:43
Well, I shall certainly steal some of that lot for my site (http://www.nicklocke.co.uk/Points) which deals with the topic of reporting points - serious and funny.

Please have a look!!

22nd Feb 2001, 02:11
GAFFA is now known as GAFER. It's near Alice Springs. Yep, there is a MOBIL REFIL and FILUP

reddo...feral animal!

F/O Junior
22nd Feb 2001, 14:37
There's ROGRA in the Swiss FIR which stands for "Roeschtigraben", a virtual cultural boundary that splits Switzerland into the French and German part.

capt waffoo
22nd Feb 2001, 23:37
Yeah, I'd forgotten about waffu!

Brilliant response, keep them coming!

I always hankered for a line in my logbook reading Condom (an airfield in France) to Twatt (a disused Navy field in the Orkneys)

Any improvements on that?

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23rd Feb 2001, 00:28
Digging deep into memory on the SUNSS arrival into Phoenix AZ there are waypoints called SLAMN, BBALL, SUNSS and HOOPS, named after the Phoenix Suns NBA team.

Also somewhere in Texas, possibly the Dallas area were 4 consecutive intersections called TASTI, BARBQ, BEEFF, RIBZZ. Trust the Texans to think of food.

NW of Palm Springs is the MORON intersection.

On the NOOTN arrival into Las Vagas are 2 intersections called ISAAK and NOOTN, then going the other way are PHIGG and NOOTN (N. American fig rolls are called fig newtons) Also in the Vegas area are BUMMR, VEEVA, SISKL, EBBRT.

23rd Feb 2001, 00:40
The 'chopper pilots at Humberside have LAGER & MILDE reporting points.
BTW I never did find out if the venerable CAA examiner at Leeds took all his candidates to nearby CALDA

23rd Feb 2001, 01:00
There is a HAREM near Frankfurt.....

23rd Feb 2001, 08:41
At Lebanon, NH: BURGR & FRIES


23rd Feb 2001, 19:15
How could you miss out DELBO and BEREK ?

24th Feb 2001, 03:27
There's always GINIS outside of Dublin, and If I remember right there's a SEXXY on one of the ILS plates in ORD, as well as KUBBS over Lake Michigan.
I thought ROLEX was now on the B1 between LIFFY and WAL.

27th Feb 2001, 22:11
Around New Orleans is JAZZZ, and in the Memphis area BLUES and north of Nashville we have GITAR.

28th Feb 2001, 04:07
In the radius o Orlando Intl (MCO) in Florida we have MICKI, MINEE, MINCO, DISNY and GOOFY, to name but a few.

28th Feb 2001, 04:25
The Scottish certainly show their pride and geographic features with their waypoints. Consulting me map, I can see:
Those Scottish (bless 'em!)

28th Feb 2001, 12:18
For Shakespeare's fans, there's AMLET & DAYNE near Manchester.

Always a giggle on B1 from BFS to WAL, to report routing KELLY from the Isle of Man!

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28th Feb 2001, 20:30
Isn't LINDY near Reading, where Lindburgh's aircraft (or engine!) built?

There is also BOYSI, after Boysee in Only Fools and Horses. It is in the LTMA and I believe named after a controller, who's nickname is so!!

capt waffoo
1st Mar 2001, 04:20
Report routing KELLY from IOM? Shot over, Ark, or am I being dumb? Ps explain!

Eff Oh
1st Mar 2001, 06:13
Found a new one today........Over Hungary or Romania.......ENIMA!!!!!! Now theres a shitty name!! :)

1st Mar 2001, 20:30
NAKID......in the West Country

What The Hell's It Doing Now?

spoilers yellow
1st Mar 2001, 21:26
To go with DELBO there is RODNI, and if you happen to be making your way in the Dusseldorf/Luxembourg direction you may find yourself routing via KOK, DIK and BULOX, not to mention PENUS!!

3rd Mar 2001, 00:20
Near Dubai

5th Mar 2001, 09:46
I always liked the two VOR's close to Norfolk Virginia, captured in Danny's photo here (http://www.pprune.org/photos/prevs/images/rudefmc.jpg)


6th Mar 2001, 14:17
Great thread, keep it going.
Here's one for when you need to rid yourself of angst and frustration, must be said with a Scottish accent, found over Med to M.East (I think, I was half asleep at the time)
"Did ya say BELIX, man?"

Just south of the Irag border..
RAG 'ED (the punctuation's mine!)

The only thing that keeps me going, after an early 'Red Eye' start, returning from the M.East, is to be told to report;

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Lurk R
7th Mar 2001, 09:41
Up near Brisbane is MOOVI (near Movieworld) - apparently one of the arrivals is the MOOVI STAR !!! :)

8th Mar 2001, 18:03
a couple of reporting points i saw when over in the US off the coast of florida: JAWWS is east of miami, and VITTU west of orlando (for those who may not know vittu is a very insulting word in Finnish for a part of lower female anatomy - i'm pretty sure that NOS don't know this!)

now is it the wine or the truth i'm after?

daft fader
9th Mar 2001, 02:28
I know of someone who suggested that TOBIX should be renamed CERVIX because it was so difficult to find (the word he used was a bit more robust)

A and C
10th Mar 2001, 14:55
Capt waffoo i think that the insperation for the ABBOT waypoint was not the fine product of the greene king brewery but comic stars of TV and screen after all ASKEY ,LOREL,BUSTA,ABBOT, RODNI ,BOYSI,and DELBO all have comic links but on the other hand perhaps the whole lot was inspired by a good night in the pub !

capt waffoo
10th Mar 2001, 23:25
A&C, could well be, but I just thought the nearby ADNAM clinched the deal!
I hadn't spotted the comedian connection though!

13th Mar 2001, 00:51
Sorry capt waffu, just re-found this entertaining thread moved from R&N

I may be showing my age, but there's an old song:

Has anyone here seen Kelly
Has anyone here seen Kelly
Kelly from the Isle of Man?

Cyclic Hotline
13th Mar 2001, 02:17
Not specifically a waypoint, but just reading an accient report of a helicopter crash near Darwin, Oz.

Little place called, Humpty Doo ;)

Lurk R
13th Mar 2001, 03:01
With a fantastic pub Cyclic...

Dan Winterland
14th Mar 2001, 01:06
I have always liked RAGED in north Saudi.

Cyclic Hotline
14th Mar 2001, 02:27
Hey Lurk R,
Whats the name of that pub?

The Humpty Arms, Legs and other extraneous parts. ;)

capt waffoo
14th Mar 2001, 21:49
RAGED!!!!! Amazing!

Sure nice to know the folks at the ICAO waypoint naming centre, oops!, it's probably actually a center, have a senzavumor.

Has anyone ever complained about a waypoint and got it changed, after all RAGED is hardly pc is it (thank Christ for that too).

Is there a TAFFY or a PADDY in the appropriate areas? Why not a FFROG or a KRAUT near Strasbourg, or a POLAK a bit further East, ot a LIMEY for that matter? These at least are relatively innocuous national nick-names

That Saudi example is directly equivalent to a NIGGA off the coast of Mississippi. How do they get away with it?

I'm gobsmacked!

16th Mar 2001, 09:21
From Aussie land we have names such as:
CHITT, NONIX(no nicks), DONGA, SMOKA, BURPA, PEWEE and CHOMPjust to name a few

16th Mar 2001, 11:22
OMLET in the pacific and MORON just east of Los Angeles

16th Mar 2001, 12:19
For a brief period there was a waypoint very near MAD that was called YELES. The name was soon changed because its similarity to I-L-S made it dangerously confusing.

17th Mar 2001, 21:45
TITTI, PUZZY and BHIND are just some of the funny ones I have come across.


EGCC Rwy 24
18th Mar 2001, 00:48
Thanks all - much of that lot has now been included in my site (http://www.nicklocke.co.uk/Points). Please go have a look - your stuff is in the trivia section. The site covers the serious side of Waypoint history too.

18th Mar 2001, 01:33
It's a good site Rwy 24 (which 24 you should specify) . . . is MIRSI really after the Mersey? . . . It's nowhere near the Mersey, why'd they do that? I don't see the significance really . . .
Good site!

18th Mar 2001, 05:39
MIRSI is certainly named after the wonderful River Mersey. Dunno why because as you say MIRSI is very close to Skelmersdale, an overflow town for Liverpool (basically).

DAYNE, CALDA and RIBEL also being similarly named after rivers of course ;)

"Go around..I say again...go around"

18th Mar 2001, 19:31
Up in New York's bit of sea, flying westbound, one can sometimes undergo the airway which takes you through the waypoint LINND, and then shortly thereafter BERGH,

A self-explanitory one really.

21st Mar 2001, 10:30
ALOET = Alouette north on Mirabel (CYMX/YMX) in Montreal.

BUGSY :) Just south of Montreal in New York state, near Burlington...Nyaaaaa whats up doc? tktktktktkt :)

bird on the wire
26th Mar 2001, 01:39
the channel islands have a fishy theme - BRILL MANTA and OYSTA among others

they bought their tickets - they knew what they were getting into

Dr Feelgood
26th Mar 2001, 13:40
Departures out of Copenhagen, BALOX, which gets mispronounced on a regular basis, and SIMEG.
Unfortunately, we have no HEEAD to give Kryton's cry of SIMEG-HEEAD!

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